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This company has taken over OK. OK. properties. WE have never signed a contract with this company. We have lived here 18 years keep our yard nice. We have small grandchildren who need swings and toys they can play on. But this company has ordered all of our swing sets to be taken down.They provide a jungle gym area for older kids nothing for small children. The burned down trailers are not out of here. The fenced yards are not down but, we can't put one up. The people across from me with 5 pit bull dogs that let them out to run in the morning and night, when making a complaint was told to mind my own business . This is not a family park. It's here to collect money off families, not to make a family community. So, please don't move to any of the properties on the northwest side of ok. We and 2 other families are looking as we speak to relocate our trailers. Well you reimburse me for my swingset?


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    MimiLoriD Mar 27, 2017

    Things are no different in Moore at Burntwood. Before YES took over, it was bearable but now, I'm definitely looking for some land to move my home to. It seems the property manager likes to make up rules as she goes along. She said I could put up a fence but it could only be placed from my deck back to the storage building. I asked her about the back side of the house (which sits on the corner), she went back there to look, asked what I had in mind and then told me I couldn't put one there because I was on the corner. If that were truly the case, why didn't she just tell me that from the get-go? I could go on for days, but this is just the latest in my saga with YES Communities!

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