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Complaints & Reviews

chain socketcomplaint

I own a bike, yamaha fz. Total kilometre as of now is 7000. But my chain socket got damaged. When I realise the complaint I gon to service centre but they couldnt rectify the complaint. I gone to srvice centre 6times at last they told me to change the chain socket. It was realy a bad experience for me. Realy very bad service.

  • Ne
    nesa Dec 15, 2010

    dac i buy fz bike now???????? wt is the milege power nd engine power????

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false advertising about extended warranty

On the websites of kawasaki, honda and yamaha they state that if you purchase their extended warranty for your product that you can "... Take it for warranty service at any authorized dealership...". This is false and misleading advertising and all three of these companies know that they are deceiving consumers. After purchasing a new kawasaki jet ski and a 48-month extended warranty with it, I found out when I needed warranty service that the local dealership would not honor the factory warranty because in their words, "I did not purchase the jet ski from them". After contacting the customer service section of the kawasaki factory they admitted that because of the proprietary ownership of the dealerships that the factory has no legal grounds from which to insist their dealerships honor the factory limited nor extended warranties. Of course they say nothing about his in their warranty contract nor on their website. Wanting to discover how widespread this problem is I called the other major recreational vehicle manufactures and found that honda and yamaha are also conducting false advertising of their extended warranties. It is not universal but all three of these companies have renegade dealerships who refuse to work on anything not sold from their dealership. Of course this doesn't not solve the problem for consumers completely because we all move frequently but no matter how you purchase your kawasaki, honda or yamaha (internet, out-of-town, ebay or similar auction site, craigslist, etc.) make sure you ask your local dealership if they will honor the factory limted and extended warranties.in many cases the extended warranties stay with the product and are not limited to the original purchaser. So if you purchase a product that includes an extended warranty make sure you properly transfer it into your name during the transaction of the sale, verify with your local dealership that it actually is covered under an extended warranty and for what period, and most importantly check whether your local dealership is willing to honor the factory extended warranty. Lastly, please help me in my campaign to get kawasaki, honda and yamaha to change their false advertising on their websites. Write them letters and write to the federal trade commission. The ftc will only take action when they receive numerous complaints so I need your help to get this solved. Thanks.

  • To
    tooeagle May 12, 2010

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. You must have seriously ticked off that dealer that refused to honor the kawi warranty. Why would he? Why would he be telling customers to go to other dealers like this. He makes the same profits doing repairs under the warranty as he does if the customer was paying. The only other thing this could be is if the dealer is telling you it needs a certain repair, or causes a repair to be needed - or does the repairs not using the kawi hour book. (charging more per hour than kawi would allow).and he doesn't want to take a chance of Kawi noticing he's a fraud.

    I'd go to other dealers. This one doesn't sound like a reputable one. Never in 40 years of having warranty work done by dealers other than where I bought the item from, have I seen a dealer refuse this business. It's dumb - and doesn't make good business sense for him to do so.

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unsatisfied with service

I own a yamaha fz16 for the past one year, I have been servicing the bike on time and through autorised dealers/ service center's. But never was I once satisfied with the service. My bike is still under warrenty and around a month and a half ago the speedo meter got faulty, it wouldnt work, keeps blinking. So along with my seventh servicing, I asked them to change the faulty part, but as the stock wasent available then, they asked me to come back. Now it has been almost two months and they still keep postponing. Have also tried speaking to mr. Omkar [protected], who is supposed to be the manager or owner, but he did not giv any importance to my problem also.
The dealer is,
Karpe yamaha, karpe corporate, aquem-alto, margao - goa, india
Hoping this wont go on deaf ears...

closing service center in vapi

Closing the service station of the yamaha in vapi its very difficult in getting our bikes repairs the next service station is too far away from our place please follow up soon as there are numbers of customers in vapi rather than in surat.

very high engine vibration

I bought new yamaha fazer on 13 jan 2010.
The engine of the motorcycle vibrates too much, which I can feel in my hands through the handle while riding the motorcycle.

