Whataburgerbreakfast on bun

Unbelievably slow service made me pull to the outside lane where I sat and sat and sat until they came out caring several orders for the people behind me and then dropped mine off my order number was 558271
Usually the food and the service is good there however this morning was extremely terrible delayed me very much and where I had to be the girl didn't seem to care at all just dropped it off and ran away and I told her what took so long I watch people go go go go they kept driving through paying and leaving while I sat and I sat and I sat and I thought hey this is it right so I'm gonna go ahead and make a complaint so that you're aware of it they weren't that busy but the problem is people are getting served behind me all I got was a glass of water and a breakfast on a bun that doesn't take that long to sit there and sit there and sit there the way I had to I guess mine was such a small purchase at the little customer doesn't matter shame on them that you are now well after looking at this issue that I need to include more words to wear this will actually be looked at in observed normally I get good service today but today was terrible terrible terrible terrible I had to sit sit wait the girl came out took my money right away but didn't do anything I didn't see her for a while traffic it coming through people were paying moving on paying moving out and I was sitting in the outside lane sitting and sitting in sitting and finally she did come out but you carried a bunch of other orders with her as if she wasn't gonna make a special trip out bring mine just let me sit and waste my time until it was convenient for her to bring other orders and she dropped them off and then I told her she was in this year to take a long time and she's yelling at whatever and Trica didn't even care I think that was pretty pitiful for that

Oct 07, 2019

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