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Complaints & Reviews

bad quality beds and no help from staff

We bought a bed from the website www.westelm.com. We received it quickly, but the quality was poor. My...

mugged in their store and no one cared!

Williams Sonoma is an Over Priced, Over Rated Specialty Home Furnishings Retailer who only cares about their...

avoid like the plague

We ordered the tall bed frame online in March 2011 and last week the left side split in half when my fiance sat down. It's now propped up with a short stool and a textbook.

We called Friday and spoke to a customer service rep and she said she would have her manager call us back in 2 hours. Noone called back. In fact, when we called them again they didn't even have a record that we called!!

This time my fiance asked for the first AND last name but she refused to provide it. Supposedly they are sending UPS to come pick up the bed next week.

We boxed up the bed frame and called West Elm again so they can arrange for UPS to pick it up. We told them there were 2 boxes and they repeated it to confirm. When UPS arrived they said they were only told we had 1 box. So we had to call them again. They finally picked it up. In the end they refunded the money for the bed for the full amount. Regardless, it was a nightmare.

false advertising

Williams Sonoma was posting on their website for customers to use a discount coupon code to purchase cookware. When I went to purchase it, the discount code was not accepted, even though the advertising on their website says to use the code - specifically with this item. I contacted their customer service and all they said was they couldn't honor the code - even though they were advertising to their customers to use the code! They made no effort to show they had made a mistake and honor the code that they were advertising on their website. What a poor quality company this is.

  • Da
    daphne climenson Nov 10, 2012

    I received an email from Williams Sonoma regarding a sale of items available online (20%off and free shipping). I ordered croissants and sticky buns. I was told by customer service that I could have only one promotion. I chose 20% off the order. Then I was told the 20% did not apply to my order. The Email was dishonest and misleading.

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  • Di
    Dissatisf1ed customer Feb 10, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They use very sneaky tactics - let's you think you are going to be receiving a discount but later will not saying that because there's a sale price, the promo code does not apply. I've had it with these companies! - The latest dealing was with West Elm, which is all part of the same group.

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In March of this year, I purchased 4 items of the Henry sectional sofa. The ottoman arrived first, some time in late May while 2 other pieces arrived in mid-June. Finally, the last piece, the corner arrived a few days later, but the delivery guys could not get the piece into my basement where the other pieces were located. The corner could fit inside my house, just couldn't fit through any of the 3 doors that lead to my basement. So, the delivery guys decided to take the corner back to the warehouse. A few days later, I called to find out what was the status -- either I wanted my money refunded or the piece back. I had not heard from West Elm at all until I called. They were most willing to keep my money and the furniture without contacting me. I kept calling the store which had no record of a delivery. Finally, a few days later, the store's manager, tracked down the furniture in a warehouse, but disavowed any relation to the furniture as it was now in the hands of a separate delivery company which is strange as I ordered the furniture from the store. So, after I called and asked for either the money or furniture, they said that since the piece was "custom" (which I find hard to believe, as they have the same furniture in the same fabric in their stores). they could only just leave the furniture, whether it fit in or not. A few weeks later, I took off work so that they could redeliver the furniture which could not be taken apart to fit through the door. I was told, essentially, that I was out of luck since I should have measured the door to the basement to ensure that the piece would fit. The other pieces fit in and if this furniture had come apart, it would have fit in, too. When I ordered the furniture from the store, the salesperson was so intent upon me getting a West Elm credit card that he never said anything about ensuring the measurements due to the fact that they would not take it back once ordered. In fact, the store service was so poor that I wondered how this store stayed in business. Given that I've dealt with customer service (ladies in California) a few times now, I must say that I wonder how this business is still alive. One woman was attempting to be helpful, but in the end said, "sorry, but you'll have to keep the furniture -- too bad it doesn't fit -- get a "furniture doctor at your expense, of course, to take it apart". The other one, Susan, was just down right cold, rude and did not care less whether it fit or not. I think that it's telling about a company when they take what you've paid for back to the warehouse with the intent of keeping the furniture and the money. West Elm, with it's overpriced goods and shyster tactics, needs to be out of business. I will never shop there again.