I have checked other yamaha fazers and found tha such vibration was not there in other bikes, implying that there is some problem in my fazer's engine/piston

Kindly change the engine as it is in the warranty period.

Amol kapoor

  • St
    steve moses Mar 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    brother me to have several complaints .. join me .. we will stand against and cuse violence against yamaha

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  • Pr
    PRASAD H` Apr 23, 2011

    Hi Amol,
    There is a issue with your bike's engine there is a counter balancer weight is attached to the crank through a gear which rotates along with crank shaft to neutralize engine vibes to a big extent which has to be alinged with prorper angle with crank shaft & marking are there so next time you give your bike for servicing ask them to check for that it's located on righthand side of the engine in the crank case (spark plug side of the engine )

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issuance of or/cr

We got a yamaha motorcycle (dau branch), so we have it fully paid last november 2009, so they ask us to get the or/cr in a couple of days.. Now its already february 2010 and still they have not yet issued the said or/cr.. And the worst part is we cannot renew the registration of the motorcycle because we need these documents. When they were chasing payment they are quite active in pursuing us,, and if payment is delayed they will automatically slap penalty.. Now in getting our rights on the or/cr (because we have already settled in full our debts) they keep on asking us to comeback at another time for more than 2months now!! Where is the justice here!!!

  • Na
    name takened Feb 24, 2011

    it is a very common complain. so i agree with it. one more thing id like to say. they pose it on their leaflets the amount of only the down payment for their units. not until you get to talk to their c.i. then he'l tel you to make an advance payments to be added to your down payment made if in case you get approved by them.

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  • Ch
    chenelas Jan 08, 2012

    I have similar situation here. I purchased a motorcycle from Norkis Tacloban and they still cannot provide me the OR after several months since I requested for it. I have read a lot of similar complaints from the web so I conclude that it is indeed a "very common complain". So it seems that it is part of their company Mission Vision, to fool and profit illegally from their costumers. The company cannot provide the proper documentation of their products because they are hiding something- something that will put them in trouble.

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  • Eu
    Eugene Ferri Jun 30, 2013

    They refuse to give me the OT that I pad for at the last registration. Also, when I finally got my contract papers after one and a half years of requesting them. I read on the notarized document that the interest rate was 18% of the unpaid balance. When they set up the repayment schedule based on 36 months, I reversed their payments and found out that they were actually charging me 47% interest and they also charged me inbterest on my downpayment. Of course all the docouments were blank when my wife signed. I am currenntly getting ready to file DTI and Banco Sentral complaints for violating the contracts and other things which if I mentioned I am sure they would try and charge me with slander.

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lack of customer support

Faulty part (shift pedal collar) was discovered (September 18th, 2009) during routine service of a 2006 Yamaha fjr1300ae. Yamaha did not have the repair part. The motorcycle was disabled for more than two months. Yamaha customer service stated "they had never had to replace this part and were not planning to manufacture the part until December 2009". The dealer was most sympathetic and eventually located the repair part from a used parts source. As of this date Yamaha did not offer any reasonable remedy to me for this problem other than to just wait until the part could be manufactured. The lack of timely response from Yamaha is completely irresponsible and indicates their inability to properly support their products and their customers. This is completely inexcusable considering their claim that the FJR is one of the most reliable sport touring motorcycles in the world, and their hefty last price of $15, 000 for this vehicle. Yamaha further demonstrates their lack of regard for their customers by not providing customers with a way of forwarding written complaints to their corporate headquarters. As a mature rider with over 30 years of riding experience, I cannot recommend Yamaha as an option for any serious motorcycle enthusiast. This experience has resulted in my complete lack of confidence in this motorcycle and Yamaha Motors. Rick Miller [protected]

gifts not given for new purchase.

Hi yamaha,

This is vijai from tamilnadu. Sorry to say, im not satisfied with "buy and win" and "ride and win" offers, last week I went to yamaha showroom to have a look at yamaha gladiator, currently im having yamaha crux.
My friend bought yamaha gladiator last week.
For my friends gladiator, they have given one scratch coupon but not keychain or cap.

