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S Oct 31, 2018
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I also had a similar experience when I went to customer service at Whole Foods in Harlem NYC to exchange/refund an item. For some reason, the lady before me got an immediate refund for her items but I did not. I had to wait to speak to a team leader named Kristen she was extremely rude who then called for her boss Damon Yousef who seemed like he could care less. Kristen took my receipts from my hand and started to take pictures of my receipt with her personal phone. I asked her why was she taking pictures, she said for her boss who was in a meeting but her boss was standing close by, when I took my receipt from her as she had taken them from me she yelled security. The security guards were confused and thought she was nuts. I did too at that point. It was a terrible very rude awkward experience. I called 1-844-WFM-Talk while in the store to make a complaint before I shopped because I did not want this crazy woman to call security again on me for no reason. Sometimes the employees are just downright racist against some of their shoppers and more courteous to other shoppers. They say you can sample some things but I never do. They turn their heads when they see others sampling. But then others they immediately call security on. I once saw this lady open a whole bottle of juice, taste it and put it back. I called the management and they did nothing. They did not even take the juice off of the shelf. My family and I shop at Whole Foods in Harlem and sometimes it is a great experience especially on Gospel nights, the staff is just absolutely lovely, smiling and courteous. The next morning I go in to buy beets and a cappuccino and it has turned completely ghetto and it is because some of the people they hire have terrible attitudes and need to be fired. They do not need to work with the public. Some of them the staff are very racist against mixed families and have said some awful things about my family and me when we shop together. I look more black and my son looks completely white. I heard the rude team leader Kristen say to another employee "Why is she talking to that white man" Well that white man is my son and yes, I gave birth to him, he is not adopted! They even have had security follow us around when we shop and you can imagine the rest that was said about me and my son. My daughter won't even go to the store anymore because she hates the rude stares from some of the staff. I think some of the staff is just amazing and the security team is just amazing too. I received an apology from the security guard telling me he did not know he was your son letting me know, right away when we entered the store we were being watched and comments were being made, terrible comments. The guard looked guilty, seems he felt very bad and it was a tearful heartfelt apology. It has scarred my son but he is getting over it. I have yet to receive an apology back from Whole Foods. I have contacted them 3 times via email and have not heard a true heartfelt apology. I only heard from the robotic auto-generated messages they probably send people when they do not want to address serious issues. What is outrageous is that I feel that they think people make these complaints to get something in return which is also a prejudice way to think about your customers who shop there every other day and spend lots of money at your store it is a terrible way to treat your customers that are helping to make your store successful.

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