Whirlpool WFW94HEXL2front load washing machine


Bought this machine and used for about 2 years before it started to work sporatically. I contacted Lowes and they refused to offer any support services although I gave them the error code.

I finally hired Sears to repair unit. Repairman stated that the part is no longer available. Whirlpool states they do not make part anymore. However offered me a discount to buy another unit. This is scandalous at worst and fraudulent at best. How can you not offer parts for your machine that are recent purchases. I would surmise that this is something that was in the making prior to be purchasing the unit. I should have been warned that Whirlpool would not support it's products but instead would try to get me to pay more money and buy another poorly built product from Whirlpool.

Whirlpool should be investigated for gouging customers in this situation. I will make it a point to educate everyone on my experience. With the hopes that you will not be able to treat other unsuspecting customers.

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