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Yes! Communities — Standing water from my neighbors

55878 March 27, 2020 My name is Yolanda. I live in Oakwood Cove in Dallas Texas. My neighbor has a water issue with waist water, which has come to my side and underneath my home which...

Yes! Communitieslies about everything thing they claim they are as a landlord

The truth about yes communites!!! I lived at redwood at the lakes since 2015. Where I was renting a mobile home trailer from them all the way up to august 2018. On 1923 nicholas street lot 87. During those years at redwood at the lakes were great. Never had an issue. The manager did not put up with drugs, or any violation of their rules. If you broke the rules you were evicted. Well during this time redwood at the lakes tried to get me to purchase one of their mobile homes. I would not buy one of their mobile homes because they are asking to much for those used mobile homes. So we continue to rent redwood at the lakes mobile home. Well in august 2018 the staff of redwood listed a mobile home 1707 lionel street lot 154 up for sale on their site and the contact person was one of yes communities staff members that work in redwood front office. The employee decide she would try to sale mobile home for a homeowner that owned their own trailer. Well first off this is against the rules redwood staff is not supposed to sale a person mobile home om their site or be the sale person. They are only allowed to sale yes communities trailers. We bought the trailer as we saw it as a deal, and it was a fixer upper that we could fix up and our lease was about to end 1 september 2018. After we bought this home, we were burglarized by I will not say residence because they were on no lease. They were people that live in this park and are not on a least. We had a witness that saw who was the ones that burglarized us, and we told redwood manager about this because this is a violation of the rules of yes communities. Well management did nothing about it instead we started getting stalk by these individuals because we reported the burglary to the wylie police. Well once again we emailed the manager of redwood and told her we are being stalk by the ones that burglarized our purchase home. Once again nothing was done about it. We wanted to move out of are renter and move into our purchase home before the end of our lease. That because of the stalking happening we had to end up paying another month's rent because we could not get move. And not once did the manager of redwood do anything to stop the stalking and didn't care if we had to pay another month of rent. Finally, in october we moved to our purchase home on 1707 lionel st after the manager sent the maintenance man to tell us when we move the stalking would stop because we threaten to get the news reporters involved. Well it did not stop the stalking went on for a year. I have a year of evidence of police reports, security video footage, and all other kinds of evidence that I had to offer the manager and she told us she didn't want it. And during the year of email after email to the manager notifying her of the stalking the manager not once did anything to stop it. We called yes communities and reported the situation
And instead of getting the rule violation fix no they told us if we don't like it we can move. The manager of redwood a property of yes communities did nothing to do as required by law to protect and make sure their residence is safe. Instead there is favoritisms and collaborating going on with certain residence and nonresident living on this property. Yes, communities tried to get an attorney involved as to try to intimidate us. The manager put us on a month to month lease as retaliation, and because of the negligence of the landlord to protect it residence. This stalking has cause mental anguish to my wife, my son, and to me as a disable veteran. Where I was only 60% disable when we first moved to redwood in 2015 and now after the stalking, I am 100% disable? Last is yes communities has never been sued by any residence because they get them to signed a arbitration agreement so you can't take legal action against them then they offer one of there lame settlements if you become a issue for them when they violated your rights or the laws they are required to do as a landlord. This settlement is one they will let you out of your lease, two they will buy your mobile home, or last is they will move you!!!
Yes, communities is the largest manufacture mobile home community of the usa. And they took out a 4.6-billion-dollar loan from the federal government called the fannie mae loan.
The purpose of the fannie mae loan is yes communities is supposed to provide a safe family-oriented community at a reasonable price for the lower income. I am a disable combat veteran and this stalking has cause psychological damage to my ptsd and tbi, were I am now unemployable 100% disable. It caused psychological damage to my son where he has to be admitted to merridell achievement center, and it effect my wife ptsd were she has to been admitted to psychological hospital and has been recommended to green oaks center. Yes, communities only cares about rent money but not doing their responsibilities as a landlord for the safety of the residence. This community we're I live has not done the landlords responsibilities required by law or the fannie mae federal loan,
I have no arbitration agreement with yes communities. Yes, communities have blown me off that they made it were I have no choice to file a lawsuit against yes communities for public nuisances negligence of the landlord, personal injury mental anguish for a trail by jury. Report them to the agency that they received awards they do not deserve and make their true reputation know by all means.
Closing if you want to live in a high crime, drug infested, landlord that don't care about the residence safety but only cares about your rent money. Yes, communities is the place for you!!! And this is the true yes communities I lived the nightmare and still fighting for my rights. It a good thing I have the veteran affairs and other federal and state agency that protect their veterans!!!

Yes! Communities — harassment and lack of work ethic

Oakwood forest has an employee name Brandon. He works there but does a terrible job at fixing things, if he focused on work rather than joking on the phone and laughing with other...

