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constant server problems

We have been with for about 6 years. When we first started using them the were excellent, but since then they have gotten worse and worse and worse. Tech support is condescending and grouchy and many times cannot solve problems. When we first started using them they were outsourcing the online store to Prostores, but recently they have built their own online store, and it has been riddled with problems, from day one. For one, they will do server maintenance during the middle of the day, which means all the traffic will bottleneck into one server, making the purchasing process extremely slow, so slow that we take a noticeable hit in sales. Other times the servers won't even function, making the online check out process impossible.
Another problem we recently had was with the automatic shipping calculations in the online store. When they built the new store they linked the shipping calculator directly to USPS. Suddenly, at the first of the year all the shipping charges for our international orders suddenly defaulted to $3.00. The reason? USPS made API changes which never implemented. The result? We lost $6-$10 on every international order, and we get a lot of international orders. It took at least 3 emails and about 5 phone calls to no nothing, smart alec tech support and about a month's time to get this straightened out.
We are currently getting quotes for building a site from scratch, which may cost close to $4, 000, but considering the drop in sales and and frustration that causes us it may be worth it.


To whom it may concern,

My name is Alicia Kalil, daughter of Bill Kalil who was owner of Bill Kalil & Daughters Auto. We recently became aware that you have been acting as a third party to our company, debiting $139 a month.

You have and had no authorization to do so. Reason's being;

In November 2008, you have transcripts of Alicia Kalil, who has no authorization for payment on the business account due to the business being a sole proprietorship under Bill Kalil, stating she called in to cancel. You then provided a free 30day trial membership, which neither Bill nor Alicia was aware of.

Then in December 2008, you have another transcript of Alicia Kalil calling in to once again cancel, you then again provided a 30day trial membership. Which neither Alicia nor Bill was aware of.

For the past three years, you debited the Bill Kalil & Daughters account for $139 per month, under Discover Networks name. Because of this, the owner Bill Kalil and associates were never aware of your company involvement in the checking account. Assuming it was a monthly statement from Discover.

There was never a written or verbal agreement between you and the correct authorized holder of the account.

Alicia called in January 5th, immediately after being aware of your conduct in the checking account to question who you were. She then spoke to representative Andrea, and stated;
"I was never aware of your company, nor did we ever have a need for your services. I am the BDC manager, extremely capable of doing key word optimization on my own, and use GoDaddy as our host for the domain and url. Therefore there was never a need or want for your services" Alicia then asked if there were any transcripts on file between Alicia or Bill and Andrea then explained, "In November 2008, Alicia called to cancel services, we then provided a 30day free trial membership, she then called again in December 2008 to cancel, and once again we provided a free 30day trial membership".
Alicia the told Andrea that she had just confirmed that if at all we were aware of, we tried canceling, and after calling consecutively, would never just accept your services miraculously. Alicia then asked if there were any proof of utilizing Web.coms services, Andrea stated that No, we had never logged on to the available back end site to use services.

At this point Alicia felt that it was a logical conversation, in which has proof that Alicia's claims were right.

However, Andrea went ahead to state that their conversation was done and there was nothing she could do about it. Alicia asked to speak with a manager or supervisor, Andrea refused due to the Bill Kalil & Daughters account being closed!
Alicia then asked for reference # for this call. Andrea said that there wasn’t one to give!
Alicia asked for Andrea's full name to have some type of documentation and evidence of the call. Andrea wouldn't give it to her!

Andrea then went ahead stating they used Discover Networks at their billing department and to see if there was something Discovery could do.

Alicia then went ahead and contacted Maria from Discover Networks. Told Maria of the situation and Maria then told Alicia she'd see if she could get a Supervisor on the line from and they could do a three way call trying to resolve this issue.

When Maria had come back on the line to state she had Marianna on from, Alicia was under the impression she was now speaking with a supervisor from and therefore there might be some resolution to the problem.