But I asked the manager about the gift, he replied
"I didn't received any keychain or cap from the main dealer"

But its not fair to say.

I will provide the yamaha branch and main dealer details below,

Please take necessary steps against the dealer or please provide the gifts which is required for
Dealer... The gifts are always in demand with the dealer.

Yamaha showroom address :

Sri saravana motors,
R.K. Palayam road,
Tiruvarur dist.

Dealer address :

Deshini yamaha,
Tamil nadu.

Its my yamaha and yes! Yamaha...

If u need any further clarifications please feel free to contact to my mobile +[protected].

Thanking you,


  • So
    Soumendra Sep 15, 2009

    I purchased a Yamaha Gladiator type-ss on 10th of October 2017 from Utkal automobiles, unit-3, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.I have driven 12, 500 km, the built quality and the engine performance is good and am getting an average of 65km/l.But it is a sorry state affair that some of the joint parts of chassis and some of the screws have got corroded just within 5 to 6 months of its purchase.I took this matter to the service center but it ignore the issue claiming that it is not there responsibility and further added that it is normal wear and tear

    Being a customer i would like to highlight the negligence and poor after sale service of Utkal automobiles ltd. before you.So i would apple to consider this matter for which i will be highly obliged.

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  • Pa
    pawanpawar Mar 24, 2010

    Dattatray Jagtap
    Jijau, Near aagashe wasti, shrirampur, Ahmednagar, maharashtra.413709
    Model:Yamaha Gladiator
    Date of Purchase :31-10-2017
    Name Dattatray Jagtap
    The bike had slipped on road(date: 15 jan 2017) and there were following issues
    1.chasi bend
    2.handle bend
    this was reported to the sangamner, dist ahmednagar dealer.The bike was checked in the showroom itself. The showroom didnt take any responsibilty to repair the damages against the inssurrance. The showroom authorities suggested to get it done from outside. the job was done outside on the suggestion of the service centre. The problems are not solved yet. There is lot of discomfort during riding the bike. Pls look into this. We want the repairs of the bike done by company engineers. Or else we`l have to sell the bike and then go public about companies improper service.
    Contact Dattatray Jagtap +919422085853

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  • Vi
    Vivek Thamilarasan Aug 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank u

    1 Votes

no responce from the manufacturer


I am a customer of your most recent model bike fz16. I bought this on 15/01/2009 from george maijo industries ltd. I would like to bring to your kind notice about the pathetic situation I am facing after spending rs 72, 000 (rupees seventy two thousand) to buy your product.

I am writing this mail with great displeasure. From the very first service itself it showed major complaints, which I informed your esteemed dealer. But they failed to rectify it even after repeated request.

The complaints that I face are

1) the bike stops in the middle of running.
2) the mileage has been only a meagre of 30km.
3) the front fork has vibration on a speed of 50km/h or more
4) booming engine sound after first service.
5) low speed eve after accelerating on running
So please be kind enough to make immideate solution to these problems, on failing I will have to render onto other steps.

Thanking you

This is a copy of my mail to yamaha motors wich I have sent on may 8th (almost 4 months and no reply) but I got no responce from the manufacturer and their supporters... Had been to yamaha service more than 10 times but they could not solve the issue... Now I dont really know what to do... Please help me..

Vipin nath

  • Br
    brijesh bthebigboss Nov 29, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    awesome bike, , , , , , , , , proud owner of yamiii, , , , , , fazer 150, , , ,

    mindblowing perfomance, , best pickup, , , even carry 3 guys, , , , , (4th gear)

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new bike problem

Yamaha is the worst service company towards customers and bad product supplier too

I have got a gladiator ss on august 2009 month from orpi agent coimbatore. A worst place and worst yamaha products. Cheapest yamaha products comes here I hope.

