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Each year I have paid Scoot £80 + VAT = £100. This year I received a call from I said initially that I was not interested, and the advisor said, well you've paid each...

Web.comsevere organizational dysfunction

I have never experienced as much frustration working with a company as I have with during the past year. Employees who respond to telephone calls for help frequently tell you things that you later learn are inconsistent with what someone from a different department will tell you. For example, today I was told that I could stop the automatic billing when I spoke with someone from the "billing menu option" when I called in. That person said that he would transfer me to the "Loyalty Department" so that this change could be made. He specifically told me that I would receive a bill in my email and could then log into my account to pay the bill each month. When the "Loyalty Department" employee ("Mike") responded to the transferred call, he told me that this was wrong... that I had to keep the automatic billing. When I explained the inconsistency (along with the fact that there have been many inconsistencies during the past year), he insisted that the first employee from I spoke with was wrong and that he was correct. I asked to speak with his supervisor. Initially, he was not going to allow this, implying that it wasn't possible. When I finally indicated that I would be going on-line to document the problems, he finally gave me the name of his supervisor ("Candace") and indicated that he would put me on a brief hold while he tried to reach her. After more questions and two "brief" holds, he brought the supervisor ("Candace") on the line. She responded in the typical "clerk-type" fashion, insisting that the automatic billing was the only option..."a credit card has to be on-file..."). I asked to speak with her supervisor, a woman she referred to as "Ann Marie") and was told that this person wasn't available. Candace indicated that Ann Marie would call me back. She also told me that she (Candace) was the supervisor for both the Billing and the Loyalty Department and suggested that the phone menu might have routed me to the wrong billing department when I initially called. She said that this happens all the time. apparently has at least three different products and the phone menu doesn't necessarily route you to the correct people you need to speak to for the correct product.

She told me that has a new CEO. I sure hope that this new person can do something to help the oppressed consumers who have been held hostage by a company that was once great but is now an organizational disaster. When I was told that I needed to move my website to a new hosting platform last year, I found the new platform impossible to work with. I called for help and the support team couldn't figure out what was wrong. After having been double-charged for two websites for several months (the old one that was published and the new one that I couldn't get working properly), I finally reached someone in the support department who figured out what was wrong and it was an inconsistency/mistake on's part. They refused to refund all the money I was charged for the unpublished website. This was also a decision made by the "Loyalty" Department. If reimbursed, I would have used the money to hire's Hosting or Marketing Team to publicize the website for me, but I can also do this myself. I stay with out-of-habit. Someone with a very good vision and with good tech skills started it at a time when there were few hosting companies for small businesses. The company might have grown too much too fast. Right now, based on my experience and the other reviews I have read, is experiencing a lot of organizational dysfunction with consumers caught in the middle of employees and departments that don't necessarily work together. There is so much ambiguity and inconsistency in trying to work with the various people who answer phone calls there. I plan to speak with their new CEO if that is possible before changing to a different hosting platform to see if there is anything better out there.

seo; scam warning stay away

We wanted to optimize our website, so we contact them to help improve SEO project. When we spoke with them over the phone, they propose a list of things they promise to get done in the first month and the charged was $1, 100
3 weeks passed, not even 5% of the tasks was not done. I called customer service but no answer, call again, no answer, again, no answer. At this point I felt like I have been CON. I was so angry. I am trying to call my credit card right now to report a disputed charge. Hopefully, I can get my money back. What I didn't understand is how could BBB let a company like this still operate? I wish I could have found and read this board earlier before I sign up with them. — accounting billing daily harassment

11936 First, I want to convey that I am very pleased with the professional relationship I have had over the past 5 years with The immediate support to my website is pricele...

Web.comno/poor customer service

The more contact I have with; the more trouble I encounter.

I have several domain accounts.

Too much PC, trying to look like a big company, with very poor customer service.

over an hour on the phone today (11.217)

I had to explain twice, "why" I wanted to speak to supervisor and never did speak to one.