Alicia went ahead explaining the entire situation once again to Marianna and Maria. Marianna apologized for the problems and said the only thing she could do was pass it off to the billing department and would make sure herself and supervisor would get on this and try to expedite it. Marianna suggested to Alicia to call the next day to see where the status of the claim was.

Alicia, a realist, gave and extra day to tend to the mess.

Alicia called January 7th @ 2pm to inquire about the claim. She then spoke with Taniesha, another representative; Taniesha explained that the claim was denied due to Alicia accepting the 30day trial membership.

Alicia once again, explained in laymen’s terms, what happened and how it’s possible that their billing department couldn’t understand how this was an unauthorized fraudulent act.

Taniesha explained there was nothing she could do; once again Alicia wasn't allowed to speak to a manager/supervisor/someone that had authority to talk about this further, because the account was closed out. Alicia asked that therefore her only options were to process this through their claims department via email, contact discover networks once again, inform the BBB, and contact her lawyer. Taniesha confirmed, and said yes.

So, let break down the fraudulent activity that transpired; had only spoken with Alicia - Alicia is not a signer on the checking account that debited from, therefore holds no authorization to okay any payments

There was no verbal or written agreement for a contract between & Bill Kalil & Daughters Auto Wholesale. Federal NACHA Operating rules state;
The NACHA Operating Rules impose on the ODFI, as the gatekeeper to the ACH
Network, the obligation to ensure that the ODFI’s Originators have obtained proper
authorization for all entries originated. The ODFI warrants that these debits have been
properly authorized, and where the authorization requirements have not been met, the ODFI bears the liability for any breach of this warranty. To minimize its potential for
liability and loss, the ODFI should review its internal procedures to ensure that it has
employed adequate procedures to know its customers, and that those customers are
engaging in responsible business practices.
With respect to debit entries to business accounts, the NACHA Operating Rules require
that these entries must be authorized by the Receiver, and that there must be an
agreement between the Originator and the Receiver that binds the Receiver to the NACHA Operating Rules. Although the Rules do not define specific language that must
be included within an authorization/agreement for business transactions, a valid
agreement must be in place.
None of the above was complied with.
The only transcripts between and Alicia Kalil, were that of Alicia trying to cancel the services. Clearly stating she didn't want any part of it. Nothing of which showed any interest of conducting business with
Since Bill Kalil & Daughters Auto Wholesale opened, they used GoDaddy as their url host and domain. Showing NO need for
There was no activity on the back end of the site, clearly showing the services provided weren't used or utilized.
And once again, Alicia Kalil has NO AUTHORITY to authorize ANY payments out of BILL KALILS checking account. refused the claim, and I'm hoping after all this has been CLEARLY spelt out, they will reconsider.
There has been over $5, 000 fraudulently taken from Bill Kalils account with no authorization from Bill Kalil.
I would like all debits to be credited, and however long it takes, whatever other payments are accrued because of negligence, will be added on a daily basis with a certified invoice explaining all payments. Hopefully this will be resolved before Bill Kalil needs to bring in his lawyer.
In the meantime, this will be forwarded to;
Attorney General
Discover Networks
Federal Trade Commission
Thank you,
Alicia Kalil

  • Ma
    Machineco Mar 26, 2014

    Wonderful explanation Alicia. Though us readers might be confused by this unexplained line:
    "The NACHA Operating Rules impose on the ODFI, as the gatekeeper to the ACH
    Network, the obligation to ensure that the ODFI’s Originators " which will be Greek to
    99% of readers, me included.
    However charged you for services never rendered, period- BUT- refused
    to admit fault or compensate. Though warned and notified repeatedly, they deliberately
    avoided responsibility, preferring to enrich themselves fraudulently AND keep the proceeds
    making almost no attempt to verify what you said.

