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phone disconnect

Name of business: Sasser BBQ
Acct. Number: [protected]
Business Address: 8109 Albany Hywy
Sasser, GA
Mailing address: 629 Lockett Station Rd
Albany, GA 31721

On 6/6/19, I disconnected our service, unfortunately we had to close the business. A representative told me our final bill would be $124.93. We paid that bill on 7/9/19. Then we received another bill for 251.45, supposedly for JUNE and JULY!!! Upon calling we were told that July's amount would be removed, but NOT June's. That total is 124.69. We didn't use your service in June and see NO reason to pay for the month of June. We closed the first weekend in June. I beg of you to rectify this problem ASAP. It would be greatly appreciated and a great customer service. I can be contacted at [protected] or emailed at [protected]
Thomas and Patricia Swain


My mom's phone has been out for over a week . This is the 4th time I am letting someone know . I called 3 times .2 times had a ticket submitted . the last time I talked to Shalean . and she told me it would be fixed by yesterday . my mom is 84 years old . She has a life alert button, does not work without a phone . I told the lady this . Her number is [protected]

internet access

Called to say our internet connection was out and when it comes on line the down load test is 5.9 and up load is 1.5
Which is slow slow slow.
Because of my job I have to send my work in so the nurses have what the need the next day. I tried to explain this and your employee didnt care. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He had me wait 10 minutes and came back saying his manager was busy and they would make a ticket and have someone call. The next day.
This does not help me. I need to depend on your company.
I was hoping for better answers.
I know I am only one person. But that should not matter.
Thank you for your time.
Roberta Dunlap
454 Waterbury Pl
Lexington NC

phone line

We have reported a phone line hanging over our driveway at our summer camp. We cannot get some vehicles in the driveway because of this line. Have reported it over and over but they do not fix it. We are getting ready to tear it down and then several people will be without service. This needs fixed now. Very upset that this is not being took care of.

internet and customer service

I cancelled my services with windstream effective 4/1/19 due to horrible internet and service and a consistently very high bill since I had a lifetime guarantee price that continually went up for many years. I have been a long time customer.
Now the issue is I can't get the money they owe me back from my last payment. Everybody either can't help me, or they give me different information than the person before.
First call I made I was told it takes 60 days from bill after disconnect. Next call was on may 31st. Was told by a supervisor the check has not been mailed but I would receive it within 2 weeks. I was also told by the supervisor named Crystal on 5/31 that her manager would contact me Monday, June 2nd. I never heard another word from them! Today I called because it has been 2 1/2 weeks and still no refund. The first person I spoke to could not speak much english, I was transferred to another. This person also did not speak or understand much english. She claimed "the check was mailed in April and again on May 31st and that she "updated the information again today so I would get the check faster." I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager, she put me on hold to transfer me. A young man came on the phone that could not speak clear english, when I asked him to repeat and spell his name he hung up on me. I then had to call their rediculous 800 number again. I finally got someone that spoke english. Her name was Michelle and she was very nice - what a switch. She contacted the financial department and they would not take the call but had her relay a message that the check was cut in April and on May 31st and was re-requested today and I should have the check in 2 to 3 weeks. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor, so she placed me on hold so she could contact them before transferring me through. The call was dropped while I was on hold - AGAIN.
I have been waiting for a refund for 60 days and now I am being told it will be another 2 to 3 weeks, yet they refuse to pay customers interest for holding their money. I can't get anyone that can give me accurate or consistent information. AND NO MANAGER OR SUPERVISOR EVER CALLS BACK OR EMAILS AS THEY ALWAYS PROMISE TO DO!
This is completely unacceptable for a business to treat people this way and provide such horrible internet services. I we have all been told the bankruptcy won't affect our services. The FCC should shut this company down completely if they are not going to regulate anything!

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internet down for 2 days

I work for a church. Our internet has been out 2 days in a row. Our database and Financials are cloud based. I have been on the phone with Windstream both days trying to find out when service will be back up. It came back for just about an hour this morning and then it was gone again. I just got off the phone with customer service, his name was Tor, and he was giving me the run around about how they don't have the cause, but, it should be back up at 6 p.m. I told him it was very inconvenient and that I already was 2 days behind and month end was coming up tomorrow and this was not a very good way to keep customers. Tor then told me that I should know that a business should have 3 backup plans according to the FCC. I then told Tor thank you for telling us how to run our business and I hung up on him. Some nerve!