The only folks at that can fix a problem is Nova Scotia office!!! —

I canceled this last year in September, come to find that you have been fraudulently charging me continually, I put in a complain to American Express and I want a immediate... — they ruined my website

My website doesn't work anymore because of them. I regret using their service. I called them and described the problem, said I want to stop using them and cancel everything. All... — custom website and professionalism

I don't even know where to begin, sighs. First of all I paid for a custom built website which means that I really don't have to do anything except send in pictures. They are... — product

Around 4-5 months ago I paid a web designer ( close to £600 in deposit to complete my website, but after 2 months of waiting and finally when I received my first draft... — throttling of website function

I have been uploading and carefully deleting unused data files so as to note clutter and consume storage space on free website. having done that your site does not record the...

Web.comweb hosting email entered with typo 1 letter

It all began with my trial web hosting with WEB.COM seeing as it was $5.90 a month I figured it would be good to look around and see if it was what I was looking for my small business. I am of IT background 30+ yrs an applications programmer at that.

When I signed up with WEB.COM I entered my email address with a typo, i used the 'M' instead of an 'N' and it didn't pick it up as a bad email address. My keyboard was dark and my fingers were off and it was late..

After a couple of days sales support calls were building on my voice mail of "welcome and we can help you." I have medical problems and can not always jump to it when I want to. Finally I answered the phone to an aggressive sales guy and that is when I realized I had not received 1 email from I tried to logon with my username but had forgotten my password, so I attempted to reset my password. The reset message was going to the email address with the wrong spelling.
1st call- I called tech support. The support tech was very helpful and I believed she had understood my issues, after a lengthy waiting period on the phone she escalated my issue with my email being misspelled. She never gave me a ticket number and I did not realize that. I waited 24 hours and then I checked my email for any messages. Nothing. I tried to reset my password on Nothing. It was still going to the wrong email.

#2- I called tech support again. An arrogant, you woke me from what i was doing tech answered. He was irritated that i had a problem. I explained what transpired with the last call. He pretended to understand. He sent me emails to test the issue for the next 10+ minutes. He had me checking folders. I asked him what email he was ending it to, and he sent it to the wrong email address all along. He said he had fixed it and i should answer the survey with giving him marks of at least 4. He hung up quickly without me saying a word. I waited 24 hours again and tried again to access my account, change my password. Nothing.

#3- I called to cancel wait time was too long. I hung up after I cooked my dinner.

#4- So i called tech support again and spoke with a lady who understood my problem immediately, she gave me the ticket number, the information on how long to wait and such. I was almost confident that she would have fixed my problem when I received an email from in my correctly spelled email that said "let me help you log on." I tried again on to get access. Nothing. It didn't work.

#5-I called to cancel my account and i was put on hold for way too long again, kind of ironic that they have an extension for consumers who want to cancel their services. I am sure they purposely make you hold for an unacceptable amount of time on purpose. I will not wait another minute calling these scamming people. I am canceling my credit card on that account.
Conclusion- I should have known after realizing they have no email listed for any one to contact them. And get this they had the nerve to leave me voice mail messages to sell their Online Payment Processing. It's all about getting your money into their pockets. I will make as many reports as I can so others will not be caught in their false advertising, and unfaithful promises.

Web.comweb hosting - no way to cancel account

I have been ALL OVER my account trying to cancel my subscription - there is literally no way to do it. I called customer support, they can't help me today because I have to call on a Monday through Friday only (and then they aren't available/put you on permahold.

I had to call my credit card company to block further charges. I called them just today and told them to allow the charges for the month of December but I don't want to pay for January and going forward.

THANK GOD my credit card company is going to help me and they are aware that I am trying to take care of this!!! — i'm complaining about regarding hosting and website

I was deceived and taken advantaged of by they lied to me. They took money from my account before I was able to see any work from them. I wants money back. I received my...

