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as a previous employee, i would like to expain WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GO TO ATB FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER & hopefully inform some of those who already have!!

i applied to atb shortly after i moved to oklahoma city from florida because i needed a job & i heard it was a good place to work... i wish i had taken the other offers. my first week of training was at the corporate office & was an entire week of learning the membership pitch, how much commission you make & hearing about how easy of a job it was. however, when i actually got into the store, it was a completely different story... the whole company is all about tricking ppl & forcing lotion down ppl's throats! i personally don't believe in that & my thoughts are: it's not a furniture store or a car lot & ppl don't walk in the door looking to spend their paychecks... they want to tan!

after a week of being in the store, the district manager came in with me to help me out & teach me a few things. basically, what i was told to do was lie & push lotion to every person who walked in the door. "don't check them into a bed until you've pitched them something", "when they say 'no', pretend like you didn't hear them", "if they try to just walk past you, get in front of them". i'm not exaggerating by the way, i was quite literally instructed to harrass customers. also, they have this policy called a "$2 lotion average". basically, in order to keep our jobs, if we saw 40 ppl during a shift, we had to sell $80 worth of lotion. it may sound easy, but they're lotion is not only way overpriced(up to $100 a bottle which may not even work for you), but the same ppl go to the same locations & once someone has a bottle of lotion, they're not going to want or even need to buy any for at least a month. also, some of those lotions will not work for certain ppl! i'll get to that part later... now if you do tan there & go in looking for lotion, BE CAREFUL BECAUSE THEY LITERALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT! when i started, i tried to ask other employees about the lotions, how they worked, skin types, what's in them & NO ONE KNOWS!! i got the same unanimous answer from everyone: "i don't know, i just bs my way through the lotion pitch" or just memorize what it says on the bottle". lies, it's all lies. i had to research on my own to figure it all out.

while the beds are good & will give you a good tan(as long as you switch them up), they expect way too much money for a membership! they will also try their darndest to get you on the highest & it's entirely possible that the membership you ask for is not the one you sign for. they're tricky like that because they want that extra commission, everyone who works there knows that alot of ppl don't actually read the contract & it's insanely hard to get out of it simply because of the fact that your signature will be on it! if someone does go there & signs up with them, MAKE THE EMPLOYEE SHOW YOU THE CONTRACT & DO NOT SIGN UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THE ENTIRE THING!!! in every store, there are 2 screens, 1 for the employee & one so the contract can be pulled up for the customer to see. if it's turned towards the employee, have them face it to you & READ IT(don't let them spout it off to you because they'll leave things out)!!! if you go in to do a single month deal, HAVING YOUR CARD ON FILE IS NOT REQUIRED SO PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THAT! they will say that it's policy, but not for 1 single month of tanning. they now have a month to month contract, which your card or bank info IS required for so that if you forget to cancel within a certain time frame they can charge you & there's nothing you can do about it. if they try to convince you that it's not a contract because it's month to month, IT'S A LIE! the cancellation policy is that you have to COME INTO THE STORE AT LEAST 10 DAYS PRIOR TO THE "END DATE" & SIGN TO CANCEL(i don't think i can stress that enough). ex: you sign a month to month on feb 15th, you need to come in & SIGN by mar 5th in order for the cancellation to go through! & ALWAYS GET A COPY! DON'T LET THEM TELL YOU THAT IT'S JUST DONE WITHOUT THOSE STEPS, BECAUSE IT WON'T BE! YOU HAVE TO SIGN & THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A COPY! YOU CAN'T CANCEL OVER THE PHONE EITHER!!! if anyone is already on the 12/24 month contracts, it doesn't just end, it continues as a month to month unless you come in & cancel! you will be charged! like i said: READ THE CONTRACT, it's in there.

if you forget anything like changing your card information, there's nothing you can do unless you're a new customer! they will tack on a $15 late fee & then a $25 decline fee so you end up spending an extra $40 on top of the monthly membership fee. the only way you can get this waived is by calling customer care(good luck getting through) & ONLY if it's the VERY 1ST TIME your payment was declined! the employees CANNOT do anything about the fees so don't ever even try! also if you want to pay in cash, IT MUST BE DONE 10 DAYS PRIOR TO THE DRAFT DATE! really, 10 days prior is when everything has to be done by, just so you know.