    We had the same problem with their subsidiary "" - they acted avariciously
    and fraudulently. They already had to settle at least one class action in 2003.
    It's time for another.
    They ripped off one of our domain names (it had about 40 web-pages linked, our main business).
    This was while in the "hold" period for renewal. We were in negotiations with our regular original registrar.
    BUT then they advertised our competitors local links under OUR domain name on their page,
    never authorized NOR with giving notice to us at all. This of course cost us customers and contacts
    AND enriched our competitors at our expense.

    Luckily the proof we had owned that domain all along AND the threat of a potential huge advertising REALLY
    big invoice (in the $ thousands/month) for our adversing of that website, made them quit. They took the page
    down the next day afte seeing my photo of our domain featured on one of our billboards
    beside the busiest mid-city elevated highway.

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  • Oo
    oobigoo Jul 20, 2014

    I have ordered web hosting for one year from and the amount detected from my visa card was higher that i have agreed, also am not able to use the services until now since long time. i do not recommend you to deal with this thrift company

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unauthorized withdrawal of funds

This company drafted money from my account to renew the domain name even though my hosting was turned off over a year ago. They took five years for a domain I don't have anymore. They said they signed me up for five years. I never authorized that. They sent an email saying they are taking another 5 years again and said "no further action required" there was no option to respond to that email. When I spoke to the supervisor, I asked if they had options such as 1 year, 2-year, etc. They insisted that I signed for 5 years in 2005. BE WARE!!! This is a predatory company.

  • Ri
    Rippedoffrosey Mar 06, 2015

    This company continues to withdraw money from my account even though I cancelled a year ago. The money was coming off of a debit card, so I cancelled the card. Eventually they managed to start taking money off of my new card, so I canceled that card. They then started pulling money from THAT new card. I have done this about four times. Now I am in the process of canceling my bank account and changing banks all because of this predatory company.

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does not seem reputable

I was just contacted by I have a storesonline website that has done zero in the entire year i have it. Because of this, i did a website submission and got contacted by afterwards. The rep gave me a number [protected] stating that this was the only number i would ever have to dial. Well, after he put me on recording and stated all of the items spoken about, he then asked for my credit card or bank info. . . Red flag. . . I told him i wasnt giving him that info. That i was going to check them out first on sites just like this, google the name and see what came up, etc. He got a little more reserved and said that he could give me a link to their better business bureau rating. Not good enough. I told him i would call him back at the 800 number he gave me to join up if i had good results. . . Now all of a sudden, that is not the only number. He gave me a [protected] number. When i did a reverse search on it. . . There was no info. Hmmmm seems to me that if this was a reputable company that there should be a listing for it. I then dialed the number given to me by the rep and it had his name on it. . . Not a company name. I then dialed their 800 number and asked a simple question. I said "is this the number i would dial to cancel my website?" the woman said "i need your phone number to check that. " so i said i was told that this was the number to call. . . The only number. . Is that correct?" and she said it depended on who my agent was. . . Not what he told me when we spoke. He said there was only one number to call. So i repeated the question. Again she asked for my phone number. I said to her "i am asking you a simple question. Is this the number to call to cancel the website. " under protest, she simply said "yes". I then hung up. To me, this is no way to run a business. If i am wrong. . . I appologize, but i found them to be evasive when it came to "putting it out there" linda r.

  • Ca
    captainbeats Oct 26, 2011

    I was contacted by the same company and i came to google to see if they are legit. Seems to me like they get to many complaints i will stay away from them. buy beats

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drafted money out without permission

I wish times were simpler, were i could just travel down to Florida where this company is based and invite a few of their people outside to show them what i think about them and their company. They drafted Money from my Account without my permission or awareness. I warn to be careful doing business with a company that will steal from their customers. All i wanted was to purchase a URL, and in return i got right at $100 taken from me for hosting that i never used, nor wanted. I hope you will take this to heart before choosing to do business with them, or giving them your financial information.