First off if they advertise on regular tv and most people don't read the small fine print then I think you should take a look at the company. The hosting company I use is a company who started in Canada.

I won't name the hosting company I have because some companies have a decent image and branding however they're way better than this company, better than godaddy and that person that claimed they do websites register with that other company. Really. I used to be with godaddy years ago until a local tech in Philadelphia area I became good friends with told me to get off of them. The little hint of the company I use is hostu... That is the only hint. No its not hostgator.

Read the small fine print. Any extra charges might be because it states in their company. So it sounds like people want and don't read. It's funny too everyone wants free and google. Google is okay but we have a better search engine and you're info stays private. Type in google whatzon and then before you actually click the button let the name surpress out.

  • Gi
    Giving U the truth Sep 21, 2016 is a horrible company that will lie to you from start to finish. As a former employee of their company for over 5 years, I know all of there practices, from pricing, to the support, and what really goes on behind closed doors. I will be glad to provide anything you would like to know about their practices, how their sites are built, how they "market", and the increasing prices on their products. My live blogs will be broadcasting very soon, so keep an eye out.

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  • Lu
    LukeJG Aug 07, 2018

    @Giving U the truth how can i get my money back? spent over 2000$ with them

    0 Votes — monthly internet service

When I signed up for a new domain, the contract of $32.95 that I apparently agreed to was totally hidden under a little question mark with a pop up menue that could hardly be seen...

When I renewed my domain with network solutions on 4/22/16, I was sold a free special of ignite for 99.95 thru sister I called the same day and cancelled it. I was charged for it and they would not issue credit.I have contacted both network solutions and several times with no resolve to this. They each blame each other. This company is a scam!!! Beware!!!

  • Gi
    Giving U the truth Sep 21, 2016

    They have an ongoing promotion of renewing your domain name, by purchasing the Ignite Online Marketing program. First of all ANY organic marketing program will do nothing in just 30 days. Ignite does NOTHING at all. They use this tactic in an attempt to upsell you on a more expensive program like PPC, or even their Facebook programs, which will cost you $189.95/mnth. It is a rip-off. Let me ask you this : would you pay anyone $189.95/mnth to create a Facebook page, when all they do is create one post per week on Thursdays, spelling is always off, and what they advertise has nothing to do with your business?? They prey on small to medium sized business's, because these business's dont know any better, and thinkk thats what it costs to do business. Keep in mind, they do not do ANY background checks on their employees, and EVERYONE in the company has access to your SSN and credit card number. Does that make you feel comfortable, having an ex-con reading your credit card number, and quite possibly will write it down and use it?

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Web.comunauthorized charges

This site is terrible, they stole my money and now they say that they are innocent! Liars! When I found Web I decided to give it a chance so I provided my credit card details and subscribed. Their service was nice and I was very impressed. But later I decided that I don't need Web anymore and asked them to cancel my account. I thought it was the end, but then they stole my money! When I asked what was going on, they said that it was time to pay for my subscription! Before that they told me that my account was successfully deleted!! Don't use this website and don't believe them! They seem so nice, but in reality they are just a bunch of scammers!

Web.comincredibly annoying

I expressed online interest in setting up a website. Immediately, I realized the service was not for me. They emailed me incessantly. I responded to their assault with all the normal procedures- unsubscribe, email back, and eventually contacted them directly. They responded by phoning me every day, several times a day, until I finally answered. I demanded they stop bothering me. The calls continue to this day. I answered today and made terroristic threats against their shins. — they didn't cancel my account when I requested owes me a refund of over $1200 and has yet to respond to my claim! I was playing around with a few different sites online and saw that had a site for $3.12. I set... — it's a scam

they advertise hosting for $0.50 a month but after 1 month they started charging you $14.95. To cancel your account you need to call them, and they make you wait hours and hour...

