American Hole 'n One Complaints & Reviews

American Hole 'n One / Golf Products and services scam

Sep 21, 2015

American Hole 'n OneI kind of agree with the not gambling aspect of the contests . . but . .this is NO Great company they have been swindling GMC Dealers for years also Chevrolet Hole in One Programs as well as Buick Hole in One golf programs they have been marking up their rates to unsuspecting dealers for...

American Hole in One Insurance Scam / Rip Off Over Charging

May 17, 2014

American Hole in One Insurance scam is the simple fact that they have been overcharging practically double billing the American Public mostly Charity Benefits and GMC Car dealers through. I have worked for GMC and for many years we stated to shut this program don as it was a reckle...

American Hole in One Insurance Scam / Overcharging RipOff

May 10, 2014

American Hole in One Insurance Complaints against is that they run a scam against the American public using taxpayers dollars with GMC and TARP. What they do is charge double calling it a GMC Hole in One Insurance Golf program. In reality it is a double dip. They charge the local dealer the...

American Hole n One / SCAM


This company is the king of scams they promote their product as insurance, they sell gambling, then fail to pay just claims when the loose. DO NOT TRUST THEM!