Yes! Communitieshow we were treated and things were handled

I am a owner of a property which was due to surrender the keys at McConnell crossing in Greensboro NC and I feel like we have been forcefully moved bullied out our home and the office mgr was very unprofessional about how to resolve the matter in order for us to stay. My husband who is the provider of this family had to step down from his job in November for medical reasons still tried to cooperate with the office even when he knew that finances was in jeopardy. We were told that we were late consistently. We even had a court date that we had no knowledge of months back for what we still dont know. After being told that the bank and community dont care about how or why it's late regardless to other obligations that's not a concern. Unprofessional arguments about a time frame that we stated we could pay this day was told that we had to pay on this day or couldn't accept payments (in so many words). This has been the worst purchase I've ever had. After financially meeting the request of all the past due plus the month falling into was met ( with organizations helping) she then wanted us to put our mortgage and lot on bank draft and refusing to due so force us to have to turn in our keys(short version of the story)The maintenance on the yard was never done. But the day we were moving the lawn was being done.Our mortgage and lot rent were almost the same which is crazy than to go up on it for what. Looking at my pay history I see charges that I need explained because there are a lot of late fees and different amounts from our records. I did a complaint on McConnell crossing website and the property mgr tried to address me with it and I left. Then she addressed my husband over the phone also stated we dont have receipts. We turned in our keys on the 24th of January but still have not yet sign a surrender letter because no one could get the letter and notarize it. Mgr stated on Sunday that we didn't have to wait for her but it was a third party call suppose to been made that same day. Excuse me if there is something I left out but would gladly explain anything if corporate office could give me a call [protected] or email: [protected] Thanks!

Yes! Communitiesnew ownership, consistent issues with new home, renting vs. lease purchasing

Hello, we are residents at Sheffield Estates in Hammond, IN. We picked this home while it was brand new and being set-up in 2015. Immediately we were met with many issues which some were handled and some were not. We signed up for the lease purchase option under Four Leaf and First Choice. Since Yes acquired the property, we were told there was no more lease purchase but those who had the agreements with the old owners would still be considered as such. My question is how can we be considered buyers? How can our original lease agreement under the old property owners still be valid? We are not with any bank, our escrows dissappeared, homestead exemption went away and there is no longer any evidence on our credit report which it was under First Choice and Four Leaf. We continue to have issues but the office won't assist because they say we are buyers when we are not. Please advise

Yes! Communities — Land lease

I very much appreciate your kind consideration regarding my Son's serious car accident, by sending me a Land Lease Violation Letter. I have no idea how much I need to pay to get...

Woodland Estates, Kalamazoo, Michigan — general... rent hikes, no amenities

I have lived here 20 years and seen at least 3 different companies as owners. The park has continually gone to the trash. As of late, they sell homes on a rent to own basis and...

Yes! Communitiesbeing charged late fee and still neighbor dogs are using bathroom in my area.

I'm writing to see why I was being charged an extra 50.00 on my rent for dropping off my rent at 8:30pm. In which the 5th. in not over until 12:01pm. Plus I'm paying rent and their is still dog [censored] in yard. I can't even come out my dog without seeing dog [censored].

I don't owned a dog. Lot 50 owes dog. But I and being charged an extra 50.00 paying my rent at 8:30pm.

Yes! Communities — no overtime/ no bonuses (huge pay cut)

I am a spouse of a Yes Community employee. I find it very hard to understand how the company has money to spend of trips, mandatory fun days, and truck shows, but in an instant...

Yes! Communities — manager and maintenance

I was hired to do some work on a friend's "new" (POS) trailer in the Overholster Village in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Yesterday Nov. 5th while working on the property the...

Groveland Manor — lack of professionalism, no return emails, no apologies, no security deposit returned

No security deposit returned, no one responding, over 30 days. I was approved by the office manager, Ally, of your Groveland Manor location, whom I communicated these occurrence...

[Resolved] Yes! Communities — refund

On Oct 16 I was told I could place 975.00 deposit to hold a home to move into on nov1. Which I did, however on Oct 27 I learned that my job was not transfering me to Oklahoma from...

Yes! Communities — lot rent

When we moved here it has not been 2 full years we were told it would only increase 10 and trash and everything was included in the rent after the been here the first 3 month...

Yes Community — mesquite ridge/mesquite tx

To whom it may concern, I leased a home at Mesquite Ridge in Mesquite Tx for almost 5years. Recently I had to move out because the manager told me that we were going to receive...

[Resolved] Yes! Communitiesrent and mortgage

I have paid my rent and mortgage payments on time every month since i have moved in here. Last month my mortgage was paid to lot rent and when i got my rent bill this month it said I owed 10$. I paid $11. I paid my mortgage payment last week and now today i have an eviction notice on my door. I cant get ahold of anyone in the office and i want this mess fixed immediately!

  • YES! Communities's response · Sep 16, 2019


    Thank you for your post. If you paid your monthly statement balance in full than the notice could be an error, but in order to get clarification please contact our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203 and they can assist you.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

Yes! Communities — who work at yes communities ripped off that they keep my deposit 835.00 of damage carpet that they're very lie

Last May 2018 we moved rent-mobile so that his name Joe who work show me one time look inside that I though very nice everything then I decide and moved place but I didn't notice...

Yes! Communities — lazy manager and lies

We have lived in the Aledo mobile home park for over 21 years. Yes communities purchased it from the original owner. The original owner had strict rules and everyone obeyed them...

[Resolved] Yes! Communities — ac is out management suxs, never present in office.

55878 Well ill start out by saying I just sent a 350 words complaint to channell 10 news here in my beautiful city of Corpus Christi, Tx . I wanted to add how our Ac went out since thi...

