YMCA of Indianapolis Jordan Centerunsafe for little kids

A Review updated:

When I bring my children (2 & 3 yrs old) to the Jordan YMCA 80% of the time there are "children" over 5' playing in the area for children 4'6" & under. I have complained multiply times to front desk. My 3 yr old has been cornered in the play area by older kids and nothing was done about it. This last time I complained to 3 different ppl about older kids in child area: lady at front desk, lady at members desk and a lady who said she was in charge of service. Not one person ever walked back to play area to remove teenagers from play area. I am about ready to quit my membership since my children can not be safe to play in an area designed for their age group.


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    foxygrandma Oct 10, 2012

    You can't say a kid is older just because he/she is taller than average. I have two grandsons and one grandaughter that have always been a lot taller than average for their age. When the boys were 10 years old they already needed men's clothing for the length alone. But then on the other hand, aren't you supposed to watch your kids when they are playing?

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  • Rs
    RSNair Apr 30, 2019

    Somebody robbed my mobile from the locker, it is one month old. However i got response from YMCA that it is been going for last 3 days. Even i dont know the next steps. Please help me to get the mobile.

    HTC U 12+

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    Coursey May 18, 2019

    Now the Steam Room is NOT the least bit hot with steam.I have complained many different times on different days with NO resolution.Please make them do something.There was a few days it was actually to hot now it barely works.They need to repair it and I suppose it will have to be from administration before they repair it at all;

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    Felix Ocasio Jun 15, 2019

    My 5 year old got suspended from the Before/After school program and the only way he can return is if I have a meeting with the Director but unfortunately she's been ignoring my calls and refuses to return my calls.

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