  • Rh
    RhondaPasibe Sep 08, 2011

    The took money from my account after I made contact with their represenative cancelling the account---that should be "stealing" because that is what they did--how they get away with it is beyond me. They are crooks!

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BBB rating must be bogus, unless it stands Buyer Better Beware! acquired my site when they acquired Domain Direct earlier this year. After many years of excellent presence on the web - converting to has screwed up everything. First the conversion to their server took dozens of hours to re-edit all my pages (still not right due to a glitch in their site editor). Then the conflicting price quotes as very young-sounding staff tried to get my credit card (said they would not accept check or money order). Latest is that they billed for their service (which was more than Domain Direct charged) but did not include annual domain registration. Never billed me for it or let me know it would expire - so my domain expired! Not only did clients get concerned that my site was dead, but somehow, after renewing my domain with, I no longer show up on keyword searches where I used to show up in top 1-3 for words/phrases related to my business (sometimes out of 16 million).


I'm glad i found this website before accepting the free 30 trial offer. is an accredited business with the bbb and they have a b+ rating. If everyone here would submit their complaints on the bbb site also, it would help ppl like me who check that site for information on businesses. I'm sure the bbb wants to give businesses the highest rating possible because there is a fee to be accredited with the bbb. They are motivated to help resolve issues with the company.

  • Lr
    L.RICHTER Jun 25, 2010

    I, too did a check at this site. I know the BBB rates business "mercifully" because they are getting paid to do so. This is my kind of forum...where you hear from those who have dealt with the companies in question.
    You know the old saying...go with your gut...If it sounds fishy...GET THE TARTAR SAUCE! :/
    The terrible thing about unreputable businesses is that they prey on those who have probably already hit bottom to begin with. Website hosting. I have had a STORESONLINE website for over a year and NOT ONE SALE. I even went thru some "other" additional help and nothing.
    Like alot of people joining places like storesonline and signing up for additional help in GETTING SEEN...I, too am disabled. If any of these companies are reputable, I take back what I am going to say. But to those who take the last dollar out of the pocket of those who are already down and out...shame on them. I take some peace in believing that there is a special place for them in the next where THEY are the little fish, not the other way around. Eventually, we all reap what we sew.

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  • Gm
    GM Roper May 11, 2011

    You have saved me a bundle and much time. Thanks

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bad support, bad functionality

When I first started hosting with them 7 years ago, their product and support was okay - then But the product has gotten worse and worse over the years. The "features" rarely work without use spending hours on the phone with brainless tech support people. Webtrends never runs when it is supposed to. Constant Contact has been out for 5 days now. They routinely close a ticket when the problem is not resolved. I hate and hope to move off them to anyone else.

inaccesibilty to site

First I was a Burlee customer and was very happy. Then Burlee was bought by Interland. A little less service, but not bad. Then Interland got bought out by and nothing has gone right since. They changed access names, they changed the system so that I had to get the new password from them, and then it didn't work. As a web designer, I signed up some of my clients. They got "Access Forbidden" messages. In order to get to my client's site I had to download 3 additional programs and I still can't get to the site. For my money, this is a company saying "We don't want your business." And they will certainly get their way.

  • Br
    broken12 Dec 11, 2010

    On june 2017 I leases a site and a store they said I have to have both.
    The site is for information about the store and it's products
    The store is where your products are sold
    Becouse they are two different entites there needs to be a link
    For six mos I was not getting traffic from the site to the store
    And found that there were no links so I reqested the links and now they
    Don't work so I created a page on the site that customers can click
    On links that do work. Beware!!!

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  • We
    webscrewed Aug 22, 2012

    I have been workinng with for 2 months and I am worse off then ever. Ever time I try to get the service that was promissed they say I have to get my service upgared. Presently my web site can not be found on internet and I have lost my E-mail. 2 monthes ago I had E-mail and a website that could be found with Godaddy, but was unhappy with server issues no I am srewed.