[Resolved] Yes! Communities — volatile, hostile, aggressive neighbor

55878 My family just purchased an outdated trailer home last month and the A/C went out this month. It's infested with insects but that can be dealt with. Thelma Herd knowingly placed...

[Resolved] Yes! Communities — drugs being in home

55878 My uncle passed away at the Timberlands Trailer park. People living there under a eviction notice are using drugs. I have pictures. I made a police report and contacted the DEA!...

[Resolved] Yes! Communities — electrical

Living in this trailer over 8 years. Had an out dated electric box witch supply four trailer cause my trail to have electric shock lost appliances. Spoke with management two week...

[Resolved] Yes! Communitiesmy trailer

This community is absolutely horrible. I have been complaining of mold in my house for some time now well finally 3 weeks ago i have finally made some head way, the manager is bringing a Dehumidifier to my house to help with the mold as told by their vendor. then the next day we will have someone to come out and test it. Well three weeks now and my pregnant wife will still continue to get sick due to the smell.

  • YES! Communities's response · Jul 31, 2019


    Thank you for your post. Please reach out to our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203 if you have immediate concerns over the way in which your maintenance request is being handled, our Resident Relations team is the appropriate party to help you resolve any outstanding issues or concerns. Thank you.

  • YES! Communities's response · Aug 30, 2019

    Thank you for this information, we have passed along your comments and allegations to the community management, as well as the regional management team. Someone will be following up with you shortly in regards to the allegations at hand.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Gr
    Granny Gigi Aug 29, 2019


    I am so sorry that you have to go through this. Unfortunatly you did not say in which state you live in. If you are in Texas this is the LAW: It is AGAINT THE LAW to have an unlicensed Inspector or Removal Company do any Toxic Mold work unless the Community has 10 or less units/homes. See: and read the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Mold Assossors and Remediators ( Inspectors and Cleanup Comanies) TDLR phone # 512-463-6599 or 800-803-9202 .
    You did not say whow the mold got there (Toilett leak, roof leak, washer overflow erc.)
    To have you manager bring over a Dehumidifier is highly suspicious and extreemly dangerous! If you have a lot of mold, request that your manager have a Professional Mold Inspection done. if the area large demand that they rehouse you. ( You have a RIGHT to live in a healthy envionment!) If they refuse take a sample of the mold to a licensed laboratory. Do NOT buy a home Kit!! These kits are discouraged by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and they will not stand up in Court if it should come to that because these test are not scientificaly conducted by a professional.
    Also have your doctor check you out.
    Get in touch with your local EPA, TV Stations,

    I am going through the same thing right now. I made my maintenance request to have my outside wall fixed in 2018 I just discovered that I have Toxic Mold in the home 90%-100% showed the sample. My community manager of Eagle Creek Ranch in Tyler TX refused to do an Inspection but send over their maintenance person over to bust open my Drywall. I refused because they are breaking State Law. I was retaliated against by receiving a 30 Eviction Notice!
    You have to decide what is most important to you and your family... If it is you health then move out! Lawyers cost a lot of money. You can always file a lawsuit later for Personal Injury. Talk to a Lawyer.
    Hope this helps. God Bless you and your family.

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  • Ye
    YES!Communities Aug 30, 2019

    @Granny Gigi To whom it may concern,

    We are unsure as to who you are given your username name is fairly anonymous, we would be happy to look into all of your allegations above should you chose to discuss your name and community name. You can also contact our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203 if you wish to discuss your matters via phone.

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  • Gr
    Granny Gigi Aug 30, 2019

    @YES!Communities You already contacted me In July and nothing was done about it.
    I disclosed the name of the Community in my answer. "Eagle Creek Ranch" Tyler Texas.
    If you want my name ...Call the community manager Diane Taylor and ask who the person is she has given a 30 NOTICE TO VACATE FOR OTHER THAN NONPAYMENT! dated August 23, 2019

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    YES!Communities Sep 05, 2019

    @Granny Gigi The appropriate internal parties have been notified of your concerns and allegations and they will be handled accordingly.

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[Resolved] Yes! Communities — home warranty

Bought my new home in the middle of May.. told the office about cracks on the wall inside our home and they say they would get it fix within 3 days, when the date was confirmed I...

[Resolved] Yes! CommunitiesUnethical management in our park and also with the District Manager

