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I live in Creston Ridge owned by Yes! Communities. I have had numerous issues with the office here especially since the new park manager arrived. I originally bought the place in 2006 and signed the mortgage paperwork which gave me a reasonable monthly payment and low lot rent payment. I thought signing the paperwork meant that I was technically a homeowner, but now I wonder. I lost my job two years ago when circumstances changed and I could no longer travel out-of-state to work. Found it very difficult to pay all my bills, but until recently in some way or another I found a way to pay the mortgage and lot rent. I have been taken to court for non-payment of lot rent which has gone up in the last 6 years nearly a hundred dollars more than when I moved in. They've taken me to court twice. The first time I showed up they didn't and the case was dismissed. They filed again but I never received the notice and therefor a judgement was made because I was left in the dark. My only notice was when I received the judgement paperwork which showed up after my chance of appeal was up. They have a habit of posting notices on doors if lot rent is overdue asking to pay or vacate the property. I never signed any kind of rental agreement, just one line in all my paperwork about the lot payment. And furthermore, I have not received any kind of foreclosure or notices regarding my mortgage. I started a new job and let the office know that I'll be able to start making reparations on what I owe, they would not even consider it and now I'm trying to find some kind of help to buy me some time.
Last May, I asked one of the office personnel to send a maintenance worker over to my property because my front door was sticking. I did not ask for them to fix just come over and look at it. They never showed up and that evening I had to break down my door to get in. When I talked to them the next day, I was informed that since I was a "homeowner" maintenance was not allowed to come to my residence and "fix" any issue I had, but they could install anything I bought.
I bought a dog and after they placed a home next to mine, I began getting notices that I could not have my dog on a lead (which is attached to my porch) because it violated policy and they were asking for a pet deposit at the same time. This is something I see as a double standard because I have seen other dog owners with their pet set up just like mine or the dogs are running loose in the neighborhood. My dog does what he is supposed to do: he barks loudly and repeatedly if any strange person or vehicle comes near our home. He recognizes who is supposed to be near us and who's not. Because he does not recognize the office folk, he barks at them and won't let them come near. They don't like that. On top of that, over the years my neighbors and myself have had our homes or vehicles broken into. Not a real safe place to live, hence the dog.
And now on top of everything I've had to deal with; my child can no longer act as a child should. They have decided that children can only play in their own yards quietly. They can no longer chase each other down the street or things of that nature. When I was a child and I think when we were all children, we ran through our neighborhoods screaming and having a good ol' time not to mention played baseball, basketball, football or kickball in the street. When did it become a crime to be a child and act like one.
Yes! Communities is a joke. They are unwilling to work with you and only want your money and to uphold a false impression of a safe and good community. If I had the resources, I would sue them on a national level.

  • YES! Communities's response · Jul 26, 2013

    YES! Communities prides itself on providing affordable, community living for families of all backgrounds and walks of life. YES! follows all Equal Housing Opportunity guidelines and is proud of the diverse nature of their communities. YES! Communities enforces their Community Living Guidelines equally amongst all communities and all residents; these guidelines must be agreed upon by each resident before moving into a community. YES! Communities guidelines address items such as vehicles being parked only in designated parking areas, late fees and other repercussions for late payments and the resident’s responsibility to cover ALL court costs, as well as several other items. That being said YES! Communities operates 181 communities across 17 states with over 46, 000 home sites and we encourage all residents to reach out to our home office customer service at [email protected] if they see guidelines being violated by other residents. YES! Communities does perform background checks during the application process and only individuals who pass are approved to live within a YES! community. YES! Communities has been voted the Manufactured Housing Institute’s Owner and Operator of the Year for four consecutive years and we take pride in this honor and will continue to improve and provide excellent service to our residents. If any resident has a concern that they feel their community office is not handling properly we encourage them to contact the home office at [email protected] and they will receive a prompt response in order to reach a resolution as soon as possible.

  • YES! Communities's response · Aug 01, 2013

    Please resend your email to [email protected] the email is up and running. We are not the same company as ARC, we are a completely separate company that acquired many of the ARC communities this Fall of 2012 and this past Spring. We do intend on improving all of our communities and the quickest way to do that is for you to bring all issues to the attention of our home office which can be reached through the customer service email [email protected]

  • YES! Communities's response · Sep 04, 2014


    We appreciate your comments. We at YES! Communities always make an effort to address any and all resident concerns. Unfortunately, the residents that leave complaints on these boards rarely attempt to follow-up with us at the corporate office via our customer service email address [email protected] which makes it difficult to ensure the complaints are resolved. That being said we are excited to have you as a resident if you feel the fit is right!

