FreeLotto Complaints & Reviews

Freelotto / free lotto play free

Oct 13, 2019

FreelottoIt is useless to try to make a complaint: I have already made this same complaint and I have not even received a reply. Here I repeat: I did not receive messages remembering me to play as you used to send, much less the ones I once received with the results of my real bets. So, I try to...

Freelotto / I cannot play and free lotto says i've already played

Oct 06, 2019

FreelottoI already sent a similar complaint via Better Business Bureau; Free Lotto didn't reply and BBB said the complaint was closed... I continue to have no opportunity to play and I never receive the normal message informing my results. Either the Free Lotto's system is badly construed or it is a...

Freelotto / freelotto plus discount voucher

Mar 30, 2019

Good day to you, please find below the voucher I used to claim my discount which for some reason did not work and I ended up being charged the full monthly price. I realise this may not be much money to some but to me being on an invalids benefit I do not get that much money and can only play...

Freelotto / service about the prize of free lotto lottery

Feb 05, 2019

FreelottoHi Good day, Im Chrisha Lyn Modina from Cebu City Philippines. It stated that I won a particular price. It is possible to claim the said amount? Im hoping that this is legit since I also need money for my upcoming wedding. And for needs of my baby. Hoping that I will be able to recieve my...

Freelotto / subscriçaõ em cartão

Jan 27, 2019

Venho por este meio efectuar uma reclamação de um pedido de cancelamento de uma vossa subscrição atraves no meu cartão inscrito atraves do mail: [protected]@iol. Pt, dados em baixo com os vossos dados (movimentos - cartao impar moeda eur N.º do cartão 5206*1479 nome do titular carla martins Dt...

Freelotto / free lotto winnings

Jan 07, 2019

Goodmorning.. This is Karen Fajarillo from Calapan City, Philippines.. Based on the results of lotto I've played yesterday, it is stated that I am eligible to claim my prizes..I tried to follow all the steps they stated on the site, but still i cant claim my prize.. I played a lot in Free Lotto.. So please, I have to claim my prizes .Give it to me!!!

Freelotto / taking money out of my account

Jan 06, 2019

I want my money back 14, 99 I don't want membership you taking money out of my acount without my permission last 5 months I want all of my money back you taking money out of my acount without my permission every month without my permission you taking money out of my acount I never played... / charges

Nov 19, 2018

I was told that the subscription fee was $14.99 only to find l was being charged $36.07 which is over double what l can afford as l am on a Government benefit this cost is far too much for me to contend with and l want to Unsubscribe to freelotto but cannot find how to do this l find it...

Freelotto / I was send an email that says I have won money from freelotto

Nov 17, 2018

FreelottoI entered the freelotto on march 2018 and could not get through on my emails, so I found out I have won money in dollars. My name is Gordon Mohomane I live on South Africa in Johannesburg 338 Odendaal road zone 1 Meadowlands Soweto. I have kids who are going to tertiary next year. I will...

Freelotto / just letting you know that i'm only 17 and I have a 5 month old baby and you wanna take $27.20 from my bank

Sep 01, 2018

I only get [censored]ing paid $50 for my baby and u wanna take $27.20 from my baby, I don't even know what the [censored] freelotto is, please leave my baby's money alone it's really all I can afford, I'm trying to make a difference for my baby's future and all u wanna do is take it!!???...

Free Lotto / u say its free

Aug 02, 2018

But u. Ve taken £14.99 out of my bank account which I did. Nt authorise or consent 4 u 2 do tht😡😡😡 u evil wicked people & thts theft & if I don. T get a complete & full refund bck in my account immediately I shall have no choice but to consult with 1 of my wrk partners of solicitors at the...

Freelotto / prize to claim

Jul 21, 2018

Please help.i win a freelotto to claim please.please sent it through my bank account. Account name: myrna siejack Account number: [protected] Bank account name: East west bank/cebu, philippines Swift code: Ewbcphmm Address: East west bank_cebu, Fuente branch, 6/f cebu womans club bldg...

Freelotto / paid and eligible status notification - unclaimed property

Jul 13, 2018

Letter to rich the person Stanislav Krasenov Slavev. Under the Code of Practice Mental Health Act 1983 (England), page 264, Ganka Kostadinova Todorova is the nearest relative of the patient Stanislav Krasenov Slavev which on 12th. of July 2018 have been gift (under section 2 - date start...

