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I am a single parent and a full time graduate student. My 4 children and I moved into this community because 1) it is close to my folks, 2) they pitched a great rent to own program and 3) my children are close to the school I wanted them to attend. However, 5 months later it is the biggest regret I have. I should have known in July there were going to be serious problems. We had to stay 2 weeks in a hotel because there was always one reason or another that our unit wasn't ready. I asked them to reimburse the hotel costs because we were told (and our paperwork indicated) a July 5th move in date. They looked at me like I was crazy. That was just the beginning. Below is an itemized list of everything that is wrong in my house:

1) the back door is jammed shut--won't even budge with 2 burly guys both throwing their weight against it.
2) the toilet in the master bathroom constantly runs.
3) the small strips on the walls are constantly falling off (1 has broke already)
4) the bedroom doors on either end of the house do not stay open unless propped.
5) the glass to my storm door shattered--has yet to be replaced.
6) water bills are outrageous--I have never had a normal water bill

Most of these problems I reported the day after we moved in. I was told they would have someone out 'within a few days' to make the repairs. That was in the middle of July. It is now the week before Christmas and absolutely nothing has been done. I'm pretty sure my back door not opening is a code compliance issue and I have filed the necessary complaint. I was told to 'just sweep up the glass to the storm door and they would replace it when they had a chance.' What they didn't say was that it was going to take a full 2 weeks before anyone came out to remove the insert that held the now shattered glass--I ended up taking my broomstick and knocking as much glass out of the door as I possibly could, but kids were still getting cut. My first water bill here was $380. The next one was $957. Because I don't own my house, I cannot get a plumber to even come look at what is going on. When I complained to the manager he told me I must have a leak somewhere and he would send one of the maintenance guys to look. 5 months later...still nothing. Except that my water has been turned off because I cannot afford a $1000 water bill! The door to my bedroom does not stay open unless it's propped. My dog (a daschund) got stuck in my room one day when I was gone and he tried to dig his way out, ripping the carpet near the door to pieces. I was told that because my dog did it, I am responsible. I argued that had they come and fixed the hinges on the door (neither of the two doors that don't stay open are hung correctly--it is obvious) instead of telling me 'just to prop it open, ' my dog would not have gotten stuck in the room, and he would not have felt compelled to try to dig his way out.

This has been one heartache after another (except that I have terrific neighbors). Please, please do not move here. You'll never get any repairs made, and if you're renting to own you are doubly screwed as you cannot go outside to get the work done without voiding your manufacturer's warranty. Whenever I've seen the maintenance men, they've always told me they'd be back to take care of the repairs...they times they've come I've either been on my way out to school/work or to get my kids from school. I've complained to the corporate office and I've gotten the same treatment. This clearly is a corporate-wide problem.

  • YES! Communities's response · Aug 15, 2013

    YES! Communities prides itself on providing affordable, community living for families of all backgrounds and walks of life. YES! Communities enforces their Community Living Guidelines equally amongst all communities and all residents; these guidelines must be agreed upon by each resident before moving into a community. YES! Communities guidelines address items such as payment deadlines, late fees and other repercussions for late payments. That being said YES! Communities operates 181 communities across 17 states with over 46, 000 home sites and we encourage all residents to reach out to our home office customer service at [email protected] if they see guidelines being violated by other residents or if they have a concern about their community. YES! Communities has been voted the Manufactured Housing Institute’s Owner and Operator of the Year for four consecutive years and we take pride in this honor and will continue to improve and provide excellent service to our residents. If any resident has a concern that they feel their community office is not handling properly we encourage them to contact the home office at [email protected] and they will receive a prompt response in order to reach a resolution as soon as possible.

  • YES! Communities's response · Dec 05, 2013

    Any and all residents with issues or concerns within their community are encouraged to bring these concerns to the home office through [email protected] or if they feel they need a 3rd party involved we absolutely encourage residents to go through the Better Business Bureau. YES! Communities is a BBB accredited business and we will work with them to resolve any issues or concerns of our residents. The only way we can work to improve our communities and address issues is for them to be brought to our attention, posting anonymously on 3rd party sites makes it very hard for us to get to the root of the problem and put steps in place to correct and improve.