Hey guys think of yourself, I am talking truly, just see the list of new yamaha bike orpi agents problems.
1. At 60 kmph my bike started to shake heavily, the handle jerked which created hand and shoulder pains.

2. My rear wheel wobbles when I go on the road at normal speeds which created lack of my driving confidence.

3. My head lights were worst.

4. My bumpers not aligned properly.

5. Carburator was not proper, my bike stops here and there, then I have to start again.

6. Finaly a great problem. My bike handle was not straight, oh my god. I always had chest and hand problems.

7. Heavy problem is, one day when I was driving suddenly my bike stopped slowly and stopped at a point. I dont know the problem. Then a auto driver came and said the disc brake air lock happened. Then he bought his auto spares and cleared me that in the hot sun.

Please please dont take a gladiator. Or yamaha bike please plese

Middile class guys pls pls pls pls no dont opt any yamaha bike.

If you want to mail me, mail to [protected]@yahoo.com

Pls guys dont waste your parents money just for sake of show

  • Gl
    gladiatoryamaha Mar 24, 2010

    i am also purchasing yamaha gladiator bike i purchased 2-4-2008 to tilldate there is no complaint on milleage and pickup. so yamaha is a goood company

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bad service

Dear sir/madam,
I have purchased a bike of yamaha, model r-15 no - dl4s ax 7835 in last december from adharsh yamaha, aurbindo marg new delhi -16

I always went to the said agency for the service of bike at equal intervals and watever the amount they quote, I always paid that.

I went there on 9-09-09 as there was some problem in the disk brakes and they immediately asked me to replace the same, I agreed to them and they issued me a bill of rs 2, 601 which I paid bill no-3587 dated 10-09-09.

I was notin the sation for the last one month and suddenly the disk brakes troubling me again, I straight went over there and they again asked me to change the dics brakes.

My question is this can the disc brakes of this costly bike can fail within less than one month.
Please sort out my problem. Because as per their statement, they told me thatthe dics brake sof bike can fail within one day, they also told me that you can go anywhere, and you can complaint in any manner.
So, I am doing thing complaint in writing to you.
Kindly do the needful and oblige.

Thanks & regards,
Sandeep tanwar

flooding/ backfiring

In the summer months the heat causes the bike to flood when the engine is hot and you leave the bike sitting in the sun for several minutes. I have not been able to find a mechanic or any one else who can nail down this problem. I ask everyone I see on an 1100 V Star, they all seem to have the same problem. The manufactor of the machine do not seem to want to check into this problem.
Other bike shops place blame on bad gas, which is bull, and no one wants to help.

  • Sp
    spl383 Oct 19, 2010

    My 2008 has the same problem. When riding a long distance or when it is hot. The Fuel pump will overflow the carbs and floods the bike.

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  • Du
    DustinVegas Jun 27, 2011

    Make sure you turn off the fuel when you aren't riding, and you won't have that problem.

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replacement of parts in warranty period

I Ankur goel have purchased YamahaFZ16 on 25th january09 having Engine no. 21c1032261 and Chasis no. me121c01192031832. and now I have got a problem with its meter not working and the distributor from which I hav purchased has left the agency and the other centers are not doing the favour o replacing the parts as it is in a warranty period. so plz do the favour for me immidiately. ok I would be very thankful to you. my number=[protected].

I have told u before also. but no action has been taken.

horrible tech support experience

I bought 2 yamaha receivers and they were the most complicated receivers i've ever had experience with. I'm...

usage of substandard spare parts

Dear sir,

I have purchased a yamaha fz16 on 17th, july2009 and in not more than two months a considerable issue of usage of substandard spare parts has came in front of us.

Bike's rear wheel rim has got a crack in it and since there are tubeless tyres, air is passing through the crack of the rim. Earlier, I thought that its a manufacturing defect so obviously showroom people will definately take care of it but when I approached the showroom than the worker over there told us that they have three other complaints with the same trouble and this kind of trouble has occured due to poor roads of the city. He also said to us that nothing can be done in this from the company's side and we have to go for an insuerance claim only.