the employees are trained to LIE & TRICK YOU!! they get commission too so some of them are a little greedy & excessively pushy. some have even been known to actually lie about the price of the lotion & charge you for 2 products & pocket 1. i know of 2 in particular that are DEFINETELY not to be trusted. the work over on the north side & are a spanish married couple(An* & Osv****, if you've run into them, you'll know who i'm talking about). one was promoted from bed tech to sales & one used to be a manager. the reason i mention those 2 is because they are the worst of the worst. if you refuse to buy from them, they'll give you an attitude. they're never honest about anything & are VERY VERY VERY pushy. they've stolen from customers(1 customer bought some lotion & accidentally left it in a room, when she came back 20 min later, her brand new lotion was "missing" & no one had been in there since her) & have double charged ppl. i tried to turn them in with proof, & was told to stop being jealous because their sales were better! i know they're not the only ones who lie, but they are the WORST! really, you just shouldn't trust ANY employee there! another thing... employees will actually tan on customer accounts. while the employees get free tanning, the versa spa for them is $5. but most of them don't pay it... they'll just pull up a regular customer's account that has it, re-register the fingerprint to theirs & get away with free versa which is basically stealing!

now about lotions for those interested... not all of them are crap. while they are expensive. each lotion does a different thing for each person & skin type. the one thing that they tell you which IS true is to switch up lotions. after a while, you're body will get used to things & you won't get the same results. same as vitamins & some medications. HOWEVER, tanning lotion IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!! tanning lotion contains copper dioxide which is essentially RUST! when you tan with it, you're basically covering your body in little rust flakes & baking them into your skin. NOT GOOD! it may give you a good "tan", but it's just bad for you. also, you ever look at the tanning beds before you get in it & notice thousands of little scratches all over the acrylic? that's from the lotion by the way! YES, the LOTION! for those who like it, here's what i learned about the lotions they sell:
1. blend & blend premium: if you're a veteran tanner(someone who has been tanning for years) there's a very good chance they won't work for you. if you're new to tanning, you're probably going to get good results. it is insanely expensive though. the one good thing about the blend is there's the blend natural. if you have allergies or sensative skin, that's the one to go for because it's the only one that is TRULY hypo-allergenic. no one ever tries to sell it though so not many know about it. also, if you like ct7 lotion, blend is THE EXACT same thing! just in a different bottle. they'll say that blend was made by california tan specifically for atb, but it's just to get you to buy it.
2. matahari: DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF IF YOU HAVE SENSATIVE SKIN!!! there's gem dust in all of the matahari lotions which can irritate the crap out of your skin, clog your pores & possibly give you a rash. the gem dust doesn't really help you get a better tan, it just makes you sparkly. smells really good though.
3. ionyx: good for most veteran tanners. it's the only one they sell that actually continues to tan you for several hours after you get out of the bed so if you want to get dark really fast, that's the one. the inoyx hot bronzer has tingle in it(comes in a red bottle) so be careful with that if you've never used tingle before, bringing me to my next point.
4. tingle lotions: yeah, it may give you a "boost" of color, but the question is how... you're getting a mild chemical burn! it makes you look more red & you get tingly because it's BURNING YOUR SKIN!! enough said.
5. the blend fresh line is pretty decent as far as lotions go & it's one of their most inexpensive lotions only running about $26-$40 a bottle. no one ever tries to sell the stuff because it is the cheapest & will last a while, but i never had a customer who didn't like their results. the pure(orange bottle) is good if you don't want to get too dark, but does have dust so not good for sensative skin. the blush bronzer(red bottle) works like a tingle but without the burn & just gives a little bit of extra color. it temporarily increases surface circulation which gives the boost. the leg bronzer is by far the best. it has "bare envy" which over time will cause hair to grow back lighter & slower. it also increases circulation & while it says "leg bronzer" you can use it all over, but works especially well on the legs.
6. the butter line: it smells good, does the job & is only $30-$35, but the downside is it's VERY thick which is why it's so cheap. you'll just have to come back in a month or so & buy more whereas the others will last a little longer. it is however very good for dry skin & during winter months since it's very moisturizing.
7. tan extenders: they're crap. just crap. they say it "seals" in your tan, but all it is is a moisturizer. if you want your tan to stay for a while, you have to switch up the beds(lvl 1, then lvl 2, then lvl 3 & rotate).
8. versa products: amplifier gel is essentially aloe gel. that's pretty much it. you can use it in the beds & the versa & is $18, but it may not work for certain ppl. the daily performance lotion is supposed to help "prolong the versa" but i don't think ANYONE has ever really liked it. it smells like garbage too. the bronzer spray is quite literally versa in a can. it's the same solution. while i'm on the versa subject, i'll say this: it's only best if you have a base tan, it only lasts for a few days(not weeks like most think) & all it does is coat your skin. the solution doesn't soak in, it's not dying you, it's just there on the surface. a couple days after doing the versa you'll start looking splotchy. also, DO NOT USE ANYTHING SILICON BASED IF YOU USE THE BEDS & THE VERSA!! you'll just end up freckled. most ppl who work there don't even know that, so a lot of customers who do it for the first time end up really pissed off. you also need to be completely clean before you versa otherwise you'll come out splotchy.
9. the face lotions: i never once had any better results from any of them. the only 1 i did like was the "face perfector" because it tightens the skin so you actually look a little younger & is an artificial bronzer so it is pretty good if you have a paler face. teh color is only temporary. HOWEVER, it does have an expiration date printed at the bottom of the bottle! they don't usually sell though so if you've bought it before, there's a good chance that it was either almost or already expired.