I live in Yankee Springs Mobile Home Park in Wayland Michigan. I have lived here for just over a year now.
For the majority of the year we have had water issues causing our water to be putrid and smelling like rotten eggs. (that has been resolved...for now) and I, along with a few of my friends who live in the park by me, have been experiencing issues with getting things fixed on our leased homes. For the last 2 months I have been in constant contact with our Park Manager Dawn and the District Manager Kerri. I have had multiple issues with waiting way too long for things to be taken care of . For example: My storm door on my main entrance has been broken since November and I'm just now getting them to address it along with other things that needed fixing.
I have asked the park to replace my screen door with something of better quality than the standard door that they are putting on lease homes (everybody has issues with them) as a show of good faith for the Hell I have been put through as a resident here and I was told that I cannot have that and they would put on a standard door like every other leased home...Even though they just moved in at least 10 new trailers whose exterior upgrades cost FAR more than what I am asking for and they pay the same lease price and they just get all that for nothing.
My biggest issue is with the fact that it seems as if there are blatant fabrications being made to cover tracks when it comes to maintenance.
I had first contacted the district manager the end of May to address how fed up I was with how things are going and waiting on repairs. I was told by Kerri that she had contacted Dawn (our community manager) and told her of our immediate needs and that everything else would be added to Junes "Gold Key Service" because they didn't have time to add it to the May inspections.
Well June came and went and I heard nothing and had no inspections or attempts to fix anything...
I finally wrote Kerri another email yesterday (July 1st) explaining to her that I never received a June inspection and I was tired of waiting. She responded this morning telling me that she looked up the Gold Key Service Log and it showed that we had a completed inspection done on June 20th.
I don't know who is lying...her or our community manager...because NOBODY came in June.
My friend received one in June but she didn't in May like I did...which leads me to believe that they are splitting the park in half and doing one side one month and the other the next month and putting on the logs that EVERY trailer is getting it every month.
It makes me wonder what else is being lied in the paperwork about and what is possible for the future...especially now that I am very loudly and publicly raising my concerns because I'm through with being treated like garbage from this company.
I have saved every correspondence between me and Kerri and will be happy to send that to whoever needs it.
I am done talking to Kerri and I'm done dealing with Dawn and I have scoured the internet to try and find a phone number that will connect me to somebody higher up that MIGHT give a crap.

All I want is to be shown that the nearly $1000 a month I spend to live in this community is appreciated and that the park can hold up their end of things and not fabricate lies and cover-ups and excuses.

Literally ALL I am asking for here is to have my stuff fixed in a timely matter when needed and that for all my trouble the park can spare the expense of doing something to show me that I matter here to them...
The ways that can be done is either a higher quality storm door or possibly a set of new steps like the new mobile homes have (that cost the same) or money off of a months rent...JUST SOMETHING TO SHOW ME YOU CARE because all I'm getting is apologies and repeated behavior.

There is so much more to this that I didn't even share on here because its too much to type but are in the emails between Kerri and I.

P.s. my fixes inside are being taken care of by maintenance as of last night but I'm still being refused to receive any kind of retribution for all my trouble. And I want answers on why the park is lying about things and what is gonna be done about that.

  • YES! Communities's response · Jul 08, 2019


    We understand the Regional Manager, Gregg, contacted you but was unable to connect and has yet to receive a call back from you. That being said, we learned that maintenance did complete all work on your home and your were satisfied when they left. If you have any further concerns please follow-up with the Regional Manager, Gregg.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

Lakewood Estates — tree limbs

I would like to know what does my lot rent cover. When you pay almost $450 a month it should cover something. I am 62 years old that is on disability. I have 3 large trees on my...

[Resolved] Yes! Communitiesmanagement

On 6/10/19 my daughter Jameka Gibson had been threatened and harrassed before and after being evicted for non payment of rent for the month of May and June... understood, however management was notified of change but failed to document to update paper trail.
At the time of approval in April and moving in my daughter had a full time job and made rent payment for the month of April... There was a change in jobs which caused the non payment of rent due to income change.

Management was notified some time later. There was conversation between tenant, which is daughter, Jameka Gibson and Melanie, management about how to make payment. Two weeks later, towards the end of May there were several threats to put her belongings out if she didn't pay. The eviction letters came and harrasment too. Complaints about any and everything to intimidate her. There were belongings stolen from the tenant, which caused a scene and the authorities were called. Melanie was very unprofessional in handling and resolving the issue. The drama lated for about an hour and a half that day.
There is also news about the Manager Melanie having relations with the tenants. There are also pictures that are very explicit.
My daughter's step father works with a contractor for yes communities and has been since April. Unfortunately I the contract was discontinued.

He later then started working under another vendor or contractor. Melanie has been threatening both him and my daughter for some time now.
She is very unprofessional.As a witness, another tenant told her the same thing. The drama that happen the day if eviction happened in his yard. My daughter's step father know the tenant pretty well and was waiting at his house at the time after the belongings were taken out of the house. The authorities also ask where the belongings were? But no one seems to know. By them being there was the way we were able to get them back.

A few days later as if yesterday, the vendor he worked with was told that he wasn't needed...this was only because her step father works for them. She has been picking with him for the longest now and it has gotten very offensive. Which did not have to result that way if she was more professional about it. Items being taken from tenants is not a good look, or harrasment or threats.
This has been an ongoing issue not only for my daughter but for other tenants as well.

Please resolve this issue as soon possible before some else becomes or fall victim.

I recommend Jasmine as property manager nit Melanie. He is more professional.

  • YES! Communities's response · Jun 14, 2019

    We do not wish to elaborate in great lengths on this situation in this public forum, but should the former resident Jameka wish to contact our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203 they would be more than happy to go over the various reasons of the eviction including nonpayment, damage to the home by an unauthorized dog breed, and additional violations of the lease such as parking in the grass, excessive trash on lot, etc. The community management fairly enforces all community guidelines across all residents.

