Webroot Spysweeperpoor technical support


I've been a paying customer of Webroot's Antispyware for many years. It was recently extended into a full Antivirus with antispyware. I've always been happy with the product and moderately happy with support. However, the level of technical support has now sunk to drastically low levels. After they added a new online backup function to the software, I decided to try it, but execution failed with an obscure error message. I opened a support request but it was immediately and aut0matically closed and I received an automated e-mail with stacks of links to help articles having no relation to my problem, telling me to reopen the problem if it was still not solved. They are obviously trying to reduce the number of support requests to handle. I was told to upload an auto-generated report, which I did. Two days later, I was asked to call their support number for further assistance. It gave me a choice between an estimated waiting of 25 minutes and paying €29, 95 for quick support, so I hung up. I asked when would be the best time to call: Morning. I called 8 AM Webroot time and the estimated waiting was 30 minutes. It's a freecall number if calling from the US but not if I call from France, as I do. I asked again for support online. I was told how to remove Webroot completely and reinstall it. So I did. Then the backup failed with a different, obscure error message. Next answer: "As this is a French O/S [XP] the U.S. support cannot assist you. Please contact our European support department." My Webroot is in English. I didn't ask for XP support. So why don't I call the French support number? Because it's a premium rate number costing $0.17 a minute. Their UK support number is a local rate number, but it's not local rate if I call from France. So French customers have the privilege of being ripped off by Webroot for calling support, whereas it's free for US customers and UK customers pay a fraction of the French price. Why are they trying to racket French customers in particular? Isn't our money as good as money from the US or what? The argument that it won't work because it's a French XP is total nonsense. System interfaces are never language sensitive; only user interfaces. I'm a mainframe systems programmer and I simply don't buy that sort of argument. If the software really wasn't meant to work on any other language version than English, it would detect the conflict very early on during installation and abort. It didn't, so pretending there is a language incompatibility is BS. They simply don't want to provide free support ("free" meaning, as part of what I've paid for the software) but are deliberately providing such miserable free support that they intend to have customers paying again to get what they've already paid for working. I purchased the software over the phone to the US and I've paid exactly the same price as a US customer. So why would I want to renew my licence next time if I can't get support? Such crappy "support" is what makes me wonder if there isn't a better product on the market.

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