    Best Wishes,
    YES! Communities

  • YES! Communities's response · Feb 03, 2015


    Your security deposit refund is currently making its way through our approval process. Unfortunately because the community did not receive a Notice of Intent to Vacate, they were waiting for the new owner of the home to submit his application for residency per company policy. The community received the new owners application last week and he was approved for residency on January 29. That being said you should be receiving your security deposit refund within the next few weeks. If you haven't done so already please send your forwarding address to [email protected] so we can make sure to get your refund check back to you ASAP.

    Thank You!
    YES! Communities

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Su
    Sunflower1980 May 10, 2012

    I too live in a YES community. The rules are the same about fixing things, because yes, you do own the home, but the rent you're paying is for the land it sits on. Therefore, they will not fix anything broken in your home. As for the dog issue, we are not allowed to leave our dog unattended and/or unleashed outside. It has to live inside your home. I've lived here since before YES bought the place and that has always been a rule. Which I think is a good one, cause I think it's sad to see a dog chained outside with no one to give it any attention day in and day out. You can have your dog outside on a lead in your yard, but you have to be outside with it, for example you have to be sitting on your porch. If your dog is an inside dog, I don't know what the deposit is for, we have a dog and have never been asked to pay one.

    As for the kid issue, we are allowed to let our kids play outside in their own yard or at a friend's house/yard. My teenage son walks around the neighborhood and my younger daughter plays in our yard or in her friend's yard. They have both ridden bikes in the street and my daughter likes to draw on the road with sidewalk chalk. There usually aren't any problems. When/if they're are, most parents have the decency to go to the offending child's parents and work it out instead of going overboard and complaining to the office, but there are those parents out there and you may have one in your neighborhood, hence the harsh rules about kids. You know how they say one bad apple can ruin the bunch.

    I can't help you with the mortgage thing, as we paid our home off before YES came along. As far as rent, we have had to pay it late a few times and the lady who manages the place here has always been courteous and helped us out. She knows that money late is better than no money at all I guess. I hope you get your issues fixed soon and I wish you luck.

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  • Bo
    bonniegunit Jun 05, 2012

    I too live in yes communities actually the 2nd one owned by them they let me pay 1500 morte hndred transferred my loan and because i was going to sue over fema trailers they got me a new home quickly. They area joke I am being singled out in the park i am in now. jerry our park mamanger is at my door about my blinds not being white. that is some crap yes it states it all in lease agreement but they act like everything is not going to come back on u to get you to move in once your there they try anything to kick you out unless you want to kiss their butts. they have also came to me about my children even saying stuff to my children i got really mad this last time and went wroie down on a complaint letter ab out every violation i see, they can't single people out, This place is a joke i wanted all the people on the ripo off report and this one I wished wqe cold all come together. I have never been late on rent so I just know how these people works I feel like if they want to come to people over lease violations then they have to go to all violators. this park i am in they say they can sublet however every other park u casn' not they guy that is subletting i don't think is going through the proper proceduresto get these tenets in I know they don't cause i used to be with a illegal immigrant and they let him and i talked to several friends who is also illegal they are a rip off

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  • Ap
    april0218 Sep 10, 2012

    Hmm. We live in a yes community and we recently recieved another letter stating our rents going up again for maintenance fees. Maint. Hasnt done anything for us. This park is a joke and a well painted typical skanky trailer park. Im embarrased to say I live here and pitty those paying 40g for the new trailors. Theyre in for a sad awakening. I know we decided i needed to get a job so we can triple pay our loan and pay it off sooner. We plan to give our trailor away just to get away from this community. Sickening just sickening.

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  • Ye
    yessucks Jul 28, 2013

    YES, I read your reply to all of these complaints and it sounds like corporate CYA . Cover your ### !
    You do know that your can have all of the complaints removed . Oh, that`s right you would have to address the issues .it`s easier to post your corporate BS and try to make yourself look good . You`re following the laws, and I`m sure you are . Like one person passes the background check but, you really don`t care who`s living in the home. You pass out a form that we`re are to fill out names of all the people living in the home, cars and insurance information . One month later there`s a bunch more people in the home and five cars parked around the home . And I got news for you if you think that everyone in your communities are all law abiding legal citizens, you are mistaken . You are ether stupid as hell or just liars . ( I think just liars ) . I sent an email to [email protected] and it was return . LOL !
    In a few more years you`ll just change the names of all your communities . Correct me if I am wrong but you are the same people that uses the names ARC first it was affordable residential communities / than it was American residential communities . and now it`s YES! . What the hell does that stand for ? You pretend there`s new owners and big changes on the horizons, when all you do is slap up new sings and a coat of paint . You really don`t want to make better living for all walks of life . For people like you it`s all about the money . If you really cared about the residents you would contact the complaint board and work with them and the people who post the complaint to have them removed . And you run your poor managers raged, with all your legalities. And the sad thing is they fall for it . All we are to you people slugs that line you pockets with green backs .