  • YES! Communities's response · May 14, 2014

    To The Resident Of Village Park,
    We appreciate you calling the home office, while your message was sent onto the Community Manager of Village Park it was also sent to the Regional Manager and the Division Operations Manager. These customer reviews and complaints are taken very seriously and they will be looked at by upper management, not just your Community Manager. We offer Equal Opportunity Housing and therefore we do not stand for discrimination. If you have valid concerns over the Community Living Guidelines being violated please bring them to our attention, you can email us at [email protected] Unfortunately leaving anonymous complaints that are very general and do not explain specific, resolvable issues does not help us improve your community.

    Thank You!
    YES! Communiteis

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Su
    Sunshinerinker Mar 29, 2011

    They have at least 2 communities here in Lakeland Florida that I know of and both of those are not much better.

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  • Re
    reallymad37932 Mar 02, 2012

    Farragut Park In Knoxville TN is the same! No services to speak of and on top of that a lot rent increase in Nov. 2011 and NOW a property tax notice. We don't own the property so why do we have to pay this tax. The lot rent increase was supposed to include the tax increase, but now it's being added to our lot rent charges as a "personel property tax"! There is not one person in the Yes corporate office willing to address this with the residents and the manager of this park is as usefull as a rock!We will be moving as soon as my son graduates high school. In the meantime, when we see anyone looking at the mobile homes here, we tell them everything we can, so they can make an informed decision about moving here!

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  • Ki
    kira_ravenwood Mar 29, 2012

    I'm not sure which community the poster lives at, but I live in Creston Ridge. I have had numerous issues with the office here especially since the new park manager arrived. I originally bought the place in 2006 and signed the mortgage paperwork which gave me a reasonable monthly payment and low lot rent payment. I thought signing the paperwork meant that I was technically a homeowner, but now I wonder. I lost my job two years ago when circumstances changed and I could no longer travel out-of-state to work. Found it very difficult to pay all my bills, but until recently in some way or another I found a way to pay the mortgage and lot rent. I have been taken to court for non-payment of lot rent which has gone up in the last 6 years nearly a hundred dollars more than when I moved in. They've taken me to court twice. The first time I showed up they didn't and the case was dismissed. They filed again but I never received the notice and therefor a judgement was made because I was left in the dark. My only notice was when I received the judgement paperwork which showed up after my chance of appeal was up. They have a habit of posting notices on doors if lot rent is overdue asking to pay or vacate the property. I never signed any kind of rental agreement, just one line in all my paperwork about the lot payment. And furthermore, I have not received any kind of foreclosure or notices regarding my mortgage. I started a new job and let the office know that I'll be able to start making reparations on what I owe, they would not even consider it and now I'm trying to find some kind of help to buy me some time.
    Last May, I asked one of the office personnel to send a maintenance worker over to my property because my front door was sticking. I did not ask for them to fix just come over and look at it. They never showed up and that evening I had to break down my door to get in. When I talked to them the next day, I was informed that since I was a "homeowner" maintenance was not allowed to come to my residence and "fix" any issue I had, but they could install anything I bought.
    I bought a dog and after they placed a home next to mine, I began getting notices that I could not have my dog on a lead (which is attached to my porch) because it violated policy and they were asking for a pet deposit at the same time. This is something I see as a double standard because I have seen other dog owners with their pet set up just like mine or the dogs are running loose in the neighborhood. My dog does what he is supposed to do: he barks loudly and repeatedly if any strange person or vehicle comes near our home. He recognizes who is supposed to be near us and who's not. Because he does not recognize the office folk, he barks at them and won't let them come near. They don't like that. On top of that, over the years my neighbors and myself have had our homes or vehicles broken into. Not a real safe place to live, hence the dog.
    And now on top of everything I've had to deal with; my child can no longer act as a child should. They have decided that children can only play in their own yards quietly. They can no longer chase each other down the street or things of that nature. When I was a child and I think when we were all children, we ran through our neighborhoods screaming and having a good ol' time not to mention played baseball, basketball, football or kickball in the street. When did it become a crime to be a child and act like one.
    Yes! Communities is a joke. They are unwilling to work with you and only want your money and to uphold a false impression of a safe and good community. If I had the resources, I would sue them on a national level.

