[Resolved] Wizz Aircharging for hand luggage


On our way out the man tried to say our bag was too big and as it looks like a hard case but when we put it in measuring thing it fit because we can squash the case and he agreed and did not charge us.

On the way back same problem, but when we showed him it does fit he was so rude and said we had to pay because it's a hard case . We paid €40 euros, I nearly cried. I checked terms and conditions and it does not mention hard case. When I told him he said you pay or it stay here. I was very embarrassed and upset especially when I showed him all the people in the queue with cases bigger than mine that were not being charged. I believe it shoul be proof enough for you that I did not have to pay on way out. Please can you look into this and issue a refund and I also believe compensation for the way he spoke to me and embarrassed me and he also took me out of the queue for boarding and then made me queue again. Thank you

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Flight return on 15/10/2017

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