In not more than two months, the rim which is such an important part of the bike's body has proven its substandart quality after getting a crack in not more than two months in it but what was more shoking was the attitude of the showroom people towards the issue as if it is a very regular case and this is not a fault on the company's part.

But if thats what the company people think than they should provide complimentary rims to the customer right at the purchase of the vehicle or this should be told to the customer that this bike is not to be driven on the indian roads so they should all shift themselves to us or some other developed country as the rim will crack here after riding the bike over here.

I was seeking a remedy by the company people in the showroom only but got badly dissapointed and had to choose this way to get the matter to the company's attentation. Kindly provide me with the suitable remedy as soon as possible.

Your's sincerely,
Ankit goel.

worst service

Myself pushparaj, I own r15, I was really very proud to own a bike like r15, but now I hate to drive my r15, the engine noise and the vibration are worstand the handle bar is not straight, for each and every service I will change my engine oil. From the first service till now am giving service in paras yamaha only, I have changed everything what they said but still they cant reduce the engine nosie. They saying that the bike is old and the engine noise is normal. I paid $ 1, 10, 000 for the bike, if the bike cant give the performance for not even a year, does this price is the best price orhte worst, I dont know, whether its the service problem or the bikes problem. Before this bike, I owned karizma, I got the engine noise after two years only, really yamaha is slowly losing its reputations due to the worst dealers, with in 9000 kilometers I have changed both disk pads, unless yamaha takes the action, nothing can save yamaha.

  • Ra
    rajr15 Sep 10, 2011

    the service of yamaha sucs. i'v gave my yamaha r15 to the service centre 10days before for repalcing some parts and they said i'll get the bike done after 2 days but till now m not getting the positive responce from service centre (malad). m really disappoint with their behaviour n i'v didn't expected this kind of behaviour with this type of international brand n world's leading bike company.

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shock up ser malfunction


I had purchased FZ 16 Yamaha motorcycle MH02 BH367 on 4th June 2009 from Excellent Yamaha (Authorized dealers of Yamaha MotorsIndia Sales Pvt Ltd) Regd Office Shanti Sadan, 45, Telli Park Rd, Andheri (E), Mumbai 69. 022-[protected]

I started facing problems with shockupser from the 1st week itself. When I tried to accomodate a pillion rider with me the shockupser was not able to carry the load due to which the speedbraker touched the engine, stand etc. I complained immediately to the above mentioned dealer and they tightened the shockupser atleast 10 times due to which it has started vibrating! I am completely fed up with poor communication and service process from this dealer. I always keep gettig assuarances that some engineer will visit the showroom and look into the matter but no one has come till date!

Right now my bike is lying at the above mentioned showroom.

I want a new shockupser from the company as I have just purchased this bike!
Please look into the matter and kindly have my shockupser replaced asap.


  • Ga
    gaze16 Aug 08, 2009

    am planning to get yamaha Fz16 this monday, please clarify me whether its adviseable to go for this purchase.its all my savings which am gonna invest and I dont want to get into trouble.please advise


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  • Ja
    jatin mane Oct 13, 2012

    yes i totally agree wid u n if a person seats on pillion seat rider seat goes down as if m seating in avenger type of bike short heighted bike...jatin 9930520567

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  • Ve
    Venkat7259 Dec 31, 2012

