Windstream Communicationspayments and services

S Nov 14, 2017

The Internet/WIFI never worked through windstorm in the years that I had service. I would call and complain about Internet and the issues were never resolved with Internet. I switched to new provider due to all the issues on 9/27/17. I get a bill with a zero balance I called a customer service representative who told me I owed nothing. I called the next day to make sure there was no problems and if they needed my equipment back, and was told I owed $283. They are charging me larger rates for services I didn't have during times I didn't have service. Windstorm is telling me I owe them $183 and I also owe DISH network additional $106 they have to bill me as I had bundled services. I called DISH and they told me I had a zero balance and they cant bill once I unbundled services with Windstorm. I asked Windstorm for itemized bill and was given the run around with service representative who told me she was going to charge me for bill, and than after I pushed for bill she sent it to me. The bill doesn't make sense and I am being charged at a much higher rate for things than previously, and I am being charged for services after they were cancelled. I am not looking forward to calling Windstorm to argue with them concerning this bogus bill.

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