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  • Gi
    gina maria Mar 31, 2012

    I live in Farragut Park in Knoxville TN. This place is also owned by Yes Communities. What a joke the Yes Corp. is! This park used to be a beautiful peaceful place...not anymore! I will say most of the residents are wonderful people, but we have lost some long time residents due to lot rent increases and now on top of that a property tax! Not to mention NO services to speak of. We used to have a full time maintenance man, but that went the way of everything else here. We, as a community, do our best to persuade people who are looking to live here, to look elsewhere. And we do it by telling them the truth about the increases EVERY year, the lack of services once you sign the papers and the general attitude of the manager(useless) and the Yes Corp. You all in your community should do the same>

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  • Un
    UNHAPPY LOT RENTER Oct 08, 2012

    I live in a newly taken over by Yes Communities! My bf has lived in this trailer park 14 years now 1 time in those 14 years has he had a quarter of the problems that we have had in the past 3 months since Yes took over! We as so many others can not afford to move our mobile home! You have young children out way after curfew loud music all hours of the night you have dogs being chained out UNATTENDED you have dogs running FREE also if you call or go to the office to complain they laugh at you in your face laugh at you!!! It's your word against theirs! Our lot rent is going up 30 dollars cause they are going to mow our lawns for us instead of us doing it ourselves which is not at all what we want we take very good care of our lawns plug and seed our lawn twice a year have over 500 dollars in plants flowers and shrubs! they have not yet said anything about property tax (NOT YET) there has been many and I mean MANY of long time residents that have moved out in the last month because of the YES COMMUNITIES (NEW owners!!!) I personally would not recommend this place to my worst enemy or a snake for that matter!!!

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  • Un
    UNHAPPY LOT RENTER Oct 08, 2012

    by the way I live in Oakwood Forest Trailer Park in Greensboro, NC

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  • Ca
    Cant wait to get out! Nov 24, 2012

    Gainesville, FL

    I am a single mother of two small children, one of whom is disabled. I am also a full time student. I live on federal student loans. There was an issue that caused my student loan money to be held back. I filed an appeal to Santa Fe Community College in October and it was granted. I had to wait 2 to 3 weeks for the money to be returned to me.

    I called Hidden Oaks and talked to Marcia about the issue. We made an arrangement that the rent would be paid by the 16th of November. A week later, Jim, the office manager reneged on that agreement by serving me a 3-day pay or quit notice on November 9, 2012, a Friday night. Monday was a holiday, Veteran’s Day. He gave me until Tuesday, November 13, to pay the rent in full or move out. I am entitled to 3 business days. He denied me that by serving me the order on a Friday night, beyond a time when I could do anything about it, and by including Monday, a legal holiday, in the 3 business days.

    This is not the first time management has not followed through on their promises. I was promised a $99 move in. After I had everything arranged, gave my landlord notice, shut off utilities, etc., I sat down to sign the lease and was told I didn’t qualify for the $99 move in and had to pay an excess of $1500. This set me back significantly. They waited until the last minute to renege on our arrangement. The U-Haul was already loaded and I didn’t see any other option at that point in time.

    Also, part of Hidden Oaks promise is a “Gold Key” service. They promise to fix anything within 24 hours. They lie. My windows would not open. The ones that did, I couldn’t close. It took 5 phone calls to Hidden Oaks and 3 months to remedy this. My oven light has not worked since I moved in. Jim says, “It’s not an emergency.” There are dead roaches inside my oven display. Trimming on the master bathroom walls are loose. I reported this upon the move-in inspection. It still is not corrected.

    Also, my doorknobs have issues with not working. My daughter was locked inside her closet because the handle broke from the inside. I had to take the door apart in order to get her out. Today, my son was locked in the bathroom because again, the handle broke.

    Outside, there are safety issues. Someone is going to get hurt, and it better not be one of my children. PVC pipe, about 5 inches in diameter remains uncovered. Children play in this area. They run, do cartwheels, and numerous other things that children do. I found 3 of these in my front yard. I told Jim and even put a patio table umbrella in one of the pipes in order to point it out for correction. It is so deep that my umbrella dropped in about half way. There is also what appears to be a water meter box in my backyard that has been uncovered since moving in. Pictures are available.

