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Employment Issues

I was only there for 5 weeks before they fired me, because they said I didn't seem "happy". The Fulfillment team, especially Jen, the manager, came off quite racist and made me feel uncomfortable. They didn't like me communicating with other staff in different departments, and demanded that I work during my lunch break. You do NOT get SALARY, and they WILL promote people over you that have no experience. David Dally even made a racial comment about how he hired 5-7 black people in 2019, and didn't have a problem. My first week there, they messed up on my pay, and I had to argue with Alex, their HR Manager, about fixing it over the phone. They didn't even pay me on time at all, and didn't care to fix it. Though I am a MSU Alum, I absolutely HATED Fulfillment! I asked to be transferred to CC, and David fired me instead. They literally had no reason to, and it was all because of their mess ups. It is NOT a good office, not in SOUTHFIELD!

won a promotion still haven't received it

I won an amazon gift card during a reese's promotion at the very beginning of October. I was told allow 6 to 8 weeks for email delivery. It has been longer than that as of today 12/13/18.

I have sent several emails inquiring when to expect it. All have been responded to with automated messages. There is NO contact number to reach anyone!!

All I want is what I was told I won. Its not a million dollars but its the principle. Do what you say you're going to.

won a promotion still haven't received it
won a promotion still haven't received it

  • Updated by Tammy Henner · Dec 13, 2018

    The company is PrizeLogic not reese's

fraudulent behavior (failure to award points).

Prize Logic is not awarding points for codes submitted under the Gatorade/Dollar General Promo. They refuse to answer emails, won't return calls, and need reported to your state Attorney Generals office for fraudulent behavior. It's sad, to think, that so many reputable companies use this Promo company, and the Promo company makes the customer feel cheated. I, for one, will be contacting Gatorade directly, and letting them know how their Promo company is treating their customers.

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    tony espo Apr 19, 2019

    ive been playing the dollar general Gatorade game for almost 18 months, last year my family played also out of the 5 accounts that my family has the did not award over 3000 pts. this year I entered 157 codes on april 8th, around 25 codes they still haven't awarded me my points. on the 13th I entered 25 more codes and still no points yet. this company is a fraud, everyone who has this problem needs to call dollar general, Gatorade, demand them to act. prize logic doesn't care they make millons off these companies. prize logic has a phone number to call customer service, but they never answer, you send complaints to the zen desk and they never answer you back.

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beat the buzzer mtn dew promo

I have repeatedly entered receipts to them, and in their own rules it says that points will be credited within 48 to 72 hours. After a week I submitted complaints to there customer service which went 2 weeks before being answered and then they told me that points are usually credited with in 48 to 72 hours. I told them it had already been 3 weeks. They are a scam! Still trying to get my points and prizes. I believe that they take points for customers and probably give them to friends and/or family to get the prizes. Mountain Dew and Pepsi should be ashamed to use such a pitiful, crooked company!

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    JenBcute Apr 22, 2018

    did you upload digital receipts...that was my problem for why a lot of mine weren't accepted! I just had to submit the actual receipt image!

    But, it's DEFINITELY NOT a scam!!! I already won an Amazon Echo & a Fire Stick for buying Mt Dew I would've purchased anyway!!!

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    thompj02 Apr 27, 2018

    I don't know that they are scamming participants. However, I have had my own issues with them. Using my cell phone, I upload receipt photos taken using my cell phone. Sometimes they are credited and sometimes they are not. I scan and upload receipt images from my home computer. Sometimes they are credited and sometimes they are not. I email my receipts to Prize Logic customer service after 72 hours when a receipt I submit hasn't posted to my account and their own acknowledgment response says someone should respond within 24 hours. They don't. More often than not, when they do respond, it is to tell me that

    A. Your points have already posted from that receipt (they haven't, which is why I am emailing in the first place)
    B. Your receipt is rejected because it is a digital image (it's not. Every receipt submitted is a photo/scan of paper)
    C. Your receipt is rejected because it is a duplicate submission (it wouldn't be if I had been credited the first time I submitted it)
    D. Your receipt is rejected because it does not comply with terms and conditions (Really? The merchant is highlighted, the quantity and item are highlighted, the date of purchase is highlighted. Which T&C is not complied with?)

    On average, it is taking 5 to 7 days before I am seeing my submissions post to my account (if at all).

    Prize Logic gets a prize alright, and it ain't based on logic... I'm just sayin'

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    Fstrthnurs Jun 06, 2019

    No wonder they're scamming people...look at the location of the company, lmfao

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$400 appliance rebate not received

I been waiting on my $400 Samsung appliance rebate since I was approved on August 8, 2016. It's now January...

Never received my television via Sprint/Samsung Prom

Sprint/Samsung partnered and offered free 32" flat panel televisions with purchase of samsung device. The registration website failed to process registrations. Contacted promotions administrators Prizelogic via their previous facebook page. They confirmed the error and stated that they would manually complete my registration. This dates back to 12/25/2015. To date no one has contacted me nor have I received my item. Calls and voicemail messages left have gone unanswered.

Samsung television via Sprint promotion

The promo required purchase of a Samsung device and registration via December 30th 2016. The website that you had to register repeatedly error. I contacted Prizelogic who confirmed that they would complete my submission after having received proof of my attempts. Needless to say, after several call attempts and numerous emails and messages sent via Facebook, I've yet to receive my item. I'm now gathering information on other Sprint customers that were duped into participating and seeing what legal options are available to me.

  • Pr
    Promogirlsara Jun 06, 2016

    I also have yet to receive my television. Dating back to December 28th, 2015 I received an email saying I was approved for the television promotion. My mother then got hers (lives on other side of the country and we don't even have the same account) but I had yet to get mine. I tried to call but could never get through. I emailed but never got a reply. I waited 2 more weeks then finally got through on the phone. After a very long and frustrating time, they said they would send me a confirmation email about getting my tv sent to me. After another week, I finally received that email. Then they sent another one stating that the promotion had now ended and there will be absolutely no more prizes being sent out or any support for claims regarding the television promotion and that mine had been delivered 2 months prior to our contact and to contact postal service and provided me with a tracking number. The only reason I got the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is because of the tv promotion. How can they just not resolve this and say "eh, times up. Sucks you didn't get the tv we promised you. Better luck next time?" this is so messed up.

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fixed giveaway

They were in charge of the taco bell contest.When it started.You were required to purchase a certain combo...

refuses to send prizes

I have won a number of contests sponsored by Prizelogic. They never send out the prizes. I have a folder of...

Prize scam

I've won some prizes through them, but they don't want to send me them. It's scam! I want my prizes!