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Woolworths South Africa review: Pricing and false advertising

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WW Gift Acres Pta. 3 Feb 2022. I see a special (sandwich & juice @ R45) on juice bottles (photo attached) and grab 3 juices. Go to sandwiches and grab 3 sandwiches. At till, only 1 special goes through. I query. Till operator says all 3 specials went through. I show her otherwise. She calls supervisor. Supervisor explains special is only on selected sandwiches. I query. She takes me to fridge where in minute red stickers special is indicated (photo attached). I take her to aisle 1, where juices are displayed - ALL juices with special sticker. I take her back to aisle 8 and ask if this is fair to put a special so far apart. I ask her why the juices and sandwiches are not put together and why it is not CLEARLY marked that the special only applies on certain sandwiches. She has no explanation. I believe this is false advertising. Putting 1 part of the special in aisle 1 and the other part of the special in aisle 8 makes no sense? I always check my till slip. Most people do not and simply believe that they have walked away with an amazing special - little do they know. Benita Andrews [protected] / [protected]

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