  • Updated by Sharon Brown-Mack · Jun 15, 2019

    That's fine and yes besides the petty issues...there is total harrasment all the time. I see violations everyday with other tenants but told they are notified, when clearly it's not addressed. But constantly harrassing about little things that aren't really issues. Very unprofessional management...mainly Melanie. What's against policy...
    Stealing property from tenants is not acceptable and against policy...Making threats is unacceptable...Having relations with the tenants is against policy and talking personal business in front of other tenants is not part of policy. There maybe guidelines and policies...but it's not just for the tenants. Be professional at all times. I have heard so many complaints about management...I expected the type of response. This was messy a situation because of management after the fact. Having the authorities come out to meditate a problem that you caused resulted in extra problems that did not have to happen. Thank God they were there or the stolen items would have never been returned. There should be new management, Melanie is so messy.
    And my daughter will be speaking with you all as well. Before some else falls victim please investigate in your management team. The authorities however did give word of advice about any damage caused during the eviction and how to handle it. There's other things I could tell or say but it wouldn't be appropriate for this forum. Truth be told.

  • YES! Communities's response · Jun 17, 2019


    Your daughter is welcome to email any specific concerns she has in regards to the management to the regional management team at [email protected]

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] Yes! Communitiesdiscrimination

My child was told to leave the pool bc she had on clothing which is against the rules. Yesterday my 15 yr old daughter sled the Hispanic pool monitor why she allows the 3-5 Hispanic kids to get in the pool with clothing. She asked me if I were there parent, I responded Yes. She said my daughter was disrespectful and she wasn't arguing with a 15 yr old. I said that's a good idea but she's right, the lady needs to be fair and if you kick one child out, them you must kick all out concerning the same broken rule. She called the police and said I was banned from the pool. I told the manager then I expect my rent back that I just paid if I'm no longer allowed to enjoy the amenities. I called corporate with no return call yet. I have already contacted a lawyer and am contacting the civil liberty Union. I refuse to let discrimination and unfair treatment slide. If this is not resolved and we are not allowed at the pool adhering to following the rules again which we were doing, then I will also contact the local news station. I've tried to resolve and exhausted my resources. This was taken to the extreme! Trespassed from paid amenities for speaking the truth and speaking out against discrimination... Illegal and unethical. I'll be happy to update this post of it gets resolved.

  • YES! Communities's response · Jun 05, 2019

    Angela, Thank you for your post. We would be happy to look into your concerns, as we agree the rules need to be regulated fairly across all residents, we will need to know the community name in order to do so.

  • Updated by Angela Anonymous · Jun 06, 2019

    Thank you very much. Hidden falls Acworth, Georgia

  • YES! Communities's response · Jun 06, 2019


    We received the BBB complaint you submitted and have responded with all details through the BBB platform. You can review those details at any time.

  • Updated by Angela Anonymous · Jun 06, 2019

    Yes I just reviewed that I'm now being told I must leave by August 31. I tried to resolve this nicely. I will be contacting the civil liberties Union and whomever else I need to. Fairness is all I asked and to continue to use the amenities I paid for. Now that I've paid my rent here going on two years with no problem.

  • Updated by Angela Anonymous · Jun 06, 2019

    To me this is just y'all way to try to get rid of us to shut us up and not see what y'all have done wrong. The way this was handled is unjust. I want you to pull the camera and see that in no way was my daughter threatening.

  • YES! Communities's response · Jun 06, 2019


    We provided the police report through the Better Business Bureau complaint and because that was not the first time the authorities had to get involved in an altercation during your residency the community has chosen to non-renew your lease per their right which is explained within the lease agreement you signed into agreement too.

  • Updated by Angela Anonymous · Jun 06, 2019

    Again, this is extreme bc my daughter spoke truth and I backed her up. I have already contacted the civil liberties Union and will continue our pursuit for equality for this neighborhood. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone.

  • YES! Communities's response · Jun 06, 2019


    Please proceed as you wish, you have the right to contact whomever you'd like.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] Yes! Communitiesinjury during unlawful towing by order of management