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  • Br
    briankilduff Sep 29, 2012 does not do a free web site for you as advertised. I takes a week for any update and they always get it wrong. You end up using they're website builder which doesn't agree with what the published site will look like at all. Had a 30 day trial, buy they charged my card anyway.

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  • Rc Nov 24, 2012

    Same here, i've been waiting a week for any submissions to go through and they charged me $150 immediately after saying they wouldn't (but blaming the bank). They haven't had my merchant account set-up for me to make any sales and i spent 2 days entering all the items and still can't do a thing. Not very happy right now, I missed Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

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  • Av
    Avion Technologies Feb 25, 2013

    Our small business has had a website at the same host for 13 years. First with websource media which had incredibly good
    Customer service. Sometime around 2017 or 2017 purchased them and since then, the customer service has been
    Horrible. Several times has forgotten to auto bill our bank account, only to disconnect us for non - payment, then re - instate us once the error is corrected. This time, we have records indicating our account is current, but due to a mistake in their billing department, our account is flagged as "uncollected billing" and we have had our website and email shut down. This occurred last week, but since we were receiving email, we didn't notice. Finally on friday, 2 - 22 - 13 our email stopped working. We called and the billing department admitted they were in error and re - instated our account, or so we thought. We called tech support to find out why our email was still not working and found we were still "flagged " as uncollected billing. At this point we called the billing department back to find out they were closed for the weekend. Nice job, Our business runs on email and we have customers who expect 24 / 7 support by email. We are out of commission until monday, assuming we can get this resolved. can't even verify that we are one of their customers half the time. They always tell us to contact their partner because they can't find our account. We then are transferred by someone at back to with an account number that identifies us as a customer. Unbelievable!!! Do not use

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impossible to cancel makes it virtually impossible to cancel your account.
It took me a year of no activity on my account and a year of automatically billing my credit card.
The only way to cancel is by phone; I finally reached an agent after 14-1/2 minutes of holding. The recording never even confirmed I was holding for I submitted emails to saying I wanted to cancel but with no response. I had to endure the long hold to finally get it done. Not surprisingly, when I called right back for something other than cancellation, I reached a live agent in under 30 seconds.

  • Bl
    blingsupreme Jan 28, 2010

    I had the same problem. I am on disability and told them up front that I could not afford the site, but they said try it and if it doesn't work I can cancel. They did a nice site, but I had almost no traffic. I sent an email to cancel, and got a notice I had to call to cancel. Called and talked to rep. She said I could try 1 more month free and to call Jan. 23 to cancel if I still wanted to cancel. I called on 23rd and got recording they would call me back. After waiting for hours I sent an email with the cancel info. I found out they don't work on Sat. On 24th, the bank account was debited. It has caused me $280 in overdrafts. Don't know how I will pay my bills. I will get more overdrafts since I can't pay them all and they will bounce. Monday morning 26th, I called and talked to rep. She said she could not do anything since the charge was still pending. She said call back when it is put through. Called back today and talked to a guy who was sympathetic and put in a request to the complaint department to get them to cancel it and refund my money. Tonight I got an email saying they would not refund my money and that I had authorized the draft. I did not. NO ONE SHOULD EVER USE THEM. I regret the day I was so stupid to try it and then got talked into 1 more free month. Never again.!!!Q!!!

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worst service ever

This place is a complete joke. They switched one of my client's sites to a different server which caused it to go down and then they wouldn't fix the problem because I couldn't recall the "secret word" I setup on the account 7 years prior. I asked them why I needed a secret word to fix something they screwed up and they said that was just their policy.

I tried calling support 3 times and each time I waited for over 20 minutes before getting sent to a dead line. I tried using their online support ticket system while I was waiting on the phone and after 5 screens of collecting information, it threw up an ASP error and didn't submit the ticket. So frustrating.

