Wells Fargocheck cashing policy and rude service manager

J Aug 03, 2018

I came to Davidson North Carolina to put in a water heater. The customer wrote me a check on Wells Fargo and when I took it to the branch in Davidson I was informed there would be a 7.50 charge and I explained to her that there is no Wells Fargo Bank anywhere near me. The closest one is an hour away. The service manager Tammy Manchester was very rude in explaining why I had to pay that. I explained that most all banks do that fee but waive it if there is no branches near where you are from and she said in a very snotty tone "I'm still providing you a check cashing service with you not having an account. Keep in mind I think it's ridiculous that banks charge a fee for a check written on their bank in the first place. I will do whatever necessary to get my 7.50 back. Already in the process of filing a complaint with multiple websites

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