I was at the location located inside Five Seasons Park. I was there with my husband to make minor repairs at two different locations in that area. Both locations that I was at there was no available parking and there was only one visible sign that I had seen coming in. It was near the office saying no parking. Assuming that it was legal to park on the side of the street as a handyman or construction worker temporarily I didn't think anything of it. Other cars were also parked there as I followed suit. I went to the next residence after fixing the first plumbing issue. neither issue took more than 5 to 10 minutes. At the second location is where I encountered the problem. Nowhere up and down the street had told me that I could not park anywhere on the street. I was inside the residence for a total of 5 minutes before we had the neighbors knocking on the door. I was being informed that my car was going to be towed. I attempted to reason with him. I was explaining to the gentleman that I had a handyman inside he had the keys on him I couldn't move the vehicle until I got the keys and I had nowhere to park it in that vicinity either. Not understanding he made it clear that he was going to intimidate me by backing the truck in. I now trying to be protective of my personal property I was in back of the vehicle screaming f9r someone to gets my keys. He had parked the vehicle got out of the vehicle and proceeded to smile at me as I'm screaming and pleading with him to let me get my keys as he lowered the bed into my front Shins. He didn't stop when he noticed that I was being hurt and I was falling down, my toe was almost crushed underneath his bed. I was forced to hop on his bed to prevent further injury of myself. At this point my husband had came out and he no longer felt the need to intimidate anyone and was going to release the vehicle. My husband hopped in and removed the vehicle out of the area that it was in and parked in someone else's private parking spot. As I attempted to walk away from the situation he decided he was going to take the other vehicle that was at the location. It happened to be a family members of ours that just stopped up at the area that we were at. The location of the plumbing was my sister-in-law and the Mother came to bring a part from down the street at the other location we were just at. She said that you were going to leave my car alone. As she's going to go hop in her vehicle she's telling that he's not doing that to her truck, that she's going to move it and he says watch me b****. I had an opportunity to videotape most of the incident that had occurred. I then went and confronted your office management they were less than accommodating and if anything they were very rude. She had expressed that she hadn't made the call however she is known to harass and intimidate the residents at that location. This has not been the first time I have encountered the woman at that office her name is Pam at the Five Seasons location. I'm being told that I was being irrational after I was assaulted by someone that was taking orders from this manager. She's telling me she did not send out the order and as she's doing so the tow truck driver comes in to speak to her and is smiling about the situation. At this point I understand that they are good friends and that she was lying. For one reason or another she had targeted me or more or less profiled my vehicle and the other vehicle. There were two to three other vehicles that I had noticed when I first pulled up to the residence of the first location that I've been parked there since 5:30 and continue to be parked there until after 8:30 at night when I left to go to my own personal home after filing a police report. For one reason or another I was profiled targeted assaulted and insulted by your management and your tow company that works for you. This is not acceptable treatment and I would like some kind of repercussions to be happening to this woman. This will not be the last time that you will have problems with her. I have encountered several people while waiting for the police officer some neighbors that came up and apologized to me told me how much of a quote Nazi she is end quote. She apparently intimidates and harasses most of her community residence that already know the way that she acts but cannot do anything about it. The way she goes about things and the rude comments and lack of concern and help as I'm bleeding down my leg should be enough for any company to think twice about keeping this type of person around as a representative of their community.

injury during unlawful towing by order of management

  • YES! Communities's response · May 29, 2019

    Five Seasons does not have a resident by the name of Brittani White so we are unsure as to which home you would be associated with, but in regards to the allegations you have made above: parking on the street is a violation of the community guidelines and any vehicle parked on the street is subject to towing by a third party towing company that surveillances the community at all hours of the day and night. Yesterday evening the towing company was able to get roughly 12+ residents to move their vehicles from the street so they would not be towed, a couple residents refused and therefore the towing company proceeded to being towing the vehicles until finally the residents agreed to move the vehicles from the street parking. Any resident that doesn't want their vehicle towed needs to park within the permitted parking spots and not along the street which violates the community guidelines. The allegations of the towing company taking physical action against a resident has not been substantiated and any such issues or allegations should be directed to the towing company, not the community, as the towing company is its own business with its own management team. If you wish to further discuss these allegations you can contact our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] Yes! Communitiesthese people are slumlords and steal money

Don't move in any of their communities. They lied to their residence.Always shutting the water off. The maintenance is slow. It's dog poop everywhere so it's not sanitary to live in one of their communities. The people who work for these people are complete Crooks .They hide behind having new mobile homes that is overpriced. And they don't check for sexual predators or pedophiles.

  • YES! Communities's response · May 23, 2019

    We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with your community. If you wish to contact our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203 they would be happy to look into your concerns and work to address them.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] Yes! Communitiesrent

I recieved a eviction not on the 13 saying I had 30 days to pay the rent plus attorney fees, I have informed the property manager that I will paying by Friday and she says she won't accept my payment. We have lived here 6 months and no proplems with rent, in the 6 months we have our home have a fire in the outlet due to it not being properly covered outside the fire alarm never even went off due to them not putting the batteries in the alarm. Our decks literally had nails coming out on them in which my daughter cut her foot on and I let them know and sent a picture to the manager here. It still took another month for the decks to be prepared, we have had missing screens, broken Windows so they can't be opened sad a back door that can't be opened. They told us when we moved in that the door was already here and the screens as well, however just today they said they were just ordering them. My point is we have been more patient and now they are not giving us the same courtesy. The letter they put on the door says 30 days its only been a week since the letter was placed on the door. Why can she not accept it by Friday?

  • YES! Communities's response · May 21, 2019

    To whom it may concern,

    Thank you for your post, if you can provide the community name we would be happy to look into this further. You can also contact our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203 and they can assist you.

  • Updated by Charesse · May 21, 2019

    I went in today and paid both the rent plus late fees and the attorney fee that i was told I had to have on friday. Kerry told me to keep the attorney fee one because she didn't need that I could keep it till a court date. I was going to go on Friday and pay the past due rent but was told I couldn't that it had to include the attorney fee. I would have kept my payment arrangement had I not needed the attroney fee that I was now told she didn't want. Trust me I left it with her anyway. Like I said the arrangement would have been kept on Friday, I explained how sorry I am and that I want to fix this and it will not happen again.

  • YES! Communities's response · May 21, 2019

    We are happy to hear that you were able to discuss the matter with your community management and that all is resolved.

  • Updated by Charesse · May 21, 2019

    They haven't told me its resolved, I'm waiting on a call from your customer care that I spoke to earlier. I attached the wrong email earlier about them not allowing me to pay on friday without the attroney fees. I'm still waiting for a phone call

  • Updated by Charesse · May 22, 2019

    Also they told me that I was allowed to pay the attroney once but after the first time it goes to eviction. I paid the past due and had the attroney fee for them so they clearly stated it would be accepted on the emial I have.

