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Wyndham Discovery Membersalesman and lies being told to get people to sign up

Everyone who was lies to in order to sign a Wyndham Discovery membership. My was Norberto told us that we had 2 years to use 300, 000 points and if we did not we would get our money back. This is call fraudulent misrepresentation because we believe his when he said we have 2 years to use the 300, 000 points and we would our money back. Please anyone in the same boat please overwhelming the FTC, BBB and Florida attorney general with your complain so we can have them look into Wyndham fraudulent practice in getting people to sign up base on lies.

Wyndham Grand Resort at Bonnet Creekdishonesty & lies

WELL…we booked the hotel and stayed over a weekend to celebrate our daughter’s birthday. Our tour date was set for Father’s Day, but we went anyway. After the so-called 2 hour tour, that took 3 and a ½ hours and an unprofessional T.O., named Christian, we tried to leave. But then we were sent to a room where we were offered a vacation/hotel point package. This seemed attractive to our travel needs so we booked and signed for it, because we, before this, liked Wyndham Hotels. We were “told” that we could immediately start booking the vacation, but after reading the fine print, this is not true. But rather after $900 was into the account. Also, we were told it would be deducted out of our back as a monthly fee, but again they sneakily added a finance rate etc. They also said we can do 2 night stays, but the contract says 3-4! We were also told that additional points could be purchased at 1 penny per point, but its $10.00 per 1, 000 points!! Then they said we could send family members to the hotel at no additional cost, but the contract says it’s $150.00 to do so! The representative looked us in the eyes and said that we could start booking stays ASAP and that the total cost was $1, 295. Since the process was taking so long, and we had our kids, I believe that we were taken advantage of. They knew my husband was tired, hungry, and most importantly was interested at the time- because the manager “yessed” him to no end. There was NEVER a mention of financing at all! We spent a total of 5 hours there and it ruined our kid’s day.
We are Wyndham reward members and we are terribly saddened by such a shiesty transaction. We will be taking our business elsewhere, and have already cancelled our 2 visits that we were due to stay at a Wyndham. It is a shame that the organization could care less about steadfast customers and can do such improper business to a family, just to make a dollar. We tried to contact the sales rep for this package, and we were given a WRONG #!

So, we are canceling, and this letter is to inform such as well as to state our refund

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    K. Opar Oct 27, 2011

    . My family and I arrived on Saturday afternoon on October 22nd only to find out that Bonnet Creek Resort in Orlando Fla. did not have us scheduled for arrival that day. They said we were scheduled to arrive on Monday October 24th. Someone did not get our reservations correct even though my emailed confirmation showed the correct date of arrival. That was not a very good start to our vacation. I was told I had to call the reservation number that I used to get it straightened out. After speaking to a few people it was resolved but when it occurred it made me and my family very upset. We checked in got our room and unloaded the car. When we entered our building we noticed a very strange smell in the elevator and on our floor. We also notice that there were trash bags full of trash outside of rooms on the hall floor. We assumed it was housekeeping cleaning rooms. Upon entering our room we noticed a very musty smell and also noticed that the couch was damaged and in one of the bedrooms there were a few dressers that didn’t have handles so you couldn’t open them. I immediately called the front desk and informed them of the damage. They said they would record the information.
    My family tolerated this because they were excited to be in Disney on vacation. The same evening of our arrival my family and I were very exhausted from driving from New Jersey. After we had dinner and went to one of the parks we wanted to get a good night sleep. However, when we returned to our condo our neighbors were very loud talking and laughing. It seemed like they were in the same room with us. I couldn’t believe how thin the walls were. I have stayed in hotel rooms where there were adjoining doors and have never heard other guests this loud. This went on until well after midnight so my family and I were kept awake. I would have tolerated this one instance if at 6am we were not awakened by the same thing happening again. I informed the front desk of the problem and asked that our room be changed. They said they would but they didn’t have any available at that time and they didn’t know when they would. I informed them that my family and I would go to the park and would check in with them at dinner. I was told that I couldn’t do that, that I had to be available immediately when my new room was ready so that they could get the room we were moving out of ready for another guest. The only other option was to give them my personal items to store until the room was ready. I informed them that I had items in the safe and I did not feel comfortable giving them these items to store. So they informed me then that I had to be available to move my items immediately. Well Bonnet Creek just inconvenienced my whole family and ruined a whole day of our vacation. We sat around until we were called late afternoon that our room was ready. Upon going into our new condo we noticed that there was food on the carpet near the bar area and also when we walked into one of the bedrooms the carpet was not vacuumed. The carpets were also stained very badly in many placed. I immediately informed housekeeping and they sent for the housekeeping manager. Upon her arrival she informed me that the vacuum was not working properly so she brought another one to run on our carpets. I was totally speechless at this point. Why would you allow a guest to check into a room knowing the vacuum wasn’t working and you did nothing to resolve the problem beforehand? This was not acceptable. I then called the front desk and they said they would find me another room. How many rooms was I going to have to transfer to and how long was I going to have to wait now until one was ready again? My family and I at that point made a decision that we were not going to stay here another night. This was totally unacceptable. I spoke to Carlie at the front desk and asked her for a refund for the remaining 6 night of my vacation. She informed me that she could not refund this money and that I would have to call the reservation number. I did and was told that they could not refund me until it went into review and that took 24 hours before someone would review it. I then called Carlie back and she spoke to her manager who told her to call the reservation number and see if they could help to get me a refund for the inconvenience that I was put through. They told her the same thing that they told me. I have never been so disappointed in a hotel before nor their customer service. No one seemed to get it right.
    On Tuesday October 25th I received an email directly from the hotel. They told me that they called the 800 number to find out about my refund and were informed that I was not getting my money back.. At no point was I ever told by the customer service person who booked my vacation over the phone, the confirmations I received via email or when I checked in at Bonnet Creek that I would not get a refund for any reason. I am owed 6 nights from Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resorts.

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