Freelotto / f.a. s. t subscription I have cancelled it months ago and they still taking money out of my account...

May 18, 2018

I was with freelotto (f.a.s.t) for a few months . when I looked at my freelotto f.a.s.t account it showed me that I have actually been charged for two accounts all that time i became a member... I tried cancelling one of the accounts but I was still getting charged for the two account... / my winning amount has not paid

Mar 23, 2018

www.Freelotto.comHi, my self Srikanth from India, I want to tell you abo a check of $ 0.18 cents on date 12/10/2006 which I have not cleared by not knowing how to cash it out, and again a check of same amount as $ 0.18 cents this also I have not cashed, the free lott has not sended my winning amount check...

Freelotto / disappointed... cancel my subscription

Feb 21, 2018

I had unsubscribed to this website, freelotto, which by the way is not free, in 2017 only to find that funds were still being deducted from my account, the latest amount being $25.99. Monthly deductions of varying amounts had been and still are, being taken from my account without my...

Freelotto / I wish to unsubscribe

Jan 25, 2018

I cancelled with urselves ages ago and u have now taken afew 14.99 out my bank and im not happy I wnt u to unsubscribe me els I will be contacting fraud squad about this I would like my munny refunded as u was nit givven permission to take and its all a lie its not free as u can see uve...

Freelotto / taking money from my account unauthorised

Jan 09, 2018

FreelottoU have one hour to.refund my money or I'm going to the authorities I've had enough u have taken 4.99 19.99 14.99 22.00 I've had to cancel my card [protected] back of card 425 U been sending rubbish emails to [protected] and said I've won I don't know who u are all I know is that...

Freelotto / freelotto scam alert

Dec 05, 2017

freelotto is trying to take money from my account and i need to know how to unsuscribe before they put me in debt they have jus taking money that i dont have in my account so it is thea putting my account in negative and i really need to stop this please urgently they are taking thousands of...

Freelotto / free lotto

Nov 12, 2017

I have not given permission or even signed up to free lotto.. I have put a dispute in for the fraud place if money that has been taking from my bank from freelotto every week.. $38, $40, 20, 50 it changes every week and im a solo mother with kidney failure so am not surviving when they are...

Freelotto / winnings

Nov 11, 2017

FreelottoI have submitted my TSN numbers in the correct emailing of my information only to have an automated response telling me my TSN number is invalid. That is simply not true. I have all the TSN numbers documented along with the game it was played on and the results. I also have a copy of the...

Freelotto / difficulty in connection and getting responses live.

Sep 02, 2017

My name is Brian Cockerill, of 222 Glebe Point Road, GLEBE, NSW, Australia. My email is [protected] My phone is [protected]. I have been repe4atedly advised of my eligibility to win large amounts (most recent is $11, 260, 000). I have supplied all available data. My reg No with...

Freelotto / money that's been taken out of my bank account

Aug 08, 2017

On the 4 of every month you guys take money out of my account I don't know why but if you don't put it back in the next 5 days I'll be going to see someone about it I I have a baby in hospital I need the money for accommodation and other stuff soi won't every since my money back in my bank...

Freelotto / subscription

Jun 18, 2017

FreelottoI have asked previously for my subscription to be cancelled but obviously it had not happened and my card was charged again. I would like to give you the opportunity to refund the money taken from my account. If I don't receive a refund in 5 days I will a dispute as a fraud transaction with...

Freelotto / trying to unsubscribe

Jun 14, 2017

Hi, I have been trying to unsubscribe from this freelotto for awhile now but they are still trying to take money out of my bank account which I can't afford. I don't understand why they have not unsubscribe me when I have tried 7times. I'm not happy about this. Your quick enough to sign...

Freelotto / fast freelotto

Apr 30, 2017

I have numerous times have emailed, unsubscribe you. I have had money going out of my account. What really upset me the most that the first month finding out you guys had taken out 2 lot of payment. Yes 2 lot of payment which really really pissed me off. I have tried sending email...