  • YES! Communities's response · May 22, 2019


    If you have further comments or concerns please call our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203 or you can email them at [email protected] this forum is not the proper place to have a back and forth dialogue on payment questions or concerns. Thank you.

  • Updated by Charesse · May 22, 2019

    I called yesterday as well as email but have not gotten a response or call. Would love to resolve it

  • YES! Communities's response · May 22, 2019

    A Resident Relations Coordinator is set to contact you to reiterate everything you all discussed yesterday.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] Yes! Communities — upper management / site manager

55878 This is what i see daily, and when i complain about anything they talk down to me like i`m stupid. (they think just cuz it comes out of thier mouth that they`re right and they`re...

[Resolved] Yes! Communitiesservice and payments

So very tired of the [censored] service in this community of Golden Rule. Payments are submitted when it they feel it more convenient causing late fees. Tired of things being put off an never done. Back before we signed we had asked for them to please inspect the roof they said it would be done years later after signing nothing got done. Now there is water damage to the door frames do to the roof issue.

service and payments

  • YES! Communities's response · May 15, 2019


    Thank you for your post. If you wish to contact our Resident Relations Department to discuss your concerns please do so at 844-280-2203 and they can assist you. In regards to payments, payments are submitted as they are collected and residents do not incur late fees should the community be delayed in actually depositing the rent after it was collected. If you incurred a late fee you do not feel is justified please notify our Resident Relations Department.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] Yes! Communitiesi'm complaining about yes community not returning my security deposit

I moved out on April 3, 2019. Gave 30 day notice on march 2 2019.home was in better shape than they gave it to me. I painted it a year ago. It was spotless clean when i moved. Its been 37 days since i moved law gives you 30 to return my deposit. Was told on April 29, 2019 it was mailed and returned to yes community because you sent it to a wrong address that was 11days ago still no check. Ive called and emailed morgan, annette the manager of misty hollow in mwc, ok. Why wont Yes communities pay me my deposit back? Why won't someone email me or call me. If i dont receive an answer back today fri may 10, 2019 I'll fill a complaint with the better business bureau. I'll also seek legal counsel and take yes community to court and ask for the maximum allowed by law.

  • YES! Communities's response · May 10, 2019


    Thank you for your post. Please contact our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203 and they can assist in providing you more information on the status of your security refund deposit.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

Yes! Communitiesvalley verde management and policies

Public service announcement (dropped on my feed from another conversation about my property management company): terre blevins what's really great is he (chris parmer, sales associate at valley verde) messaged me after I told you about the 2 dogs and 2 cats policy that corporate office confirmed for me a few weeks ago, and told me to call him regarding the pet policy... Then he threatened to "assess fees" to me if I didn't call him to discuss things regarding my pets (that they told me when I had $4000 for them was no problem - that they'd work with me) now they only have a 1 pet policy... Bull freaking [censored]. Done with the local office and his immediate supervisor tina (absolutely worthless in dealing with residential issues) and kim, the office manager who didn't want to do her job and wouldn't give me her supervisors number, quit... They're wishy washy on policy and community ordinances/ standards and expectations... I gave them $4000 to move in and was told all kinds of things that are now being contradicted. If you have any concerns or issues, don't bother with the local office or their immediate supervisor... You need to call corporate in colorado. Ask to talk to chris (she is the one to talk to who is diligently in charge). I'm done dealing with valley verde local office. Poorly managed, poorly run, inconsistent with policy and just in general with what they tell their tenants... 4 [censored]ing thousand dollars... #onblast #beyondfrustrated #dealingwiththisshitwhenigetbackintown #dontthreatenme #outofcontrolbs #levelofprofessionalism-0- both kim and chris parmer told me my neighbor with 4 dogs and 3 cats that let their animals do whatever they wanted (bark all day and night and the cats were pissing on my back door and trying to come in my house) that they were having their home taken by the bank - what professional property management group does that??? And then they told me to call animal control to deal with them (when john and I were dying with the flu) in order to address yes community pet policies and noise ordinance - didn't want to address it personally as property managers.. Well, you've made it personal... For almost 3 months... Then you threaten me??? Yeah... Done... #lawyerup #readytomoveagain?? #notreallybutimoverthebs

Don't go to valley verde mobile home park in las cruces - they advertise 2 dogs and 2 cats - "pets are family and they're welcome!" now, conveniently after I made a complaint about my neighbors out of control 7 animals, they have a 1 pet policy now - gtfoh, and now they're (chris parmer) threatening to assess fees to me because of false promises they made to get me to drop $4, 000 to move in... Don't do it. Not worth it. Cracks are showing up everywhere in my new unit. Subfloors are creeking and cracking, one of my drawers in the kitchen has been broken since I moved in, roof paneling is coming up, [censored] patch job under master window and since the [censored] neighbors who didn't take care of their 7 animals moved out - i've been looking at their trash littered yard for 2 weeks... There are all kinds of neighbors with more than 2 pets - and they leave them outside all day to bark (against community policy)- but do they say [censored] to them??? No! Just the tenant who dropped their entire tax return to move in to a cheap ass 2 br at $800 a month - with no yard who follows the rules outlined in the lease. Needless to say, I will not be buying this mobile home... They tried to tell me the cracks showing up in the framework, walls and ceiling - that the trailer was "settling" that it would take ~6 months for it to do so and then they would come in and repair. Save your money and frustration. #contractualcapacity #callcorporate #dontdealwiththelocalofficeorimmediatesupervisor #worthless #dontthreatenme #everythingisdocumented #everything.

