Yes! Communitiesfiring employees, after promises that it would not happen.


Recently a new regional manager took over for the South Central OKC West division after vehemently stating that it would not happen. She has fired several people, and these people have not done anything to deserve it. All were hired by another woman, and because of that, they were fired.

I would have agree that this is an effective way to clean house, but every one of these people were doing their jobs, and well I might add. They had to come up with fictitious reasons to fire people, to keep them from collecting unemployment. this was stated by her to one of the other employees, and overheard by a contractor on property.

They even went as far as to hold a company training, while an employee went place to place planting evidence, and removing files. All of this was caught on a camera placed in the office by the manager, because of previous events where information came up missing.

I have proof of all the improprieties, including a voice recording of the meeting where employees were told they would not be fired. I would like to go public with this info, I just dont know how.

I wrote to them with the following letter, and never received a response.

To whom it may concern:

How is it that your company, who claims that they do everything they can to keep their employees happy, Are firing hard working people in your South Central OKC West division. Many of them have been sabotaged, and treated unfairly by your latest regional manager. She PROMISED there would be no jobs lost in a community meeting, however just recently it has come to light that your company was advertising for those jobs for the last 3 weeks. This is not indicative of a company that poses as a family oriented company. These people have families, and if you intended on going in another direction with your management style, severance packages should have been issued. Your company, and people like Trina making decisions that affect the lives of more than just the people she fires, detract from what your company's mission statement is suppose to stand for. A wrongful termination Class action lawsuit will be filed on Monday, and I assure you there is more than enough proof that these allegations are legit. Recordings of the promise not to fire have already been filed, as well as numerous office video recordings of the sabotage that took place. We will also be able to verify that Trina was on the phone conspiring to sabotage the managers being fired. If this is how you conduct business in a "right to work" state, I fear for the people working in your other states. I am also encourage anyone else who has been affected by this company to come forth, and join the lawsuit.

I am writing this as a courtesy to your company, as well as an open invitation to speak freely about this unwarranted violation of civil rights. You cannot use your power and money as a tool to destroy peoples lives, and the people who are affected by this will not be silenced. When you hired these people, you agreed to do the right thing for them. However, your recent behavior speaks volumes about your true intentions. Money is not as important as your word is, and it will be my mission to make sure ALL OF AMERICA Knows what you have done in pursuit of money.

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