I called a different department (not technical support) and finally got someone and as soon as I told him about my problem he said he would transfer me. I asked him to stay on the line until I was connected and he said he couldn't. Guess what, he transferred me directly to a dead line!

So utterly frustrating. My client's site is still down. DO NOT HOST WITH THESE IDIOTS!!

internet scam

I received an email from WEB.COM announcing a raise in monthly subscription rates. On Thursday, October 9th...

terrible service will ruin your business

What can I say I've never posted a complaint about a company before dealing with the customer service and reliability are so reprehensible I'm baffled they've lost file of mine, lost me email service website has been down they've overcharged me. I run a business and of course i am going to change but have to wait until I can afford to have my service interrupted because I've also read complaints about how the hold your name hostage.

The customer service is just the icing on the cake is so awful you will just be mystified and outraged as you watch money gou down the drain if you run a business. Try to find one good review of anywhere what can I say you've been warned!

  • Pa
    padi Jan 05, 2010

    I have a story for all of you! took over my Affiliate site from another Hosting company with three names, and who each ripped me off for the same fees...bugt back to So, here is my new store, with my custom landing page, and a button which says..."Start Shopping Today"...which takes you inside my affiliate store. Now, I add another affiliate PC Game store... well for all of this, I pay $94.95 a month. I found out on Dec.24th, that my site didn't work...the shopping card is DEAD...and does not function...nor has it since I've been in business. Heck...I didn't know...and all the other FLUFF promised...adwords/adsense/GoogleMap/ and SEO...NONE OF IT DONE!!! I send 5, now 6 emails to their [email protected], and only today did I get a Call!
    Would you believe it? Today, I was told that "A Hosting Company Is Not responsible for a commerce site working in-so-far as the shopping basket goes..."
    Now, remember folks, I pay them $94.95 a month for hosting, web design, et al!!!
    I even signed up for Alkexa, and founf out that My store/site doesn't even rank in the top 100, 000 in any Search Engine!!!
    Then, I found out that they left an 800 number on my site for folks to call...that, I thought was taken off back in Oct. and Nov. of 2009...I am Web biz only!!!
    Then, I found out via a dear friend who is a web developer for many years now...that I have an Apache error...well...this explains to me why I get an error page often.
    I am going for necks folks...I am not one of those 64 year old women who sighs and does the "oh my"' thingie.'..I am a warrior, and I will go through every agency and TV station Possible...then I want to see what can be done to start a Class Action against the idiots!!!
    I am out of patients, and... loaded for bear!!!
    patricia martin
    [email protected]

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disabled our business website

We have been on the web since 1994, and have been through several web hosts. Interland had been our...

scam billing

This is a terrible service run by a bunch of crooks. They were over-charging me every month for simple web hosting so I decided to move my domain to GoDaddy, yet they continued to charge me for 2 months of hosting 0 websites! When I called the CSR was rude and abrupt. We'll see next billing cycle if they truly do cancel my account.

My 2 pieces of advice are:

1. If you are not currently a customer, consider going elsewhere.

2 If you already are and find they are charging you when they shouldn't be, change your credit card information in your profile so they can't make automated withdrawals. Even if they don't execute your cancellation order they cannot legally charge your credit card if that information is no longer correct.


I thought I had cancelled my account 16 months ago. Instead of cancelling, they lowered my rate to $59.95. I noticed I was being charged 69.95 by for something I thought was cancelled. I called their billing department to ask for a credit and cancel my account. "Theresa" told me I would have to speak to their lifecycle department. I was transferred and specifically asked about receiving a credit. Lifecycle told me they would cancel the account and transfer me back to billing. After I got the cancellation #, I spoke with billing again (Theresa), who told me no credit could be issued since lifecycle had cancelled my account. I asked to speak to her supervisor but she would not allow me to talk to him. BUYER BEWARE!

  • Tb
    T Bertram Aug 27, 2008

    Apparently, these idiots are unsupervised. When I requested a supervisor, I got the same garbage.

