White Castle Managementservice

D Aug 01, 2018

I am not one to complain at all but I had stopped in one of your store at #010038 yesterday and they were short staff and took me forever to get my lunch during my working hrs. that I was extremely upset. Register # 3 Sale # [protected] Team Member # 246 Tuesday 07/31/2018 at 3:58
I believe the women had to take the order and then go make the order while there customers standing in line. There was a screaming customer in drive thru that took off like crazy and then as I was leaving I have never seen a business like this that put up a sign on the door that read " Store closed due to short staff" Who does that?

I personally dont care if you dont but this is how business ends up closing and its such a shame because I like it there and White Castle itself and hate to see it operate under poor management. There were only 2 employees working. ow could there not be back up and never depend on employees to sow up for work. Such a shame! and I was upset just to see this.
I really do believe that if you are not aware of this it will only happen over and over with poor scheduling. Burgers were great but operation was extremely poor!

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