ALL OF THOSE LOTIONS CAN BE BOUGHT ELSEWHERE! YOU CAN FIND THEM ONLINE FOR A LOT CHEAPER THAN IN THE STORE, SO IF YOU LIKE USING THEM, ORDER THEM. like i said though, tanning lotion is not good for your skin. excessive tanning is DEFINETELY not good for you, but add the lotion & it's even worse. also, as far as expiration, they keep the products till they sell all of them! if any employee tells you that they switch out stock, it's NOT TRUE!!! tanning lotions are only supposed to be good for a year so if you've gone to a store that is particularly slow all the time, their lotions are probably bad. another thing: DON'T LET ANY OF THEM TELL YOU THAT ANY OF THE LOTIONS CAN BE USED OUTSIDE! they're only trying to get you to buy them. they say ON THE BOTTLE "only for use in tanning beds". the "anti-aging" thing: like any anti-aging product, it's only as good as long as you use it! plain & simple. if you use it long enough to actually see results, those results won't be there once you stop using it! so the anti-aging is just crap.

"customer care" which is their little "toll free help line" is exactly the opposite. it's hard to ever get ahold of an actual person, they're rude a lot of the time & may even hang up on you. if you have an issue, the only thing the employees can really do for the most part is tell you to call the number, but most of the time, nothing gets resolved. there is however a guy who is probably the only helpful one(just can't remember is name, starts with an "a" i think), but most of them are just a-holes. they treat pretty much everyone like a criminal when there is a problem. really about the only thing you can do to get a problem resolved IS THREATEN TO FILE SUIT! i'm serious! but in some cases, you may actually have to file if you can. it's sick & twisted, but that's how it goes. they will HARDLY EVER(it's pretty much once in a lifetime chance) refund any money, but you have to be VERY VERY persistant & be a major pain in their butts to get them to do that, plus jump through hoops & it may take a looooooooooooong time.

i know i've made this quite long, but i wanted to cover some of the basics for those who've been scammed or are looking into tanning with at the beach. i absolutely hated working there because of their crap policies & how they treat the customers. there are a lot of really nice people who tan there & don't deserve to be treated like crap. there are of course those who act like total [censored]es when they come in, but honestly, i can't say i blame them cause i'd be pissed too if i was stuck tanning at that demonic place or had to deal with some half-wit ### trying desperately to jam another product down my throat! if someone IS thinking about tanning there, just DON'T because you never know what sort of garbage you're going to get roped into & while the employees may seem incredibly nice, they're FAKE, FULL OF [protected]@ & MOST HAVE JUST GOTTEN OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL!!! THEY ARE TRAINED & FORCED TO LIE IN ORDER TO KEEP THEIR JOBS! to all who've been screwed, i'm so incredibly sorry for what's happened to you & i hope it never happens again.