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bad service shopping

I visited the Williams Sonoma store at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto on November 17. They did not have the knives I wanted so i asked them to order them. They said it would take 1-2 weeks. I received a call on Dec 3 (just slightly more than 2 weeks) and was informed the knives had arrived. I said I would come in on Dec 9 to pick them up. I went on Dec 9 (fought the insane XMas traffic) to get the knives. The staff tried for 20 minutes to find my order and could not. The woman asked me to wait while she helped another customer before she looked further. It was more important to them to position staff at the entrances (to watch for theft) than to help make a customer happy. I wanted to buy 2 iron clad sauce pans but I walked out with nothing. I have spent thousands of dollars in this store over the past 2 years. I will not return.

tomorrow never comes... or the west elm saga

Tomorrow Never Comes. . . Or the West Elm Saga. It could be the title of a cheesy soap opera. Unfortunately, it's my experience with West Elm. My credit card has been charged. The product is in stock. Customer service tells me the product I ordered will be delivered tomorrow. But remember . . . Tomorrow never comes. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode: Will customer service actually call the warehouse and find out what the problem is? Will I have to beg to get a tracking number? Will I once again be told, "Gee, I don't know, you should have gotten it last week?" Will tomorrow ever come? For that matter, will my curtain hardware ever arrive?

in stock product not shipped

I ordered a product online; was told it was in stock and a subsequent e-mail confirmed this. Ten days later when I returned from being out of town, the product had not arrived. When I called them, I learned it had not even shipped. "Maybe it's sitting in a box in the warehouse somewhere, " I was told by customer service. Only when I spoke with a supervisor was I offered rush (not overnight) shipping for free.

delayed 3+ months

I ordered the Elton settee couch in Jan quoted as shipping in 8-10 weeks and it still hasn't shipped...

worst customer service

Worst customer service ever. Called number on their website, they answered (twice) as "Pottery Barn".

Ordered 4ft floating shelves. Manual had many typos (spelling errors) and claims you can install the shelves in drywall or studs. However, the way they manufactured the shelves with the two screws/brackets on each side was incorrect, non-standard. Studs are 2" wide. The 2 screws in each bracket were 2.5" apart. How is this supposed to properly go in the studs? Shelves are about 10lbs each. Drywall option is "15lb max" according to the manual. How pathetic.

About five times I've asked them via phone and email to adjust my online account so it reflects all my orders placed with them, phone and website. Still nothing, 3 months later.

Ordered draperies and hardware. Hardware back-ordered until 8/29. Called today (9/3) and they say back-ordered until 9/7. Go to the product page, says 9/9.

3 weeks ago, got a mystery delivery (side table) from Pottery Barn Kids! Never ordered it. These people are insanely incompetent.

Called NJ (Paramus) location to get availability on the drapery hardware. Lady asks for my name/number to call back because "we open at 11". It was 10:48am when I called. Amazing.

Called PA (Philadelphia) location to ask about availability. Lady with a dying low voice put me on hold for a few minutes before I hung up.


  • Ev
    EveB895 Apr 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I couldn't agree more, I've gone to their store in Emeryville, CA and ordered a large mirror which was out of stock at the store, but the salesperson said she'd order it from one of their warehouses.
    Great, right?
    Well, no. The mirror they sent was the wrong model, I didn't want to cart this huge, heavy mirror to be returned at their store, so I called Customer service to request a call tag and they put me on hold for 20 minutes, then disconnected the line, so I called the store, they put me on hold for 40 minutes during which a salesperson kept coming back on the line to give me answers obviously meant for other clients: "No, ma'am, we don't have the bamboo chair", "Well, we only have that cushion in blue", etc.
    When I asked to speak with the manager, I was told she was :
    A) In a meeting
    B)Out to lunch
    C)Not working that day
    And I mean all at once.
    It took a good deal of snapping on my part to get them to issue a call tag which, by the way, was supposed to have arrived today, but didn't.
    The term "Unprofessional" doesn't begin to describe how incompetent these people are.

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  • We
    West elm rug return Dec 07, 2012

    I ordered a 5x8 rug from West elm online. The rug was smelling mildew, so I called the West elm customer service. They said they will send a UPS driver for a rug return pick-up the next day between 9am to 7pm. I waited all day, they driver never came. I called West elm to find out what is going on. West elm told me that the UPS driver came by, but couldn't make a contact, so he left. I was home all day waiting, so I wasn't sure why the UPS driver would tell West elm that. West elm issued another UPS driver for the next day and again the driver never came and again gave West elm same note that they couldn't contact me. This was going on for several days, and I am still waiting for a pick-up to show up someday. They kept telling me the driver will be here tomorrow and we will take care of this, and I will be ok. Either West elm is lying or the UPS truck drivers are lying or West elm and UPS are doing this on purpose so that they would discourage people from returning the defect. The rug is too heavy for me to carry to the store return especially when I don't have a car. I feel like this is a scam made by West elm.