valley verde management and policies
valley verde management and policies
valley verde management and policies
valley verde management and policies
valley verde management and policies
valley verde management and policies

Yes! Communitiesmanagement/neighbor issues

My husband and I moved in about a year ago. Ever since, our neighbors have been bullying us in an apparent attempt to drive us out. They've put solar lights in our yard and thrown cussing fits when the trash truck breaks them, insist that their lot goes to our driveway and our mailbox is actually on their lot, taped notes to our trashcan telling us where we should put it on trash day, etc. We've gone to the manager Val multiple times and was informed she would handle it the next morning. She took almost a week to show up after 4 attempts to have something done, only to drive by and say it's not illegal so she's not saying a word, then driving off. Still, these neighbors continue to act like this toward us, even demanding my husband come clean up their yard. They brag to us that they live on a double lot and only pay for a single lot. I am very dissatisfied in this community. Nothing seems will be done about this. I would like this handled, their lights out of my yard and the incessant bullying to be put to a stop. I would like to be able to come home from a hard night at work to peace and quiet.

Yes Communitiesillegal towing during thanksgiving

[protected]... Why am I just now complaining about this?? Because I have spoken to many, I believe 5-7 residents who had their vehicles towed during thanksgiving holiday when family comes in & the manager told us there would be no towing!! My situation is different. My van was parked along the grass b/c the battery was dead. I called & told the manager & she said it'll be ok... I'll watch out for ya & tell the guys. My son came to jump it... It is g-o-n-e!!! St you have to know I have a lot of medical problems. One is ms, lupus, stroke, heart attack & I am not capable to ever get out. I know my son came to jump it — it was not there. Called office... A mike answered the phone (never heard of him), he said he spoke to the manager & she said she is not working, it's thanksgiving, give her the tow company number — anytime towing. I called them @-# times a day for days & days... Not once did any employee give me any cost, estimate, quote or any price — I requested on each call I want to speak to the owner please. "ok> i"ll give him your msg"om 11-31 I finally talked to him... Such an arrogant person. I explained to him all of this... He cud care less... He wanted to know when I was gonna pay I can not pay> I am on disability & get $946 month & you want $600+?? You are crazy. If you come to get it before monday, I won't charge you anymore"storage fees"after the 29th" — still$568... I expect a full refund. When a manager knows & is aware that the battery is dead & tells a resident it is ok, she's "got it"... She's got it!!
But, to speak with other residents who had their cars towed during that same time which was "a safe time to park along side of road" — I have no choice but to write for them as well & be their voices so they can be refunded as well.

[Resolved] Yes! Communitiesleasing office

We moved here to get away from my fiance's ex. Soon after his sister Denise started working in the office. Now he knows where we live and she's the only one who could have told him. I am very upset with the breach of confidentiality of such a serious problem. Now we have to live with this imposing problem hanging over our heads. He used to beat her severely and now lives in fear. I hope this can be taken care of or I'll be forced into legal action against yes communities. We live in the Norman OK yes communities.

  • YES! Communities's response · May 01, 2019

    Mr. Wriston, We understand you spoke with the community manager at the office and the manager assured you that not only would the said employee not violate your privacy in this way, but that she is not even in contact with the brother in question.

    It was discussed when you first moved in and the manager went over the privacy statement included in your lease packet that the community doesn't share residents information with anyone.

    We understand you assured the community manager that no disturbances have happened on the property, nor have you been contacted by the ex. We appreciate your residency and privacy and we wish you the best living within our community. Should you have any additional concerns please reach out to our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] Yes! Communitieslot

There has been a leak from my neighbors home since I purchased my home in april 2018... Water sits above majority of the grassy area that surrounds my deck. It does dissolve into the ground but the ground never dries out completely and when it rains it is worse. This makes it a breeding ground for mosquitos and it was so bad last summer we couldnt sit outside on the porch. Because I did not want to go through the same thing this summer especially with the threat of zika virus and west nile and my daughters being allergic to mosquito bites, ive been consistently letting the staff in the office know so it could be dealt with before the summer arrived and to date nothing has been done. At this point I wasnt sure if I needed to continue to contact the office, the corporate office or dallas county. It would be awesome if someone could please get in contact with me. Thank you

  • YES! Communities's response · Apr 22, 2019


    Thank you for your post, we appreciate you bringing these concerns to our attention. In order to receive the fastest response and resolution please contact our Resident Relations Department at 844-280-2203 or you can email [email protected] and our Resident Relations Department will assist you.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] Yes! Communities — office manager and residents in 68

55878 I moved in the beginning of March of this year and gave yes communities $4, 000 for deposit and rent, in advance, to cover me through July with the month free promo that was being...

[Resolved] Yes! Communities — neighbor playing loud music

Since I moved in to Yes community in August 2018, i have made several complaints to the management about my neighbors playing their music too loud. The music occurs at all hour...