At The Beach Tanning Complaints & Reviews

At The Beach / everything

Jan 22, 2012

as a previous employee, i would like to expain WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GO TO ATB FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER & hopefully inform some of those who already have!! i applied to atb shortly after i moved to oklahoma city from florida because i needed a job & i heard it was a good place to work... i...

At The Beach / At the Beach Scam!!

Jan 27, 2011

Stay away from At The Beach! The representatives will trick you into thinking you are signing a 3 month trial but in actuality you are signing a 2 year contract. This company is full of scam artists! They also have a "collection agency" which isn't list on the BBB or even has a...

At The Beach / Horrible Customer Service....Refusal to reiumberse


I have been a faithful At the Beach customer for a number of years. Generally, I have enjoyed the kind and friendly customer care. However, that view of the company was shattered today. I had canceled my account for the winter months (with a plan to re-open in the summer). I went to my...

At The Beach / Credit Card Scammers


************WARNING************** Went one time in June 2010. For six months straight they DOUBLE charged my credit card $29.95 each month. ($29.95 X 2) I never signed up for this. They refuse to fix it, even though they said they would stop charging. Had to cancel the credit card to get...

At The Beach / Fraud-scam-no customer service


Deception!!! HIDEOUS customer service from the supervisor Run from this place... Now they are logging upgrades that I never received!!! Was told and in the contract that I had six free upgrades...when I went in to request a third they said that I already got six! For the next FOUR visit...

At The Beach / took my money


I canceled my contract a year ago, and now At the beach has put me to collection agencie that I owe almost $300. I am so angry, this company is the biggest scan I have ever seen. I hope someone can do something again this company because I know there are many people that are in the same situation becuase of At The Beach!!!

At The Beach / cancelling account


i signed up for a year service thru a contract b/c the price w/out a contract is more than ridiculous. i was signed up the store manager and was informed that if i moved with 25 miles from an at the beach i could cancel the service and wouldnt be penalized as i knew that i wouldnt be in...

At The Beach / billing without contract


dear friends, if you you are thinking about getting a bronze tan please NEVER go to at the beach. because they will promise you that their is no contract but as soon as you give them a card number they will never stop charging you automatically. I went only for one month and now i have...

At The Beach / Contract Tanning


In Dec of 2008 I tried a free trial of the sunless spray tan machine in Wichita Ks. The high pressure sales people (including a manager) tried to get me to get a membership at that time. I was only interested in doing the safe and all natural spray and not the uv beds for two reasons. One...

At The Beach / Bad cancelation policy


I have been a member at At The Beach for almost a year now. Up until this afternoon I have always spoken highly of my experience. Today I tried to cancel my membership for two reasons. One I am on a photosynthesizing medication and can no longer use the services of the company. Two I am...

At The Beach / Fraud -


She gave me a contract and a price: Said it was $64.50 a month for unlimited tanning; I asked, can I cancel any time, and she said, "Yes for half of your fee", leaving out the fact that there was a fee of ONE YEAR, not ONE MONTH. she just said, Initial here, here, and here, so I did. Not...

At The Beach / contract bull


worse place ever i have only been tanning less than a month. they talked me into signing the contract. they have burnt me twice which i had to go to the doctor for pain meds (yeah they burnt me that bad) i have never ever tanned before and now im stuck in the contract and am scared that...

At The Beach / Scams


In 2008, I was employed At the Beach. During that roller-coaster of a year ATB, I have seen my share of upset customers now including myself. My reasons: The turbo package was the elite package. During my training and the training that I instructed my employees was Our Sales Pitch, which...