WinCo Foodsbeef

S Jan 04, 2020

I just try away $54 worth of beef that I bought on WEDNESDAY night. All of your meats should have 1 week shelf life in my refrigerator unless otherwise marked for quick sale.
The $12 worth of thin sliced beef was green/brown. The $42 roast the same.
This is just unacceptable, your meat did not even last 72 hours before it had to be disposed of. It is not like you are selling the stuff any cheaper than the 5 other grocery stores in my area. Therefore, I guess, I will just have to buy my meat elsewhere. We are a family of 6 and have been spending $300-$500 per week at your store since it opened. I can understand the odd potato being bad, or lettuce that wilts after a few days, but the much much much more expensive meats should be cut fresh, not 3-5 days old when you buy it

It is just unacceptable, I understand that people may not have been buying as much of a certain product because of the Christmas holiday, but your store should not be foisting [censored] on us because the meat department manager failed to anticipate the holiday season.
Angry!! because now I must go out to the site to buy something for dinner. I won't be going to Winco!

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