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  • Di
    Dinadra Phillipe-Hennington, IDS Aug 24, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ...UPS cannot make a pick up when one lives on a steam vent or under a bridge! Thank you.

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  • 11
    1154 Dec 04, 2014

    I went into the West Elm Burlington Mass Store #879 to make a return. The store manager Kate(the only information that she would give me) Was very rude and demeaning.
    I was being helped by one of the sales associates. She started to yell out commands to the person that was helping me that if there was no reciept that the person could not help me. It was very embarring to say the least.
    She then walked over and took over and told me in a very rude way that she could not return the bedding for me because I didnt have a reciept and that they had a new return policy that started the day before. I was okay with the fact that the store had a new policy in place, but it was the way that she so rude about letting me know of their new policy that was very upsetting. After she said what she had to say, clearly with me still having quastions she walked away. I walked over to her and asked to see this new policy that was in place. She told me that she didnt have it and brushed me away for the second time. At this time i became very upset at the way i was being treated in the store and to know that she was the store manager upset me even more because she is suppose to be the face and go to person for the West Elm store in Burlington.
    I walked over and asked her for her name and she told me that she could not give it to me. I asked her for thier corporate number and she told me that she didnt have either and that I needed to go to the website to retrieve that information.

    I was very upset by still manage to calmy let Kate know how rude she been to me. She shrugged her shoulders and smerked.. " I am sorry" I have made a complaint to their corporate office. But I dont think that I will ever purchase anything from West Elm, William Sonoma, Pottary Barn or any of the William Sonoma Brand going forward.

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  • Ri
    rick vitrano Nov 17, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 8/7/16, ordered leather power recliner online. Repeatedly informed of 'back order, ' status. Mulltiple online and telephone contacts with customer service and delivery representatives from Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm. They are polite, but unable to deliver item. Each representative spoke of receipt in their shipping warehouse shortly, but each call saw the estimated delivery date pushed back. Today, estimated deliver is December 27th. Finally canceled the order and requested refund. Hopefully, they return money as quickly as they take it. Observed the same recliner remains on sale for $600 more than our purchase price.

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misleading product/poor service

I ordered a full-sized futon cover and it is no where near close to a standard full size. I asked West Elm to send a postagepaid return label (I already paid $8 to get the item) and they refused saying the cover only fits THEIR futons - so I responded that no where did it indicate that on the web site and requested a label again. They responded I could locate and return it to a store... which is 150 miles away. If it only fits their futon that should have been posted. And I was ok with splitting the shipping. Such poor service - "find a store and tough luck" was basically the response. Unless I get a return label, I shall never order from them again, nor their parent company, Williams Sonoma.

  • An
    anonyMiss Sep 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I suggest writing a letter to the BBB on this one. Products must be as advertised.

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false/misleading advertising

The Williams Sonoma May 2009 catalog lists a 3 1/2 quart Dutch over (item [protected]) on sale for $99.95. When I attempted to order the item both online and over the phone the WS representatives listed the price as $185 for the color I was looking for. WS customer sales representatives refused to honor their own advertised price and stated that the sale price was restricted to colors of those 'pictured' on the catalog page even though there were NO Restrictions to that effect on the advertisement. Further the specific description of the item listed for sale for $99.95 cataloged all the colors available. I believe the add is deceptive and a simple bait and switch.

After emails back and forth with WS Customer Service, they refuse to provide the product for any price except the $185 price. This is not how you treat a long term customer (been buying EXPENSIVE items from them for over 15 years) by not admitting you designed the catolog improperly or make good on the advertisement error.

  • Vi
    Vigilanteee Jun 17, 2010

    You seriously wouldn't just buy one of the sale colors? Guess you're the loser in this equation!


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Don't even think about getting to this story 'early' for a good deal on a floor sample hope to get at a discount. I was told a piece of furniture I had an eye was to be sold off in a'floor sample sale' and the store would open early at 9 a.m., would be first come, first served. The sales associate said the previous year people were lining up from 6.30 a.m. for items (for a 9 a.m. door opening at Williams Sonoma home?) and to get there early for this one-off item.

So I turned up at 7.30 a.m. -- silly me and waited inside the mall with a book. At 8.50 with no-one else there I went and stood by the door, just in case someone came along! Employees inside saw me there!