Our internet stays out more than in, we have had this issue for months and just let it go. I notice you have been charging me for the black box that you all replaced when our other one went out. I have my payment withdrawal from my checking account and I never opened the bill until recently. I do not expect to be charged for this because you all had to replace a bad box. The box we have now stays orange and green, we loose service. I have gotten message from at t that I. On 75 percent usage to make sure to use wi fi when available, we thought we had been using it guess I should pay closer attention. Please advise how to correct the internet wifi from going out and what plans are about the extra charges accrued since the box was changed. Again I should have already addressed this my fault for letting it go. We had to beg for our phone service to fixed. They just had a cable running from one box to another with the cable laying on the side of the road, the road Dept came by and ran over the cable and cut it all to pieces, finally 3 weeks later they came re done the cable and buried it. We signed up for internet with free box sent to us when we had problems with box a black box was sent to us and now I see our billed jumped over $114.00! I did not open the bills since the payment came out automatically however I opened the last one and was shocked to see the charges and now paying for this box that was not explained to me about. Our internet works when it wants to, we are not home but in the evenings and can't seem to use our WiFi which increase our cell phone usage. Why am I paying for this box? Sure it's been charged to me for a while, I just trusted Windstream to continue the charges as before never.knew I was going to be charged some rental fee. If this van not be resolved then we will cancel our accounts. We opened phone service in 1992 we have changed our phone number since opening in 1992 we have always paid our bill. They were supposed to credit my account for the weeks of no service cable issues outside I see they never did that after researching that as well. I need someone to get involved and get the box replacement if again the issue, the bill needs to be dropped back down, the box shout not be a charge on our bill. I feel credit needs to be issued for time without service with cable issues mentioned. I would also appreciate a credit for the increased charged amounts since box being replaced, I think we should have no issue in getting this we are not asking for for anything that we don't deserve.


I have been having a problem getting a bill corrected. I was told by 2 different customer services reps that my bill issue was resolved. I was charged for services that I was not even aware a had. Today I recieved a letter from a debt collector on behalf of windstream for the same amount that was suppose to had been resolved and no help from customer service. I have called several times today only to be put on hold, hung up on, and told a supervisor would call me back and it's been several hours and I have no received no call back.


After complaining to the FCC our service was downgraded without our permission. We were assured that constant outages would be a thing of the past. Not so. Since the last major outage several weeks ago service has been [censored]. Slow slow slow downloading, it can take 30 seconds for a page to load. My husband cannot do research at peak load times, and it is difficult during off-times. I can type three or four words in a search-box before the first letter appears. Upload speeds are microscopic. We have called the "no-help" line and gotten nowhere. We have repeatedly been told a tech person is scheduled to come out and investigate the problem. Over the last six to twelve times this has happened NOT EVEN ONCE has a tech person arrived. Windstream DSL is the only option where we live, so technically we are screwed. One more word: We have several friends in the area who are on the same line. Everybody's service is equally poor. I say that because several times big hats from Windstream tried to tell us these problems were unique to us. What a dog-and-pony show.

[Resolved] Fee not returned

I am a woman fighting a deadly disease. I called to ask windstream to run my payment through a week latter. They said yes, but put it through on date not agreed too.It caused 800.00 dollars in overdrafts. I called .They agreed to pay overdrafts for their wrongful payment, to the tune of 142.00 dollars.I have never seen a cent. When I called, the tone and attitude is very clear! I don't know who to speak to. My stomach aches just thinking about this. I have cried so much about what I am going through with my illness, and now I am out all this money, and I have No faith in anyone. Beware watch out. I have found no help through Windstream. Been with them since 2006.

Mary Sanderlin [protected]

  • Windstream Communications's response · Mar 21, 2019

    Good afternoon Ms. Sanderlin, my name is Latoya and I manage Windstream's online reviews. I am very sorry to hear of your recent experience with Windstream and am truly sorry we have added more stress onto what is already a difficult time. I'd be happy to take a look at your account and determine what steps we need to do to make this right. Please email me your account information and a good contact number at [email protected] and we will promptly take a look.

