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C Jul 29, 2019

I am so upset and have attempted messages, have called the local branch, and other things but to no avail. I have filed a complaint with the PA Atty General's Office and am also filing a complaint with banking. I have requested to close, have requested no payment to certain ach withdrawal but they do not follow through and receive overdraft charges which causes more and more from my account. This has been going on since May. I WANT REIMBURSED FOR ALL CHARGES AND NSF. I AM PURSUING OTHER LEGAL Action. I do not receive return call nor are messages answers and sometimes nearly two weeks. I now see that WOODFOREST has numerous complaints from consumers. Your services are highly unethical, unprofessional, illegal, and am requesting a formal investigation by an outside agency as well as speaking with an attorney on my rights.

Dr. Cheryl Zaccagnini

  • Woodforest National Bank's response · Jul 29, 2019

    We’d really like the opportunity to correct the situation. If you’ll send us an email to [email protected] with your contact information, we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

  • Updated by CherylZ · Jul 30, 2019

    I am waiting for response and received one yesterday b/c of the complaint I submitted. I am waiting to have ALL of my NSF reimbursed because of lack of follow up by the local branch and no responses to my messages. It takes one -two week for Woodforest to respond to messages. I appreciate the contact person calling me yesterday and will wait to see if it is resolved and NSF reimbursed which would also mean that my check for 81 that was rejected twice and others would have been sufficient and funds to covered had they listened and followed my request at the local branch as well as in my messages. Thank you.

    Dr. Cheryl Zaccagnini

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