When I was let in, another man was purchasing the item I had come in for; he had been let in another door before 9 a.m. and the customer and the store manager laughed that he had got the item!

This was a total scam! Not only were there no apologies, I was laughed at for having come early and missed the item! Obviously it was an inside set-up!

Don't fall for this. I will never, never shop at Williams Sonoma or their affiliates (Pottery Barn, West Elm) again.


get less at same costs

I recently bought Williams Sonoma's Hot Chocolate. I got home and opened the tin and to my dismay found the chocolate to be less than full. Luckily, I still had one of the decorative tins that I saved from last year. I pulled the tin from the shelf and saw that it was 14.5 ounces. The new one I bought was amazingly only 12 ounces. And, the cost remained the same at $19.50. That's almost 20% less chocolate for the same amount of money. And, the tin is exactly the same size on the outside. Had I not saved last year's tin I would not have known the difference! Needless to say I won't be going back to shop there. I felt they deceived their customers and I've been shopping there for over 15 years. Times are tough, they should have at least let their customers know. It's a ripoff!!! Only makes 8 cups, now instead of 10.

  • Vi
    Vigilanteee Jun 17, 2010

    Nah, I think that's just a form of inflation. Consider that for a minute. What's the real difference? They could have charged you $2.00 more this year -- or just given you less and kept the price the same. Food costs are sky-rocketing if you hadn't noticed.

    It was your choice to buy it, and it stated the ounces right on the can. Nothing deceiving about that.

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extremely uncomfortable experience

I always go into Williams and Sonoma each time I visit the Christiana Mall. After my visit on Tuesday I will not be returning. I came and picked up a bottle of mixer, the store clerk immediately told me that I needed to put the bottle at the counter until I was ready to purchase it. I shrugged it off and browsed the store, then I was told that perhaps I should look at the sale items along the back of the store. Which I still continued to ignore the man and browse until I was FINISHED. Unfortunately the man continued to follow me closely the entire time I was there, until I finally did leave. I waited at the counter for him to only ignore me and help another customer. If you have not figured it out yet I am African American and the lady he helped was Caucasian. Luckily for me there was another clerk there that was willing to help me, and thanks to her not only did I get out in a timely fashion, but she was extremely helpful and friendly. I shutter to think how my experience would have ended if she had not been there. That was the first time I had that problem at the store and unfortunately for them it will be the last time that I will be buying anything from the store or the web site. I was treated completely different by the one sales clerk simply because of the colour of my skin, the other lady did not get the same treatment I received at all. I wrote the company and not heard anything back yet.


Just thought I'd share what just happened to me...

To whom it may concern;
I am writing in regard to a shipment I just
received. I received as a gift a Williams Sonoma paperback cookbook from a
dear friend. While I would otherwise like the cookbook, the manner in
which it arrived was APPALLING! The paperback cookbook was maybe 9X9X1,
but it came in a HUGE box (that was 15X15X15) which was FILLED with packing
material. I happen to be in the catalog business, I own one, and I have NEVER seen so much waste. I can assure you no one likes to receive items packaged in this manner. It is extremely wasteful, absolutely unnecessary and obviously enormously environmentally unfriendly. This experience has encouraged me to not want to place any orders from you in the future, and
to certainly encourage my friends to do the same.
Hoping you have a valid excuse.

poor customer service

Williams-Sonoma just sent my order to the wrong address. When I called them to let them know and hopefully...

shipping practices leave much to be desired

Williams-Sonoma - www.williams-sonoma.com

I ordered 7 items from them on 10/19/07. I was told that I would have all items by 10 /25/07. I rec'd 2 items on 10/23/07. One of which was packed in a plastic tub with two cooling packs that had turned to water. The box that is was packed in was way too large for the item. I could have put in 20 tubs that's how big it was. On 10/24 I rec'd 3 of the items in one box. They were ok. I also ordered 2 rolls of link sausage. After a phone call to them for the second time I was told that they would ship on 10/29/07. I said no way and cancel that order. They are supposed to send me another tub that was in the big box but who knows! They are very nice of the phone but they're shipping practices leave much to be desired. I told the girl on the phone today that I would never order from them again. Who needs all this hassled of mail every day and some of it spoiled.

  • Da
    Daniel e Guzman Nov 11, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am planning to buy a lot furniture from west elm ($5000) and they want me to pay shipping for few items that they do not have at the store. I talk with the manager of the store and she is not willing to waive the shipping. I guess I will have to spend my money somewhere else.
    [email protected]

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