Web.comthey have caused damages

On or about October of 2014 I ordered a new web site from, at . Approximately 1 year later, around October 2015, about 6 to 8 weeks ago, I contacted to "update and modify my website, and add an ecommerce platform" They recommended that I build the new design at a new web address, temporarily, at, then when we are satisfied with the new design, we simply migrate it over to the original web address at Well, after more than 7 weeks of triffle and angst building the site thru errors, mistakes, poor workmanship of the multiple layers of people at, approximately 2 weeks ago, I decided to approve the new design and go ahead. (Because we had made public announced pre scheduled launch dates, we basically settled for the errors on the launch date and decided to remedy after launching... even then they didnt launch the new site till 3 days after the announced date... super unprofessional!!) Well, guess what, it gets worse... lost my public image phone number handed out and displayed on the web site as well as painted on our vehicles and handed out in biz cards and publications for the past 14 months in the process of launching the new site. I was informed this by the Senior Business Administrator of the Screen Actors Guild by email notification, yesterday?????? How embarrassing do you think that was. Someone I have been waiting for a return call from for 2 months, informs me my business phone number is no good??? I immediately contacted (tested first and confirmed his info was correct)... and sure enough... the "number was no longer available", according to OMG!!! are you kidding me!~!!! The number we built our whole business around for 14 months, lost... how could this be? provided me with the "third party" carrier, Telmetrics, who originally provided that number. I got up at 430am pst to be sure I could reach them by the time they open this morning (8am est), and sure enough, they confirmed, the number was "deactivated" by, but was still available... so now I am back on the phone with, attempting remedy in retrieving that phone number. I do not have much confidence at all left in After 100's of hours on the phone, in utter frustration, attempting for 8 weeks to get our platform correct for our business, and now, this phone number debockale... I have about come to my end. I look forward to today and seeing if we FINALLY have the website launched with all data, numbers, content, etc of our website, finally up and working! This company has been nothing but grief and frustration... even anger... and I am never an angry person... they have caused damages to this business and need to find remedy, ASAP!! Kurtis Anton ceo, Snakebyte Productions and Entertainment Group, llc [protected] — billing and service

I received a free trial of this over 2 years ago - I chose not to purchase the service but have been unable to get it cancelled since. I have been billed for 2 years and there i... — dishonest, underhanded and unreliable

This company is very dishonest, underhanded and unreliable. Their pricing was extremely deceptive so when I figured out what the cost really was I tried canceling my hosting. I... — non-existent service i'm being charged for

About a year ago, I was thinking about building a web site. I went on, paid a couple of dollars to access the site or whatever, then decided to go with another web build... — shabby service, unprofessional, very slow

I employed to make a professional site for me; If you dislike the web page and want to change it the "modifications team" take 5-7 days (supposedly) to make those change...

Web.comfraud company

They are awful, unprofessional, rude, evasive, a whole bunch of lairs who promise a lot but fail to deliver. They won't forget to charge your credit card though. They would intentionally do everything to put you out of their "grace" period range to use it as a reason to deny you your refund. Do not ever deal with them. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Web.Com web site creations — Fraudlent operation, dishonesty by Web.Com

This company takes your money, afterwards they lie to you, and provides no usful services, what so ever. Upon your final departure from them, they take down your web site, which...

Web.Com usa — Their companys bad defective dishonest service

Web.Com promised us the moon, but we only, received the shaft. They took our money, and claimed they were supporting, our Facebook Pages, however, I was the only one, whom ever... — utter failure! is a failure for my business and parasite to my account. I signed up in January and checked "Perfect Privacy", got side tracked, and never took my site live. Last weekend... — you sign up, then they use your info to harass you!!!

I received an email offering me some kind of special that included a free domain name. I signed up and within hours, I started receiving emails from everyone and his brother. I... — outright fraud

I am a senior citizen in my 70's, so I'm kind of dependent on my wife, who works most ever waking moment 7 days a week. She had more serious priorities and at the same... — refuse to cancel if you do not

my response to them via mail Good Day It appear as if you deliberately continue with your “scam” by forcing a person to phone, which informed you that it incur... — cancellation

11936 I'm trying to cancel my subscription with, but their website is not allowing it, there's no cancellation button, it's indicated that I need to contact one...