    Yamaha is producing fz16 and other vehicles with components made out of sub-standard design & quality.
    1. The mileage is very poor in spite of the fact that most of the parts are made out of plastic material, where as a JAWA / YEZDI, a 250cc vehicle which I was using was giving 45 kms / Litre for many years and even a Kinetic Honda which I was using was giving 55kms / Litre with both had a very good pick that even I used to overtake many RX and travels.
    2. The vehicle is not starting using the self starter and it failed within 6 months of usage, in spite of regular service done by the dealer / Service provider Raj Yamaha, Chennai.
    3. The brightness of the headlight is poor on most of the days and bright on some time, and there is no answer from the dealer / Service provider Raj Yamaha, Chennai.
    4. Shifting the gear from one to the other is very hard to the extent that it damages the leg, near the thump.
    5. The vehicle stalls and the engine is switching off while overtaking which is a very dangerous affair to the rider.
    6. The vehicle goes to the neutral position when I shift the gear to lower gear at most of the times and to 1st gear when you want to shift it to the neutral.
    7. Utmost care is needed when using the kick starter as the rider is forced to fold the right side foot rest thus causing danger as the rider has to push back the foot rest to use the brake pedal.
    8. The stand is not withstanding the weight of the vehicle thus deflecting on the self weight of the vehicle causing bend and thus hitting on the ground and there is no answer for this either from India Yamaha motor pvt. Ltd. Or the dealer / Service provider Raj Yamaha, Chennai.
    9. There is no safety for the pillion riders as pillion rider is tend to fall from the vehicle from their backside at any point of time.
    10. Pillion riders are complaining that they are getting back ache while traveling on this vehicle, because the seat is not wider & longer enough for a person to sit apart from placement of the foot rest that is in a place that induces pain and discomfort to the pillion rider.
    11. In spite of pumping air at regular intervals, air pressure is always less in the tyres from day 1.
    12. Yamaha dealers always do a worst service, in-spite charging huge amounts.
    13. This is the only vehicle in India that there is no safety for the riders as no crash guard/Bar is provided.
    14. This is the only vehicle that there is no chain guard which is also unsafe to the riders.
    15. The Ground Clearance is also poor in this vehicle as the vehicle is hitting on the ground whereas even my Kinetic Honda has not hit the ground after I did a small modification .
    16. Also most of the vehicles in India are coming with out mudguard flap and mudguards with enough length (for the purpose of safety, mudguard should be long enough so that it crosses the centre line of the wheels of the vehicle), which is causing dangers like dirt spraying on the other vehicle drivers like projectiles which lead to eye injury, accidents apart from making the clothes dirty.
    17. The handle bar of the vehicle is too soft and will bend even if you drop the vehicle accidentally while you try to park the same using the stand.
    18. The company, India Yamaha motor Pvt. Ltd is not responding to the complaints made and do not want to resolve the issues.
    19. Dealers of India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd, especially dealers like Raj Yamaha, Chennai, do not have any system, accountability towards the customers and their MD, Rajkumar does not have manners at all and his aim is to only make money without doing any service.

    As it has become a threat to the Indian community, all the owners of Yamaha vehicles are requested to join hands and file a suit for relief and damages apart from stressing the government to form an active regulatory body (like NABCB which is really doing a wonderful job under Mr.Venkatraman and not the one like TRAI, which has allowed the sale of sim cards of service providers till the date of closure without insisting for withdrawal from the market) so that to make rules, regulations and norms for the mileage as it is the need of the hour, approval & disapproval of vehicles / Each & every component to ensure quality, in terms of cost, road worthiness, mileage, safety and reliability.
    I have bought my fz16 on 5th jun2012 and my friend has bought another model and from day 1 we are also experiencing most the above problems. Also those who are affected are requested to fix a board in the vehicle itself narrating the defects/Shortcomings of the vehicle to create awareness among Indian community.
    Those who want to join the fight against a substandard product may contact me either through my email ID: [email protected] or +919444153245.

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worst customer satisfaction experience in yamaha, wakdewadi, pune service center

Dear Sir/Madam,

I purchased my Yamaha FZ16 motorcycle from Pune in Nov 2008. Till now I have done 4 servicing of the bike but I am really Angry, Frustrated and totally dissatisfied with the kind of treatment Yamaha service engineers gave me.

Last week, the clutch cable of my bike suddenly ripped off. I somehow managed to fit a BAJAJ clutch cable instead (Attention:It has been a year to the release of FZ16 and the Bike spares are still not available in the outside market).

But like every other bike lover, I love my bike and insist on original spare parts so I visited the "AUTHORISED PUNE" Company service center next morning (Saturday).

