Whirlpool Corporationdefective refrigerator ice maker cover

O Aug 05, 2018

I received a Maytag refrigerator 90 days ago and discovered that the icemaker door cover has a defect between the door in the icemaker leaving a large gap between the cover and the door... I do not want the refrigerator anymore because my eyes continue to follow the gap of the icemaker cover in my opinion as well as the technicians opinion the refrigerator has a defect. This is my first experience with any Maytag product and it will be my last... now fast forward after the first complaint on this website. Whirlpool Corporation sent a brand "New" icemaker cover to my home from Whirlpool Corp Factory Certified Parts. A Technician from Authorized Appliance Services, Inc; was commission to come out and install the new icemaker cover which the guy... only to discover that now I have a large gap on the Side and the Top of the icemaker...yes I can literally see behind and see over the icemaker cover. The technician said "maybe this refrigerator has the wrong door" I don't know what it has or what it does not have however I know this has been a horrible experience for me and my family. This is a brand new refrigerator model no. MSS26C6MFZ00 we should not be having all these problems. I don't want the refrigerator but Whirlpool Corporation and my home warranty company( First American is strong-arming me with the refrigerator... let me tell you how. I'm a New homeowner and after 3 months my refrigerator goes out and can not be fixed... so my home warranty company(First American) purchase this Maytag Refrigerator that's quote unquoted now under warranty and I am feeling stuck... in a perfect world First American and Whirlpool Corp would come to some kind of agreement to pick-up this refrigerator and send me a check for a comparable refrigerator then I would go and pick out one that I can see, tough, feel, inspect etc... before making this large purchase. The communication between these companies "Suck" and the customer is left in the middle with the defected product. Help! Help! Help!

  • Whirlpool Corporation Customer Care's Response · Aug 06, 2018

    We're sorry to learn of your experience and can certainly understand your frustration. We would like to discuss this further with you. Please email us at [protected] at your earliest convenience with your user name on complaints board, name, address, a phone number and best time to reach you along with your model and serial number.

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