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please help us to stop this scam, as they earn money from us with the state name and trust, as far as i'm concern the u.s goverment can handle anything, so don't let go of them, bring this to trial and get 70% of the global victims of freelotto scam profit, no matter what...


  • An
    anonymous Feb 17, 2009

    keep recieving emails saying "pay amount ...to (my name)

    signed by patrick j chambers

    Dublin Ireland

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  • Dr
    dremss Mar 11, 2009

    I want to have a email address PATRICK J. Chambers to request to stop sending mail to which I reply, and for which I have no answer to this unknown "PATRICK J. CHAMBERS. If you have an email address that person, please send me my address "[email protected] Thank you to those who see and read my missive.

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  • Se
    setsuna Oct 18, 2009

    hello please can someone help? esque on whether they are calling me purchase a prize of a million dollars but do not understand anything that was not the case if d eun trap or something are calling me to and I million far freeloto post and has the name of Patrick J. Chambers until the end of a check drawn then if they could help esque enserio do not leave ... good thanks +

    certainly if they are words in Spanish is not very well speak English I'm from mexico

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  • Se
    setsuna Oct 18, 2009

    sorry I wrote 2 times it was not my intention

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  • Ha
    Hanna mark Nov 06, 2009

    You have a lack of knowledge. My father's always said when he was drunk.
    I don't have any idea about this. But for me, it is illegal.
    Stop sending me a mail.
    Patrick J Chamber.

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  • Ar
    archimar Dec 10, 2009

    hello please send my prize that was $1 000 000 (million) because i need it right now. I have to pay my tuition fee. Please send it to me Patrick J. Chambers.

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  • Ar
    archimar Dec 10, 2009

    I don't have a credit card. Please send me advices to get my winning prizes. Hoping for Patrick J. Chambers's consideration.

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  • So
    soobendoda Feb 11, 2010

    to whom it may concern
    I sooben doda from mauritius i play
    free lotto 4 time on 29 december i received mail that i am the winner of freelotto and i win
    1 millon dollar they have told me to wait for 30 days after 30 days i call mr david ware he told me to
    pay 522 pound to so that i can get the 1 millon dollar he gave me his adess to send the money
    by western union. finally the company western union refused to take the money then i call
    mr david ware again he tell me to send the money by money grams but he told me to tell the responsible
    of money grams that he [mr david ware]is my friend not from freelotto .now I'm afraid to send the money
    because we people we have to work for five month to get this sum of money we are afraid that we may lost
    the money by sending it to mr david ware we have decide to go to embassade of ENGLAND found in
    mauritius and also we will published this case that you people is trying to fool poor people in mauritius
    please cantact us this number 230-6262986

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