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Like many others during this rough economic time, I try to save $$$ whenever I can. I have twice had encounters at Winco that made me want to scream! the first was when me and one of my neighbors went in and were met by about 5 nightcrew men all hollering racist jokes and slurs at me and my friend. We ignored them but I was red with anger, I mean, who the hell do these hillbillies think they are? Prodigies of Hitler?
The second time was when I was buying a case of beer after my shift, one of the cashiers made a loud snide remark about how "early" it was and continued joking to other associates. I was shocked that she would drive business away like that. I happily go to Save mart, where all the employees have a code of ethic, and seem more educated, than the Winco counterpart, which tends to be a racist, angery, bullyish-type of employee that enjoys ridiculing customers. Then when you try to complain, the manager is always gone, or doesn't give a shi*.

You get what you pay for I guess...


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      Jul 07, 2011

    We were treated really bad at Winco foods in Visalia, CA. We don't shop there any more and the manager there had such a bad attitude, ... he said straight to us that he doesn't want our business...The don't like people with dark skin, thats how we feel...

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