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I recently went shopping at Winco in Stockton and had a very bad experience with one of the cashiers. Her name, Crystal T. She was not only rude and snippy and acted like she was better then my sister and me but as we were bagging our groceries she proceeded to tell one of the other employees that she hated working late at night and that she wasn't looking forward to working in the summer. It wasn't the hours she was tripping on it was the customers. Well i couldn't believe her attitude, being one in customer service myself for ten years. I always say that person is in the wrong line of work. You shouldn't work in a business working with the public if you can't be pleasant. Grocery shopping can be stressful enough as it is and having poor service just makes it that much worse. Winco is known to be employee owened but don't you think they should have better employee then.


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    vu95823 Nov 30, 2009

    We went to Winco at Elk Grove, CA last week. We brought 25 boxes of popcorn at $1.65. Today we went back and saw the price was at $1.11. My wanted to the price to adjust to new price. We told us that we can not adjust and only do the return. therefore, we decided to buy more. We used the new popcorn to return them. After they ring them up at the return, she asked for manager approval. He told my wife they the popcorn couldn't return on the receipt with no return. My saw my wife with upset face. So I went to talked to manager myself. I asked him where it stated on the reciept "all sell are final". He said all sell are final and it did not need to state on the reciept. I got a little upset. So they kicked us out of the store. I am trying to get complain # from Winco to complain about the issue. I unable to find it online.

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    Under the Chestnut Tree Aug 15, 2010

    You, sir, are a dumbass.

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    Lesas Jul 10, 2015

    I see all these negative comments, wow. Nobody is perfect. I shop at winco in, Tacoma, Washington. I must say I get friendly helpful service 98.5% of the time, never have they ever been rude. A few times I felt like the one helping me was preoccupied. How do you know what that person might be going through at the moment. Stop and think people. That person you are complaing about may have just got the worst news of their life, maybe they just lost their, mother, father, child, husband, wife, or their family pet.

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