    I am so frustrated with management and their dishonesty, that I informed Jim on Monday, November 12th, that I would be moving out. I told him that I made arrangements with Marcia to pay the rent. She was unable to accept a partial payment per Hidden Oaks rules. I do not believe management to be honest. I feel that I have been lied to, cheated and harassed. I have never been late on my rent in my life. In fact, I have been paying in advance until the $1500 move into Hidden Oaks set me back. They said they would work with me and then reneged on their promise.

    Hidden Oaks is not a place I want to live. I want to be with a landlord who is willing to work with their residents. They need to be honest and trustworthy, just as they expect their tenants to be. Hidden Oaks claims to “love their residents” but I have found that to be another false claim. I expressed my intention of moving out to Jim, in person, on Veterans Day. Yet, he stopped me in the road on Tuesday, November 20th, as I was exiting Hidden Oaks Community. I again told him I was moving out. I even gave him a date. On November 23, 2012, I received a letter in the mail demanding my eviction. This is unnecessary due to the fact that 3 times, I told Jim I was moving out. I expected to be out before Thanksgiving, but it has been delayed. I will still be gone before December 1st. I failed a major exam in my Anatomy and Physiology class because of this unnecessary legal action, the drama, and the stress it caused me after I thought it was handled.


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  • Wo
    WORSTMISTAKE Mar 11, 2013

    I reside in Oakwood forest mobile home park in Greensboro NC, I truly hate it here but am like so many others have no place rather cant find any place to move our mobile home!! This the worst place you possibly could ever move into! They are trying to weed out what good neighbors that are in here they would rather have loud thumping after midnight music playing fools!!! They o nothing for our community beside double charge our water and sewer!!! Send maintenance personnel to your homes with frivolous complaint! The collections manager goes to peoples door and tell them what they can and can not do ummm I believe that would be the managers jobs but she seems to not EVER leave the office!!! I have not nor has any of about 103 people ever seen her in the community! Something seriously needs to be done!

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  • Cw
    C. Wagner Dec 05, 2013

    Get your complaints in to the Better Business Burea. Yes Communities is the most unprofessional business I have ever dealt with. They are illegally charging extra water onto tenants bills to make up for money lost on vacant lots. The maintenance men enter homes and steal property. The managers never answer phone calls. They have never returned a security deposit properly. Thelist goes on and on. Please everyone with a complaint get them into the Better Business Burea. Lets get this business to lose their rating and hopefully be put out of business.

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  • Ye
    yessuck May 13, 2014

    All that bringing your concerns or issues to the home office will do is, ? Well not much. When you call you never talk to a person, leave your complaint as a message and they foreword it to the park you live in. I`ve been in Village park in Greensboro NC for some time now and although the new manager is much better than the last one. They just can not figure out how to enforce the rules they made. I could go into detail but no matter what it will not make a difference. Now someone from YES will come on and make it sound like they care, and maybe they do but it will never and I mean never change. They just do not have what it take to put a stop to the WETBACKS running this park.

    Now reply to that! There is and always will be illegal people in your parks. Your rules say if you don`t have papers to be in this country than you can not be in your parks. Well in a round about way that what they say.

    CYA / cover your ### !

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  • An
    Anonymous Smith Nov 01, 2015

    I have lived in a yes community since 2005 and I can without a doubt say that their lot prices continue to go up with no incentive or reason. I am now paying more in my lot fee than one of my house payments. I'm buying my home and it is financed through a mortgage company so I guess that could be a good thing since it's not through the office. I am paying more for my mobile home than I would for a non-mobile home. I had a large 5 bedroom 3 bath house before I move here and that house payment with taxes was only 765.00. My house payment now is 340.00 every 2 weeks plus my lot. My house will be paid for in 5 years though. I'm to the point that I'm ready to just walk away. I hate the corporate office. They are greedy and money hungry. I adore one of the ladies here in our office and she's one of the main reasons I'm still here, but I know she's just following the rules of what corporate lays out for her so I can't fault her.
    I wish they would stop hiking up the lot though.
    They do take care of our yards if that's what you call it, but I was working in my yard trying to get it to grow when they continued to mow it to low to the ground for Texas and to often so it killed my yard completely. I can't afford to redo it and I was better off doing it myself. They don't know what they are doing, clearly!
    I know there are questionable (drug dealers) in the community and also pediofiles living here! This was supposed to be kid friendly and a safer community! What happened??
    I'm so frustrated at this point.

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