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  • Ye
    yessucks Jul 28, 2013

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    [email protected] ([email protected])
    Your message can't be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted.

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  • Ye
    yessucks Aug 15, 2013

    yes! you are not the same company as arc but, you are owned by the same people. maybe you just don`t understand how it works. and i`ll leave it at that.
    stay away from yes communities!!!

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  • Ac
    AcerSal Sep 04, 2014

    We don't live in a YES! Community, but we're looking at the possibility. Our decision will be, in part, based on the complaints brought against YES! This particular complaint and comments show a lack of any basis warranting a complaint. If you agree to move to a community that has rules and regulations, then you can't complain about them if you don't want to follow them. If you lived in a sub-division you would be probably be subject to a HOA; they don't play either when it comes to the rules and regulations. So, if you see someone else breaking the rules, or there's something on the property that needs to be fixed, you should take it to the office manager and let him/her handle the issue. If they don't fix the problem, and you are still concerned then you should talk to the corporate office. These complaints are over a year old, have any of them been resolved civilly? Did you finally get in touch with their corporate office? I would venture to say that the answer is no, and that some or all of you have "moved on" to the next community, where there are rules and regulations; and you are probably writing complaints about them as well. If you follow the rules, pay on time (or work with the manager to pay late when you have a situation warranting late payment), and act like civilized people when dealing with them, you would have nothing to complain about! I would dismiss any complaint that attacks with offensive language, and isn't even grammatically correct!

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  • Vi
    virtualjerry Jan 31, 2015

    On September 30, 2013 we moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Las Cruces, New Mexico into Encantada Park on N. Solano, 1222 Avenida Encantada, lot 64. We were rushed through the signing of papers not noticing that the papers said “RENTAL HOME LEASE AGREEMENT”. The mobile home was paid for in cash by a family member from a private family and was NOT a rental home lease. The park had absolutely nothing to do with the sale and purchase of the mobile home. We paid the first and last month’s park rent from the proceeds of our house sale in Arizona.

    We were at 1222 Avenida Encantada from September 30, 2013 until December 26, 2014 and paid each month’s rent before the beginning of the month, including for December 2014.

    We told the park office women at the beginning of November of our intentions to sell the mobile home and move back to Phoenix. Also, that we were going to need our last month’s park rent back at that time. So, for them to say “that we did not give them the usual one month’s notice” is unfounded.

    We left Las Cruces for Phoenix, Arizona on December 26, 2014. The mobile home at 1222 Avenida Encantada was sold before the end of December. The new owner paid January’s park rent on lot 64. Now it is the end of January and the park office women continuously REFUSE to return our last month’s rent. They say that “when and if they return it”, it will be given to a family member. THE PARK RENTAL SPACE AGREEMENT WAS BETWEEN THE PARK AND US. They say they cannot give back the money until the new owner’s paperwork is completed, but the new owner has already had some furniture delivered there. So, how can the paperwork not be completed?

    What can the YES COMMUNITIES offices do to ensure we get our $458.00 returned promptly? We desperately need the money to get established here in Phoenix, Arizona. Please get back to us very, very soon. This experience with the incompetence/dishonesty of the park office has left us very upset. Thank you very much.

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  • Ca
    catherine baxter Apr 27, 2016

    First of all, if you can't speak calmly about problems, don't post. take your medications, take 12 deep breaths and cool off. As for the first poster, I don't know what he was trying to say other than he could not pay his bills and somehow this was someone else's fault. If your kid was running up and down the street screaming his head off then I bet all your neighbors hate your guts. I know I would. I don't know how you grew up, nor do I care, but screaming kids irritate the crap out of all the other neighbors. I would be calling the front office every 15 minutes until they put a stop to that and I mean every single time it happened. As for the dog...that's flat out abuse and I don't care what you call it. I would not put up with hearing your dog bark either and I do not much care why. Not everyone is a house wife reclining on the sofa watching soap operas all day. Some people actually run viable businesses out of their home (I run 3) and I want, expect and pay for peace and quiet, not your barking dog and your screaming kids. Honestly if that's the life style you want with al the fricking noise, why don't you haul your mobile home out in the country where you don't bother other people? If you think any of your complaints are valid, try living in a subdivision with an HOA. They would, could and will foreclose on your property for all these violations. It is not that they are picking on you and only you and always you, it is that you are a royal pain in the ### of everyone else in the park and everyone else is complaining about YOU. get a clue already.

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