But, as usual the service engineers were reluctant to even look at the problem and asked me to come later in the evening. FINE!!! No probs.

ok.. now I got a little late (instead of 4 pm it was 4:30 pm, BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!) so I called up the engineers requesting them to whether I can come down with my bike to do the bike-repairs?

But another excuse (These guys never fall short of one, really astonishing ain't they???)

They said now its too late... it takes 1 hour to just fit the clutch cable (same guy had told me it will take just half an hour for the repairs same morning)

So they just throw me this sentence:"Come down tomorrow ANY TIME"

Fine!!! I asked them about their lunch time (Clever me!!!). On earlier day it was 1pm-2pm which conveniently changed to 1:30pm-2:30 pm the next day.

So I asked them, whether I should come at 2:30 pm next day???

To this they replied "No sir!!! We have some important work to do after lunch break (Every Indian knows what IMP things we Indians do after lunch break!!!). So Come at 3 pm sharp."

So ultimately I reached service center exactly at 3 pm. I was told that we will do the repairs as soon as possible and deliver the bike (This was the only time they spoke properly to me)

But to my dismay, the bike was not even touched till 3:30 pm.

When asked about it, reply was as follows;
"HAVE PATIENCE... We already told you that it will take 1 hour for the repairs"

— > that sums up to (1/2 hr of Time pass+ 1/2 hour of repairs)

My question to you is, in these days of tough competition is it just enough to launch a COOL LOOKING bike without paying attention to customer satisfaction???

If the answer is NO... then please take strict action against these service engineers. If they are that frustrated with their jobs its better that they should start searching for other kind of jobs.

My only concern was that due to a broken or loose clutch cable the clutch plates or the gearbox should not be damaged. Can't Yamaha service engineers consider a case such as this URGENT and give fast response & do the repairs urgently?

Why we should scratch our heads for such a small problem??? I had to wait 2 days to get the problem solved!!!

Who should be held responsible if my bike breaks down suddenly due to this poor service or if the gearbox is damaged???

I request you to take strict actions and ensure customer satisfaction when it comes to BIKE SERVICING. Wearing sporty Yamaha Jackets & cool sunglasses wont get you far!!!

Take care & be alert,

  • Si
    SiddharthG Sep 12, 2009

    I also had worst experience in servicing, I left my FZ16 for first service, km was 267, and when I received its was 300km already, complained to manager but he said job card says when u left the bike it was 298 km, mother ###ers.

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  • Ra
    Rajshekhar Singuru Nov 07, 2009

    Hello sir,
    I S.Rajshekhar own a vehicle of reputed brand YAMAHA MOTORS. I bought YAMAHA FZ16 on 14th feb 2009 at (sri srinivasa automobiles), opp sbi dondaparthy, VIZAG. And almost all my free servicing has been done to my vehicle and I am left with 1 free service coupon, as still my bike has a warranty period, and on 24st October 2009 the bike suddenly stopped at night, as the following day is 25th oct 2009 fall on Sunday so with the help of showroom mechanic (Srinu) on Monday 26th oct I have given the bike to check the complaint. And it turned to be wiring defect and totally the wiring kit and the speedo meter panel got spoiled. Mr. V. VENKAT (service manager) did not handled the case properly and said warranty will not be given and had to pay RS 3500 and take the wiring and new panel, and also said even the battery should be changed and have to pay for that as well, and the tie up with AMCO normal battery is given to my bike at the time of purchase and still the battery is under warranty and said will not be given by them as well and when we asked for the dry cell as given to other bikes but MR. Venkat said will try and adjust that battery its still working. The service engineer is least responsible towards the customer queries and said that he is not suppose to escalate this issue to the company. And before 24th oct jus 1 week before my free servicing has been done and I say that due to inefficiency of the staff and I consider MR. Venkat is the least responsible person working for a reputed company YAMAHA MOTORS. So I request to take this issue to be escalated to the RND (research and development) department to look into the problem to avoid such cases to come across in future, and I am sending you the attached photos of the wiring and looking foreword for the solution and the bike should be delivered as soon as possible, can mail to my mailing address or call me on my mobile number: 9642334663. And I am waiting for the reply and the next action to be taken by YAMAHA MOTORS and not the dealer.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

