Wells Fargozelle

I had sent funds to my daughter to pay for a cell bill. I enteted my daughters mobile phone and submitted the amount. My daughter gets an email stating that the funds were credited to her pnc bank account. My daughter does not and never has had an account with pnc. Needless to say I called your 1800 number and filed a dispute. I was credited the monies to find out your company took the monies back. How can a customer have to pay the penalty that pnc bank never updated their clients phone number and my daughters phone number is the same. I asked for the case to be reopened and it was to find out it was closed again. When speaking with your representaive I was told wells fargo is not going to work on getting my monies back because pnc refuses to give it back. Kind of funny how the customer loses. I am considering on moving my bank accounts elsewhere and informing friends and family to do the same. Your company has gone south and I can see why. There is no more care for clients...just your pockets.

Oct 11, 2019

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