Wish.comsomeone hacked into my wish accounts and use my card that was stored on my wish account and ordered stuff and had it sent to a different address

D Nov 14, 2018 Review updated:

My Google account was hacked and then they went in and hacked my wish account and re change my password and ordered stuff from the credit card that was my fiance is that is stored for my wish account. I need someone to contact me as soon as possible. I am a victim of fraud I didn't place 3 orders with you guys but the nearest light tenor a different orders that I did not place I already have contacted the bank in cancel the card but the stuff was already paid for it being shipped out and will not let me cancel it please call me at [protected] my email is jankowski.[protected]@gmail.xo. thank you again Please contact me this this you is serious as soon as possible thank you to dacota jankowski

  • Updated by Dacota · Nov 14, 2018

    Someone went on my wish account hacked into it and ordered all want to shed off of the card a cargo stored on my account


  • Ma
    maybemaybenot Nov 15, 2018

    exact same thing just happened to order is being sent to an address I don't recognize: Roman Sayanov
    3501 Jack Northrop Ave
    Suite #AGJ420
    Hawthorne, CA 90250
    United States

    WISH is useless if you need customer service. The phone number isn't answered it just redirects you to the web site which wants you to send a dubious email.

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  • Ar
    Aroundtheworld Nov 28, 2018

    Hi! Same here, happened on 9.November 2018.

    Person who hacked into my account:

    Sergey Korolev
    Ignatovih 17k38
    Perm, Russia 614066

    No help from wish yet.

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  • Br
    Bree Sters Jan 07, 2019

    Same here, thankfully i just got a new card and i hadn't logged in the card information on Wish yet so they couldn't buy anything. but it was someone named Roman Sayanov in New Jersey. Should I just deactivate my Wish account?

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  • Pa
    Pancakedrawr15 Jan 12, 2019

    @Bree Sters Same person in New Jersey hacked mine too. I didn’t realize until I ordered something and saw the address it was going to.

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  • Ra
    Random_chick Mar 21, 2019

    Same here. Same person in New Jersey. Luckily I caught it before I placed the order

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  • Ju
    Julia Bengtson Nov 03, 2019

    @Random_chick I have the same address for mine as well what the hell???? With a different name though, a really weird one

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  • Vi
    VicCR Apr 15, 2019

    I had a time without use my wish account, and when I try to order something it ask for a payment method, I use the same card that the last time... I didn’t realize the mistake until I check the order... they refunded it automatically 3 days later... I check the option of Same as shipping address... and this appear.
    I didn't lose money but now I have to change my card and why he have access to my wish payment info... I only use my account in my phone... I'm from Costa Rica.

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  • Kr
    Krhineheart Apr 22, 2019

    Same thing just happened to me. I haven't ordered from Wish since November and that order was fine but last night after I placed my order I noticed my shipping address was to Roman Sayanov in New Jersey. I use PayPal with wish so it doesn't appear that any damage was done.(no fraudulent orders) I was able to change the address so at least my order will come to me

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  • Re
    Reone Stueve Apr 25, 2019


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  • Ni
    Nickbst_now Jan 06, 2020

    My wish account got hack yesterday. I sent out several email to wish but no reply. Have anyone got to reply back to them yet?

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  • Ro
    Rosie Malezer Jan 20, 2020

    I have no access to the Wish web site for many months now. Going to and asking for my password to be sent to me results in no response as they respond only to the CURRENT owner of the account.

    I pay for products as I receive them as I have no way to report that the item has not been received, was received completely different to advertised, was received but never ordered by me or was received damaged.

    Please tell me how to get my Wish account back from hackers who now seem intent on also stealing my livelihood.

    When I went to a web site in general chat of wish on the day my account was stolen, I found hundreds of messages to wish on the very same chat board from users who were in my exact predicament. It is hard when Wish, Poliisi, Klarna do not care enough to help, but even harder when I have no voice as I am Deaf.

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  • Sa
    samsiarahaedyn Jan 25, 2020

    Someone ordered on my account as well.

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