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Today, I literally threw in the garbage three "so called" wigs. The first wig was around 123.00. Was never coming. So I contacted my credit card company.
The very next day I receive an email that my wig shipped. When I received it, it was a nightmare. No where close to the color & No style. I've worn wigs since 2008 & have my hair stylist shape them, you couldn't tell top from bottom.
There's so much to this story, at no point was there ever an offer for a refund.
She kept telling me how expensive sipping fees were, finally she says to keep that I keep the wig and they'd send me 25.00. Well NO! So then I said I didn't plan on paying to ship this back but I would settle for a cheaper wig. Well they agreed except I had to pay 15.00 more for shipping. Guess what... Exact scenario!
Terrible color & just a blob of hair. I also tried a company called Wigsbuy, their wigs were just as bad. Finally I found a company in California & I finally have two beautiful wigs, half the price of the wigs in the garbage.
I am tired of being duped by these companies in China. I think it's terrible that they are allowed to stay in business. I'm sorry I cannot provide all the info you requested, it all went today! I will just be satisfied if you get this review out there.

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