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  • Ar
    arun72 Oct 13, 2010

    When i gave my first servicing they([censor]s) took my petrol(gas)...[censor] their servicing centre managers

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failure to obtain vehicle title

Purchased a 2006 Yamaha vino 125 motor scooter that was financed through yamaha motors corp. account#[protected]. Payments were through
retail services, P.O. box 17602, Baltimore Md. 21297.
Loan was paid off in full back in June. As of this date, the title has not been sent to me. I have a sale pending
and this is delaying the transaction. I been told first that
the title was sent out on June 22, 2009, then was told
it was sent out on July 2, thentold again that it was sent out on July 8. No one can tell me where the tiltle was sent, only that it was sent to my address, at 54 Countryside Apartments, Hackettstown, N.J. 07840.
The people I spoke to at their customer service number at [protected], were very discourteous and more or less seemed not to care one bit about my concern. This whole situation has left a very bitter taste in my mouth concerning Yamaha Motors Corp. and their financing. I would hope that you could give this matter immediate attention so that I can get this issued resolved. Thank you in advance. Sincerely,

Chris G. Chiappone
54 Countryside Apts. Bld#6
Hackettstown, N.J. 07840
c. [protected]@comcast.net

manager and crew

Good day! Sana poh maging maayos ang inyong yamaha branch service center ksi kming mga customer nyo ay umaasa n maging ayos ang pakikiharap ng sino mang branch manager o crew ng inyong branch. At sana ay laging may mga stock n accessories ng motorcycle n inyong ibenebenta sa inyong customer, kahit na isang kairasong goma ito para sa preno. Mahalaga po ang proteksyonan ng inyong customer lalo na kung sa preno ng motor ang may deperensya

Masakit man skin ang nangyari sa inyong branch sa Taytay Rizal, n dinala ko ang aking motor n nabili ko sa Mandaluyong Branch. Eh mas malapit sa amin ang Taytay branch ky doon ko dinala ksi may mararamdaman ako sa aking preno sa unahang ng motor. Pinacheck ko sa mikaneko nila kung bakit umaalog ang preno ko sa unahan, sbi skin wala daw yung goma, sbi ko may goma b kyo dyan at sbi skin maghintay daw ako, dahil kumakain yung may alam sa stocks. Naghintay ako ng mga 1 hanggang 2 oras at dumating, sbi wala daw silang ganon. Sabi ko papano ito, ginagamit ko yung motor, eh kung walang pamalit papano kung madisgrasya ako ng dahil don. Sagot skin itatanong daw sa kanilang manager, sabi ng manager wala tyong magagawa dyan! TAMA BA YON? Customer po ako at mahigit 1buwan palang yung motor n nabili ko.

Nagdalawang isip tuloy ako sa pagkakabili ko ng motor na YAMAHA, sapagkat 6 years na akong gumagamit ng motor n HONDA at hindi pa ako nakakasanas ng ganitong mga sagot ng kanilang Service Center Branch manager at crew.

Sa asar ko tinawagan ko yung manager ng nabilan ko, sbi skin wala raw sila pasok, makipag-usap nlang daw ako sa manager ng Taytay branch, eh ganon n nga sagot skin makikipag-usap pa ba ako don? Tinawagan ko uli, kung bakit ganon ang mga tauhan ng service center, off na yung kanyang cellphone.

Ano ba yan? Kaya nga sa susunod na bibili kmi ng motor, dapat alam namin kung maganda at marunong yung kanilang mga service center, para di kmi magsisi.

Sana po mag-isip-isip ang management ng YAMAHA dito sa Pilipinas at baka MAWALANG kayo ng mga Customer...