[Resolved] internet

I have had Windstream internet service since 1995 in the same location. The absolute only reason I have been a Windstream customer for this long is because I have no other option in my area. Windstreams prices are high and I have never had good service. I lose my internet service multiple times per month sometimes multiple times per day. I have had hundreds of service calls and tech visits over the years but I have never had good consistent service. Windstream's own internet site is terrible. Their customer service set up on the phone is terrible. There is absolutely nothing at all that is redeeming about Windstream. Windstream does not care they have never tried to resolve my issues nor have they tried to make anything different or better to make sure I am satisfied. I will never and have never recommended anyone use any of their services.

  • Windstream Communications's response · Mar 21, 2019

    Good afternoon, my name is Latoya and I manage Windstream's online reviews. I am very sorry to hear we have provided you such a poor experience over the years. We value each and every one of our customer's and strive to create the best experience possible. We would like to take a look at your account and review what opportunities we have to provide you with a final resolution. If you could, please email us at [email protected] and we can take a look.

[Resolved] windstream internet service

I'm lerayjuney dickerson birthday 7/10/1999 been having problems out of my wifi service eversince...

[Resolved] over charge upon disconection

to whom it may concern: i have been a faithful customer with windstream since 2002. i was moving so i called...

[Resolved] internet

The service has been horrible for as long as I can remember. I have made numerous complaints to customer...

[Resolved] repair of phone service

I have called three times about our business phone which has not worked for 10 days. All I hear is they will...

[Resolved] customer support

I have been trying to get my internet fixed for almost a week. Every time we call because a tech does not...

[Resolved] internet

On 9/19/18 I set up a plan with a windstream rep over the phone to have an installer come set up to 25 mbps of internet in my new place. On 9/26/18 the installer came and set me up for 1.5 mbps of internet. He said something in the computer would need changed and someone would call me to send another installer out. Who wants 1.5 mbps of internet? You cannot do anything with that. No one called so I called back several days later and was told that the person who entered the information in the computer hit the wrong button and only signed me up for 1.5 instead of 25. I stated that was their mistake and when could an installer come back out to fix it - October 30. More than 30 days away. I said that was ridiculous and I would call another company, which is what I did and they came the next day and gave me 100 mbps of data. I called Windstream to have my service disconnected and have them send me a label to send back the modem. I talked for 25 minutes on the phone with a customer service lady. She told me she waived my bill (I received a bill for over $100 and I didn't even have or use the service) and she was sending me a shipping label. She said she disconnected my service. Several days went by and I got an email about my bill so I called in to find out why since my service was disconnected. I was told that "the call was dropped" during my last conversation so no my service wasn't disconnected and no a shipping label wasn't sent to me. Our call was NEVER dropped. I was told at that time that I would receive a confirmation text and email when a supervisor had disconnected my service. Two days later and I've yet to receive a text or email so I just called in again. The person that picked up the phone proceeded to have a conversation with another worker about him needing a ride home from work before he even said hello to me. Find out from him, that there was another "dropped call" from my last conversation and my service wasn't disconnected. These people are ridiculous. No one will cancel my service or send me a shipping label to send the modem back so that they can try to charge me for it. Then he told me that his boss just left and that there was nobody there today that would be able to help me disconnect my service. Unbelievable. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE COMPANY

  • Windstream Communications's response · Oct 25, 2018

    Good Afternoon. I am LaToya and I manage web-based reviews for Windstream. I apologize that you had this overall experience from installing and disconnecting service. We hate to lose any customers but the process should be a simple and obviously it wasn't. Please allow me to assist you with resolving your account for disconnection and billing resolution. Can you please provide your Windstream account/telephone number via email at [email protected]

    Thank you,
    [email protected]

[Resolved] internet

People, you are going to cause me to have a nervous breakdown! I had good service with you, via landline and...

[Resolved] payment not received

I did not receive a bill for June services due in July. I sent my check with no payment slip and now am told you did not receive it, Someone did because it was deposited. I have a copy of the check both front and back. I would like to receive credit for my payment and have the late charges removed. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Mrs. J W Dean

  • Windstream Communications's response · Oct 25, 2018

    Good Morning, Mrs. Dean. I am LaToya and I manage web-based reviews for Windstream. I have been able to locate your account. The misapplied payment issue was resolved on September 13, 2018. I apologize that you experience this inconvenience. If you should have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email at [email protected]

    Thank you,
    [email protected]


Our contract with Windstream terminated October 2017. We confirmed in writing we wanted to cancel contract in...