Web.comongoing unauthorized charges to credit card

Do not fall into their trap! has made ongoing unauthorized charges to my credit card. Do not fall for their listed prices on their site; the hidden information is in their "services agreement" about how much they are really going to charge you, which for me has been:

January 2015: $3. 58 - the price i expected to be charged for one year as this is what was stated.
February 2015: $43. 23
March 2, 2015: $50. 08 & march 29, 2015: $50. 34 - - - - - - - ***two*** bogus charges in one month!!!
April 2015: $48. 60

Moral of the story: do your research before signing up for anything. I wish i would have looked into any prospective complaints before blindly signing up with these ###s. These people are crooks and will steal your money without your knowledge. There's a reason why there are thousands of complaints. Please don't be the next victim.

  • Mi
    michael4501 Jan 27, 2009

    Support team closing issues that are not resolved, terrible service, I will not renew.

    shame on domain direct for selling out to these clowns.

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  • To
    Tops Asphalt Jul 12, 2012

    After we singed a contact with this company to set up and run our google adwords, went to our direct competitor showed them our stats and used the information to sign them up to compete against us for internet search results.

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  • Dj
    Djordan3 Sep 22, 2012

    cant log in or access a paid account. no one answers the phone for support cant even move my name servers to move to Go very bad situation.

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  • Cl
    Clione Jan 14, 2013

    When i wouldn't pay their fees to help build my site the belittled me and told me i could not afford not to pay them, i went to another hosting site and they would not release my domain site so i could transfer it, and they used my credit card to continue to bill me $ 21.90 per month that i did not agree to.

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  • They totally misrepresented their company Bad customer service, bad seo company and a totally rip - off

    Don't take my work for it go to the bbb

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  • St
    StevenCSmith Jan 09, 2015

    After cancelling my service over the phone twice they still spam me with phone calls and are charging my bank account with unauthorized charges. Avoid using at all costs.

    0 Votes — irregular charges on debit card, refusal to give receipt, difficulty canceling and transferring domain

I got this website domain + builder + seo services in october 2014. Never got one single customer support email answered (Tried over 15 times in different times). I was getting...


I want to warn consumers of this site. .They misrepresent their web creation site in regards to cost. I was told that the base fee for my web page, which I created myself was only $3.00. They have been charging my credit card $27.00 for the past 5 months. I was told that I cannot get a refund/credit to my card for them overcharging. They will create my card for the next 6 -months for a lower basic fee of $8.00.
What make them feel like I can trust them to do that after the last scam!!
Canceled my account...yes...beware — scam pricing

Don't use! They are just a scam company. All they do is try to take your money by scam pricing on their ad and listing. Don't trust they say cheap monthly... — charges for website and marketing services never used

In April of 2013 I was contacted by a sales associate at asking me if I wanted to add a website to my domain that I had sitting empty. He said it was risk free and that if... — continue charging after cancellation

When I created my website with in August 2014 the monthly charges as per their website was CAD $2.95. Then in November I realised that they were charging me $22.95 per...


Flat out stole my company website domain name and are putting it up for auction!!! THIEVES!!! I signed up for hosting only and found out 8 months into it they had charged me $29.00 per month for a service that was suppose to be $6.00 a month. I demanded a refund for the over payment and they would only give me 4 months worth. When my web developer tried to move my hosting it was denied. I called and was told that unless I pay them the money that they ripped me off in the first place that they would not release my domain name. STAY AWAY!!! FAR AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!!

  • Ex
    Executive Support Oct 15, 2014

    Dear Apex Pest Management,

    We are sorry to hear about your experience. We do value your feedback and would like to address your concerns, so we ask that you please send us your contact information and details of this post via the following link:

    The Executive Support Team

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