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So many lies where do we start:
-You can rent your property and make money only happened 2 times in 9 years.
- You will always be able to get the vacation you want and when you want it. You are a priority, since you are silver status...
-You can take your family on vacation every year to the beach and always have a place to go.
** Wrong all the places are booked for up to 3 years.***
-Our Wyndham owners come first; We have seen "booked" locations available online.
-When you die, your children can still have vacation every year- but pay more and more money each year just in maintenance, assuming you have paid it off when you pass.
-We have bought more and more points as Wyndham has promised buying more points would help with our troubles and each time it has not. NEED WE SAY MORE.

Jul 23, 2019
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  • Tu
      Nov 07, 2019

    This company is such a huge scam. Some "care specialist" or whatever he called himself stated several dates that he had sent emails and made phone calls. We went through our emails and did not see an email from them as he had stated in his letter. (we did get emails after I used the email address he provided in his letter to correspond with him.) He told us he was calling us on a certain time and date and we were sitting together at the time this call was supposed to be made to us, that we had scheduled with them, and NEITHER OF OUR PHONES RANG. Then he emails us saying he called!!! What a phone call came through. He gave us the last four digits of one of our cell phones which I confirmed was correct. I asked him what number could he be reached. He refused to give a number stating all he had was "cloud numbers". This is ridiculous as I am familiar with these types of phone systems. He could have given a number or extension so that I could have called to him on the number he had "on file." They just lie about everything. Everything we were told and I mean everything is a LIE!!! We have paid thousands to this sham of a company and have NOTHING to show for it and had NOTHING to show for it!!!

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