Whole Foods Marketsecurity — I don't safe shopping at whole foods.

K Sep 08, 2018

Yesterday, I was buying groceries at the Whole Foods' Columbus Circle location. It was a busy time and the line was very long. I went to get one more item while my friend was in a line, only to find out that my friend was getting verbally harassed by another customer when I came back. The other customer was calling my friend as "uncivilized" because he didn't move further in a line, when there was, in fact, no space in that crowded space. The aggressive verbal attacks and threats kept going on. We initially tried to ignore him, but he became more and more aggressive; when my friend eventually confronted him, he hit my friend's face. I immediately asked for the security guards.

It took a while for the security person to arrive. But here is a more serious problem. When the security guard finally came, I asked for mediation between us and the aggressive customer who was still standing next to us. But the security person just said, "Since it's not the Whole Foods' problem, you should report to the police." Yes, the aggressive customer is not a Whole Foods employee, but the incident happened on its premise, and we were asking for a safe way of resolving the situation--and the security guards are meant to act as such mediators in this kind of incident (according to the store manager as well). Even though I kept saying the customer standing right next to me hit my friend's face, the security person didn't even TRY to talk to or confirm the facts from that customer, and just asked, "Do you want to call the police or not?", and just let that customer run away.

I am deeply disappointed by how the situation was handled and feel unsafe shopping at Whole Foods. What if he punched me really hard and I got seriously injured? Would they still say that they can't even get hold of or talk to the attacker because it's not Whole Foods' problem? What's the benefit of paying the premium by shopping at Whole Foods then?

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