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  • De
    Debra Conway Dec 16, 2009

    I am going through the exact same thing right now. I have decided to sue them. Perhaps there is a class action suit possible if this has happened to enough people.

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  • Lr
    L.RICHTER Jun 25, 2010

    I was just contacted by I have a StoresOnLine website that has done ZERO in the entire year I have it. Because of this, I did a website submission and got contacted by afterwards. The rep gave me a number 800 311 2707 stating that THIS was the ONLY number I would ever have to dial. Well, after he put me on recording and stated all of the items spoken about, he then asked for my credit card or bank info...RED FLAG...I told him I wasnt giving him that info. That I was going to check them out first on sites just like this, google the name and see what came up, etc. He got a little more reserved and said that he could give me a link to their Better Business Bureau rating. Not good enough. I told him I would call him back at the 800 number he gave me to join up if I had good results...NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN, that is not the only number. He gave me a 904 680 6955 number. When I did a reverse search on it...there was NO INFO. Hmmmm seems to me that if this was a reputable company that there should be a listing for it. I then dialed the number given to me by the rep and it had his name on it...not a company name. I then dialed their 800 number and asked a simple question. I said "is this the number I would dial to cancel my website?" The woman said "I need your phone number to check that." So I said I was told that this was the number to call...the only that correct?" and she said it depended on who my agent was...not what he told me when we spoke. He said there was ONLY ONE NUMBER TO CALL. So I repeated the question. Again she asked for my phone number. I said to her "I am asking you a simple question. Is this the number to call to cancel the website." Under protest, she simply said "yes". I then hung up. To me, this is no way to run a business. If I am wrong...I appologize, but I found them to be evasive when it came to "putting it out there" Linda R.

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thieves and liars

I called in to pay for another year to keep my domain name up to date which was 19.95 and out of the blue with no warning they not only charged me the 19.95 the made a separate charge of 241.35 and I received no invoice or receipt for this charge. I called customer service and told them they had to return my money because I did not approve any payment for 241.35 and they told me that they would have to cancel my service. When I originally signed up with them I payed for 2 years up front and was completely up to date until July of 2009. Of course now they have no record of this and still have sent me no invoice on the 241.35 they charged me.

When they changed to Website Pros they have turned into a bunch of thieves and will suck every dime they can get from you without any warning or paperwork to back it up.


  • St
    stacy n. Sep 08, 2008

    I filed complaints with the BBB and consumer protection agencies against Website Pros. They were siphoning monies from my business account without my approval of any website they supposedly designed for me. Discover Network has some type of deal with this company to take money from your account. They stole $600 from me.
    What will it take to file a class action lawsuit against this company?????
    If anyone would like to start preparations for it, I'm all in!!! Email me at: [email protected]

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closing tickets and not resolving them!

What a nightmare. I had an account with Interland and had a few problems but they fixed them in a timely manner. I had an e-commerce site with shopping cart, constant contact etc. I was able to put 500 pictures on at a time. When took over. My site wouldn't load with 300 photos on it. They told me I could only have 200 photos on it. They talked me into doing the Miva Merchant thing in October 2007. They renamed my old site as... and my new site was just .com. I went to take off my photos and put them on my new site. Well, they deleted my photos on my end but when you typed in my website you could see my site. I could not get into the site to make changes on my inventory. Mind you. They had no clue how to set up the Miva Merchant account. I struggled trying to set this up and finally gave up. Okay fine. when someone logged into my site they actually were connected to my old site. That was fine until I started running out of the clothes that were on there and people kept paying for them through Paypal.

Problem #2 - was charging me $105.00 for my old site, which was down on my end and $79.00 for my new site which was not even a working site. They were talking out an auto draw from my charge card. So I canceled the auto draw and got behind about 2 months. They called me and told me that I could get a refund if I made a payment of $79.00. I told them why should I make another $79.00 payment when I've been paying $184.00 a month for 2 non-working websites?