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    mhuff28 Feb 03, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh my gosh! I just got done complaining about this place to customer service (via email). Everything you are saying is very true. I am beyond pissed that I fell for this 6 month contract BS. I was told by three different people at two different locations that I did not have to do anything at the end of my membership (January 2012), and that my account would not be charged any more. What liars!!! I just logged into my account online and they charged me another wasted $70.67. This place told me that I was paying too much a month and that I should sign up for a year or TWO more to get my price decreased!!! Heck no!!! I was already mad that they were charging me so much a month and the fact that they tried to sell me lotion every time I walked in the door. I hated to go tan because I didn't want to be hassled anymore! If it was not such a freaking nightmare to cancel their memberships I would have done that. So here I am paying another outrageous price for a membership that supposedly ended!!! I am furious!!! This place is filled with scam artists!!

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    mhuff28 Feb 03, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Also, I am going into the store today to ask them again about how the heck to stop my account from being debited. I am going to try to find my copy of my membership as well, because It seems like they charged me more than they quoted me on the paper. Do NOT go to At The Beach!!!

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    Denise Shelton Aug 04, 2014

    Extremely misleading and shady company. They tricked me with a "coupon" which had no fine print only to trick me into purchasing their most expensive package which included a bed that was always in use. I believe I only used it three times. When I informed the young lady at the counter that I would be cancelling my membership, she never mentioned that it had to be in writing. Thank goodness I had also changed my credit card or else they would still try to charge it. Since they could not pull the money out of my account. Now I am receiving calls from their company trying to collect the money when I don't even use their services anymore! These guys are a scam!

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Deception!!! HIDEOUS customer service from the supervisor
Run from this place...
Now they are logging upgrades that I never received!!!
Was told and in the contract that I had six free upgrades...when I went in to request a third they said that I already got six! For the next FOUR visits the employees confirmed they could see only two in their system and that they would "send a request to corporate to fix it". My account was never fixed and I never got a response for four visits. When I complained on my fourth visit the employee said, "the upgrades were all entered by the same employee who is no longer here and there is obviously a reason for that"! The employees probably get credit for getting people to use upgrades and then they try to sell (push!) more on you.The customer care line (which warns you you may be recorded for legal reasons) "supervisor" - had zero compassion and argued with me that I must have gotten them because they were logged...well, i always go in for a level two versa and if i was getting threes, i never knew it because I never asked for it!!! I told her it was ever more pathetic that she told me i should be happy to get something i didn't want or ask for!!! I asked her if she just accepted the chicken when she ordered pizza and she didn't get it. The upgrades I wanted were worth a mere 20.00, for me it was not the money but, the principle that I was deceived and then told me I should be glad I was decieved! The best laugh I got is when the employee read me the very personal and not nice comments that the supervisor wrote about me on my account screen-these people don't get it...I will be sure to spread the word.

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I canceled my contract a year ago, and now At the beach has put me to collection agencie that I owe almost $300. I am so angry, this company is the biggest scan I have ever seen. I hope someone can do something again this company because I know there are many people that are in the same situation becuase of At The Beach!!!

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I have been a member at At The Beach for almost a year now. Up until this afternoon I have always spoken highly of my experience. Today I tried to cancel my membership for two reasons. One I am on a photosynthesizing medication and can no longer use the services of the company. Two I am moving to a state where there is no at the beach and see no need to continue paying for an unused service. I was told it would be $75 for relocation cancellation with a new photo id with my new address in addition to 3 pieces of mail. I am only temporarily moving and have no desire to change from my permanent address. Since I could not meet these requirements it would be $357.18 to just cancel. There is no way around these payments and in today's economy these requirements are absurd. I am sure the CEO of this company makes plenty of money and does not need to charge such a steep fee to cancel a membership. He/she has many other customers paying them on a monthly basis. I used to be a member at Planet Beach and never had a hard time dealing with payments and cancellations. I would discourage anyone from signing a contract with this company. When I signed to agreement no one explained the cancellation policy or the requirements I needed to fill. Why can't you give a company money for the services used and not have to be penalized for no longer using their services? I feel as though I have been ripped off and scammed by a well to do company. On top of all these problems when I called the corporate office today the mailbox was full and I was disconnected. When I called the 1-800 # the manager would not speak to me and I asked for a return phone call. Needless to say I never got the return phone call.

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    UnHappyTanner Sep 24, 2009

    There is a newly created "BOYCOTT AT THE BEACH, INC." group on Facebook welcome to all victims.

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