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wont cancel account

So i've had over 15 different website hosted with and ever since they bought there service has gone down hill... I wanted to cancel a web hosting plan that was no longer a client. Since it was 5 days past the renewal date they wont let me cancel and want to charge me a "termination fee" . What is with this.. .All I get from support is canned answers and I have to "talk" to billing.. I ve email several people in Tech support and it seems no one cares... WEB.COM support is terrible... they dont care about existing clients and seem not to care about retaining business. Stay away!

  • Jo
    Johanna Mar 10, 2008

    I have had the same problem, I e-mailed several times wanting to cancel. They ignore my e-mails and "extend" my contract and charged my Ccard without approval. Once I charged it back I get a notification that they will send me to their collections agency.

    I then called and they wouldn't cancel my account unless I pay the "outstanding" amount. I explained I never authorized this and I will not pay them. They simply don't care. When I asked to talk to a supervisor they claimed they were all in a meeting. I asked the manager to call me once they got out of their "meeting" but of course I never got a call back.

    Please don't ever do business with these people, they are not to be trusted....

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  • Ak
    aksam Jul 04, 2011 is one of the bad websites ever... i tried to cancel but it is immposible...

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  • Do
    domahman Apr 08, 2019

    I tried canceling... can't even get it done.

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  • Do
    domahman Apr 08, 2019

    It looks like they make it as hard as possible to cancel. I think they forced everyone to auto-renew even if you set it to not auto-renew. Then they prevent people from reversing and forcing everyone to call customer service - where you can't reach anyone. So, they collect money and blame on you that you did not cancel their service. What a terrible company. Knowing this, I would recommend everyone to transfer to another service immediately... it's not a good sign (I've read somewhere online that transferring domain is a nightmare; do it now).

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poor service!

Anyone who has any dealing with probably will end up with an extreme case of Buyers Remorse. Here is a summary of my situation:

1. Signed up for a domain name and hosting package, but decided to cancel because the tech support really didn't know how to solve very many of my problems using their templates.

2. Canceled in August but my credit card was charged in September.

3. Requested on September 19 to get an authorization code to transfer my domain name, but as of today (September 24) it has not been given, and I cannot get anything but doubletalk after numerous calls. I have tried to speak to someone in authority, but I can only speak to call center minions half way around the world.

4. I have decided to start fresh with another company and select an new domain name.

  • Pa
    paula Jul 08, 2008 is awful. the customer service reps are rude, argumentative and arrogant. it was a nightmare trying to get unauthorized charges reversed. it took 3 days to get in touch with a live person. i called in may and disputed charges. they issued a refund after making me jump through hoops. but then they charged me again in june and july. trying to get that resolved was also a total nightmare. STAY AWAY from nothing but grief.

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  • Li
    Linda Oct 15, 2008

    I like to think if you have nothing good to say, don't say it. HOWEVER...IN THIS CASE...I believe it would be a disservice not to say something. I was with Interland before it became I've had a tech problem with my business site from 10/9 - 10/15. I am in the middle of posting new content to my site and can't transfer my site to a new hosting company until new content is up.


    I would recommend if you currently are a customer, switch hosting. If you're not a customer, don't become one. I've never based anyone on the internet like this, it doesn't even feel good, but I wish I had seen these comments a while back so I could have switched out before this.
    Trying to save you a migraine!

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  • Br
    Brendan Jan 22, 2009

    I HATE I have dealt with about a dozen hosts/registrars over the years, and they are consistently and undeniably the worst. From horrendous downtime to hideous customer support, they've cover all their bases.

    I once had a database for out eCommerce site disappear after they performed an update, and all I got from tech support was that I should have created a backup! I'm sorry, I assumed they would be responsible and competent enough to do that!

    Now I'm trying to transfer my domain away from them and I have to wait "1-3 business days" for that to happen. ANY OTHER HOST allows you to unlock your domin and retrieve your code online through your control panel. I can only hope that there aren't any national holidays in INDIA this week.

    This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. If you become a customer of theirs, you do so at your own risk. At least let your friends take bets on how soon you'll decide to drop them.

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  • Az
    Azzor Dec 20, 2009

    im trying to get the auth code too, i dealt too with many registrars/hosts companies and this is one of the worst( was my worst! dont go there too), im trying to get all of my domains out of

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  • Bu
    budd2id May 23, 2013

    Three months ago I hired hosting at and I must pay $12.55 for hiring it a year. But right after that every month they charge me $12.55 and deduct it right from my credit card. When I complained they didn't give any response up to now. It's Fraud. Never use this It is just another way to trap customer by promoting a cheap web hosting service. Be careful they will steal your money every month buy trapping customer. They don’t care about the complain of customer all over the world. They might just simply gives respond on public forum by saying that is best and doing good service. Never believe in review that is good. They might pay people to write any thing good about this company. Or the employees themselves write something good and pretend to be their customer. Never ever use They are thief and will steal your money every month. The best way to stop it just block your credit card, and they will not be able to deduct your money any more. This the only way because they don’t give respond when I complain.
    my web

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  • Fg
    Fgopl Aug 12, 2013 is perhaps the worst with customer service. Only Premium users can contact the helpdesk, and their "Legacy Webs" forum results in your idea being considered for 3 years, but never implemented. They take away handy features, and do whatever they can to force you into getting a Premium account. If you're a developer, or have a brain, stay away from Webs.

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web hosting nightmare

So I have had a website with for over 5 years now. Sales and support were friendly and they helped me...