Woodsprings Suiteshotel

C Jul 06, 2019

Diffently want stay at the Mobile Al hotel ever again. We had a awful experience there. To start the begining of the stay the people at the front desk was rude. The beds were horrible!! They needed to have been replaced years ago!! The 2 pillows that were on the bed was flat like one of the disposable ones at the hospital. The free internet they claim to have is only for one device. If you want to connect to more than one device its 1.99 per device. I've stayed at a lot of hotels every where and have never heard of anything like this before. They have a sign in the lobby that if you leave something they'll charge you to get it back. You have to take out your own garbage. What the heck am I paying for if I have to do the cleaning to!! To top that all off the fire alarm went off about 3:30 in the morning!! They lied about the incident and said someone was playing a hoax. Well if so why did it keep going off for about 30 min. I asked for part of our money back and she told another lie. She said that a guys remote wasn't working and kept pulling the alarm. There's know way someone would have had time to go back to there room and then come back to in time to pull the cord as frequent as it was going off!! I asked for some of our money back and she rudely told me that I signed a contract saying no refunds at all. I felt like we payed way more money for the quality we got from the motel. Awful!!


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