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Dear Skyscanner,

I have submitted this below complaint about the conduct of Wizz Airline. I would welcome your views on the way that my booking has been dealt with, and seek your support in remedying the situation.

King regards,

Martina Rouse

Dear Wizz Airline,

Please note that I require an URGENT response as I need to make some rapid changes to recover my sister's wedding party.

I made two bookings with your service on the 30th October 2019 (reference numbers YGPRUA and G6V8TL) to fly from Liverpool to Budapest at 8.40am on 16th July 2020 for a 2-night trip for my sister's Wedding party. I made these bookings through the Skyscanner website which only allows a maximum of 8 passengers for one reservation, as I had more guests than this I had to purchase the flights in two separate transactions (using the same email address, debit card and contact details).

Yesterday, 21st December 2019, two months after securing my flights and after organising many other details for my sister's wedding trip, I received an email to say that just one of my two bookings (reference YGPRUA) had been removed from their initial flight and placed on an alternative. This alternative arrives at 1.30am the following morning (a full 13hours after the initial scheduled arrival) - a huge dent into a two-day trip. As you can imagine, this is impossible for us to accept.

Immediately I attempted to minimise the damage that this has caused. I looked at your offer of replacement flights to try to find options for earlier that day or for the day before, but no alternative flights are available. Secondary to this I contacted your call line to request that my passengers were placed back on the flight that they had been removed from. A flight that I still know is running, as half of my guests are still on it! Your call staff informed me that this request was not possible. I therefore requested to cancel both my bookings with your service, as I will need to make alternative arrangements for us all to travel together in some other form. I was informed that I could only cancel the rescheduled YGPRUA passengers, as I should not have made two separate reservations! An option that was not available to me through the Skyscanner website.

I would like to formally complain that half of my party have been ‘bumped off' your morning flight to Budapest (flight number W6 2212), leaving me with logistical problems that I cannot resolve without incurring further financial costs to my sister's family and friends, or for the loss of a group holiday to celebrate my sister's marriage. I would ask you to consider how you would feel if this was to happen to you or your family, without reasonable cause or explanation.

I respectfully request that all the money is returned for all the members of our party (both bookings YGPRUA and G6V8TL), or that all of us are reinstated on the original flight. I look forward to your earliest response so that I can resolve this pressing matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Martina Rouse

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