Freelotto / i'm complaining about money been taken from my account

Feb 16, 2017

On february 15th money was debited from my account. My phone which I usually do play lotto on is not with me and hasn't been for past 5 weeks. I would like this resolved asap thanks and the money put back into my keycard, im due to have a baby in 5 days and I have 2 other children and that...

Freelotto / unauthorized charges to my account

Feb 02, 2017

It has been over a year... I have complained about this incident prior... It stopped for a few months last year and I started to get an an unauthorized charge for £14.99 per month via my account and I was told by my bank to change my bank card in which I have but unfortunately I am still...

Freelotto / payment not received

Jan 21, 2017

On 14 november 2016 i have received two paid and eligible status notifications my name is also include in these notifications as eligible but there is no further process ;;; Pin no #[protected] zul audrey uwai User id # [protected] Paid & eligible status notification This is a paid ...

Freelotto / fast subscription that I never wanted

Jan 19, 2017

Hi I am filing a complaint because I never wanted the "fast service" and yet it's somehow registered me with the fast service now there's been a paymt of 14.99 taken out of my bank acct again and I need that money for the rest of the pymt that will. Be comin out of my acct which is why I...

Freelotto / failure to pay winning

Oct 06, 2016

I have been playing FreeLotto for years & in March, I matched 5 of 6 numbers which was a payout of $300-or should have been! I sent all the necessary information in & waited & waited. I finally notified them in June that I still had not received my money & it was 90 days since I won. They...

Freelotto / greece lotto online

Jul 29, 2016

They been charging me for months now and I have recieve email saying I won go to claim it all of the sudden I have a new account number i have email them about it and they tell me I don't know what I'm talking about I think they should close down that website or make them pay the winner... / notification

Mar 22, 2016

7084EZ-U barcode (Rev. Mar 2010) DATABASE SERVICES PAID & ELIGIBLE STATUS NOTIFICATION Wesley, please review the new paid and eligible list below. This notification certifies that you, Wesley Hughes of charlottesville are eligible to receive the cash prizes next to your name on the list below...

Freelotto / unauthrorized charges

Jan 30, 2016

I did not give them permission to take money out of my bank and am worried because they no longer have access to the bank I am now at because I wasn't in that bank when I first opened an email from them promising me hundreds of millions of dollars in prize money as, it said there wa...

Freelotto / my f.a. s.t. subscription I subscribed to to claim my prize winning. for 99¢ for the first 30 days.

Dec 27, 2015

I received confirmation email to claim my prize winnings by signing up to F.A.S.T Freelotto. Which would handle all submitting responsibility and action necessary to claim winning. Yet I was charged and have no sign of any results as well, my date and Freeport webmaster prize claim ticket... / i'm shohid sarkar completing where are my free lottery eligible paid money?

Dec 15, 2015

Freelotto total combined jackpot amt: $11, 260, 000.00 date: 11/18/2015 issuing to: shohid sarkar 30 faidabad sukkur ali moszid dhaka, dhaka zila 1230 immediate response requested to avoid entry forfeiture record id shown on personal file authorized by freelotto membership director b...

Freelotto / prizes

Nov 30, 2015

FreelottoHi, I am Ma. Christina Rivera, from Philippines, I have won $ 11, 260, 000. My record ID shown at the cheque is [protected] - [protected]. I have received it last Nov 27, 2015. Can you deposit my winnings in my bank account. I'll provide you my account details. BPI acct # [protected], UCPB... / not giving the winning prize

Sep 14, 2015

I started this free lotto when I open a site and appeared at the end of the site. I played it because it said it is free. every time i open it and play, it always convinced me to join the F.A.S.T. but i didn't do it because it asked for a payment. At first i really...

Pni*freelotto / unsubscribe

May 26, 2015

Iam a single grandmother brining up my grandchildren, I have tried to contact pni*freelotto many times over the past 2 years as I did not subscribe to them and I have been getting $20.67 taken out of my account on a regular basis please help me to get these people off my bank account I... / about my winnings

Feb 18, 2015

hi there! I have an comment about my price winning..I think I won was confused And shock that time.where it goes?.something mess up.cant view the content and cant log in to my account to says sorry you are not eligible to play freelotto you unsubscribe.why?.something...