Problem #3 They agreed to give me back my money on the site, which I was paying $105. per month for. When they told me what my credit balance was ($470) it was for the Miva Merchant site that was $79.00 per month. Then they drew out $158.00 for 2 months of web hosting that I was behind on. WHAT WEB HOSTING??? THAT IS WHAT MY COMPLAINT WAS.

I opened a ticket and told them I wanted a full credit for both sites dating back to October. This totaled $1104.00 and for them to cancel my website. They closed the ticket and said that they were sorry that I didn't want to be a customer any longer. And if I had any other questions to reopen the ticket. I tried and my domain name was gone so I couldn't get into their site to reopen the ticket. I called them and guess what??? I have another open ticket.

Since October, every time I opened a ticket, they would close it and not resolve the problem. I kept calling tech support and they were all from the Philappines and had no clue what I was talking about. They would turn the ticket over to tech support and said they would get back to me within 48 hrs. Nothing ever got resolved they would just close the ticket again. I would reopen it and they would close it.

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    Ann McReynolds May 23, 2008

    Closing tickets is something techs do very well. The part BEFORE closing them is not.

    I got so sick of explaining that my "new ticket" I just opened was actually not so was the same ticket being recycled over and over again!

    The crack tech guys almost had me convinced that I was truly inept and/or that my PC was faulty. I cannot get my mail to "migrate" on a reliable basis from the web server to Outlook on my PC. Apparently, I am the only person in the world with such a stupid problem!

    A few weeks ago, I finally heard one tech guy saying "We don't support Outlook. You'll have to call Microsoft."

    Call Microsoft? Yikes!

    "Have YOU ever tried to call Microsoft?" I asked.

    He said something about having a special number, but of course, he wouldn't give it to me.

    I simply cannot cope with their inability to fix such a diabilitating, long-time problem AND having to fight their lack of English skills while doing it. I've paid up through June 19, which I may never get back. However, I'm just hoping it doesn't take me any longer than that to get them to stop charging me an outrageous $14.98/month for ONE email website!

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terrible customer service!

Rude, cocky inconsiderate attitudes, continually from the foreign Customers Service Dept, that is being used...

no service from!

I have had the most horrendous 6 months dealing with They made server changes which caused my SSI tags to stop functioning (hence, I could not take orders on my site) and for the past 6 months I have been desperately trying to get them to permanently fix the issue. They do nothing but give me the run around. (open a tech ticket, close it- even though the problem is not resolved- promise a call back and never call, etc) I am finally taking the hours and hours it takes to change hosts- but only after much frustration! How can a company blatantly ignore its customer issues? Argh! And when I searched the net, I found they had done the same thing to many other customers. Beware of!

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    J Sattler Feb 11, 2008

    I seem to be having the same trouble although previously (Interland Days) they were very responsive and also initally after their latest upgrade, but now my site is down all the time and I can't publish changes and am losing business.

    Would like to know if anybody knows a way to escalate a problem and get action from them.

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    Bobby D Feb 12, 2008 all I can say about Email servers have been on the fritz for weeks now, tech support are just trained monkeys reading from a script, page loads are slowwwww, etc, etc,

    I inherited this mess when I joined this compnay. Priority #1, get off of as soon as possible!!

    Anyone currently using them or even thinking of using them....DON'T !!!!!!!!

    Absolutely the worst hosting on the planet.

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    Wendell Ogiste Sep 16, 2009

    You are all right. This must be the WORST hosting service ever!

    I've been their customer for years and then only day looking at my statements realize that bill was almost 3 times higher that when I started with the company that they acquired.

    So I visit their site to view the options then contacted them asking the reason for my increased. I was given an answer that made no sense and I requested a lower level account. They put me to a lower level but 'deleted' all my details forcing me to upload my site again.

    I find this very unprofessional on their part and they will never see a dime from me again.

    be warned!

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