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Transfer of domain

They did NOT transfer the domain and after 2 months they decided to cancel the domain and re-establish it in order to connect it to the server. I was NOT supposed to be charged anything! WELL - 6 phone calls and 6 offshore people who have ZERO idea WTF they are talking about later - I finally just paid the 8.99 so I didn't lose my site! They are USELESS!!! I will be looking into transferring ALL my 8 websites to a different provider. Any recommendations are appreciated. I have been a customer for 10 years + and this is how you get treated - unacceptable! This is why people can't stand offshore workers - they don;t get the issue resolved due to the language barrier.

Renew fee

I am the client of ipowerweb many years. My domain and hosting service were renewed every year. Last year, it...

Can't get my Refund!!

I've been trying to get a refund of $176.23 from IPower.Com since June 14, 2007 for charging me for renewal of domain names that I did not want and did not request. Recently they put another $95.40 charge on my c.card for domain hosting of [my domain] that I had cancelled in June and that they "confirmed" at that time that I had cancelled! That domain name no longer exists on the web (or as my property) and hasn't since June 07 - so why would I pay $95.40 for web hosting it? I've written them a dozen or more emails so far and all I get is double talk and nonsense from them.

I sincerely believe they're just trying to Screw Me out of my money!!! They're obviously incredibly incompetent at IPower so I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

Stay away

Several months ago I had someone work on my website.. the set up an account at ipower to host. 1st mistake..i didnt get a copy of the website file from this ### John Zakahria.. Turns out he was an illegal citizen of the US. So, Ipower is hosting the site.. its running.. until a month agao when John Z was deported from the US. So, there goes my site..ipower suspends my site.. for non-payment (from john)..And they wont release it over to me .. I am the domain holder.. but not the acct holder listed with ipower.. [censored]ing ###s!! STAY AWAY FROM IPOWER THEY SUCK!!

  • Ha
    hate ipower Feb 01, 2012

    Ipower should be shut down!

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  • Ba
    bad Aug 11, 2014


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    bad Aug 11, 2014


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  • Ba
    bad Aug 11, 2014


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I've used iPower for nearly 8 years hosting my private domain which I use primarily as mail for myself and family. My last renewal for two years cost $166.80 on January 25, 2008. I received a notification that my account was past due on Jan 19, with a past due amount of $190.80.

Two things immediately stuck out -- first, my account should only be 'past due' on January 26. Second, I was expecting to only pay $166.80 -- not 190.80. I called iPower to find out what was going on, and they informed me that they were raising their rates on existing customers. New customers got the cheaper rate, but existing customers got the shaft. They never could explain how the figured my account was "past due", and the three different people I spoke to all seem to have problems calculating dates.

The only reason I found out about the $24 increase was because the credit card they had on file had expired and they couldn't run it through, otherwise I would have been charged the full amount.

I decided to move my hosting to a highly rated company called "iPage", who only charges $3.50 per month, but it turns out that "iPage" is a "sister" company of "iPower".

  • Lt
    LT mrmartin Mar 23, 2010

    I had the same problems with ipower. I just reported ipower to Missouri Attorney General Office. You should take the time to report their activity to your state ag. I moved Wisconsin Web Hosting and now have 5 domains with them. NO issues and it's nice to have good support who speak english.

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Lost my website

I called iPower sales to upgrade my webhosting. When they upgraded my contract to "Premier Plus" I lost the ability to maintain my website wtih their tool WebCreator (CM4all). After 2 hours on the phone with iPower tech support, I was told there was nothing they could do other than spend several 100 hours to rebuild my website. They had no backups or any way to restore the files. Here was the actual tech support reply -
Support ticket # 6182235 - Unfortunately, we are sorry to say that, there is no way to get the original CM4all editable content back. The CM4all record has been deleted somehow from the backend and hence it is not possible to restore the Web site in the CM4alll interface.

You need to re-create the Web site via the CM4all interface using the existing CM4all limited available on the account and rebuild using the existing content on the site at As suggested previously, you should get a local backup of the Web site before beginning this process.

How's that for customer service?

  • Al
    Allan22 Jan 28, 2011

    it appears the gps coordinates of your mobile are; 2311243 / 1


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  • De
    Denis Ivanov Jan 29, 2011

    An awful customer service which lead to profit loss of my company!
    All the times I had technical issues related to their hosting services I wasn't able to receive a competent help! Never! They are absolutely incompetent!
    I needed to import database because of the stupid limits they have, and they weren't even able to accomplish that! My web site was down for 2 days, and my company was loosing profit in hundreds of dollars.
    When you contact Tech support with the real issue, the create ticket with 24-48 hours waiting time and somewhere these time you get absolutely ridiculous answer which lead you nowhere! I have never received any professional assistance from them.
    They deleted my database which caused my website to go offline and I lost profit!
    Servers are slow, email always not working, customer service is very bad. I'm planning to file a law sue on them!

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refusal to enable domain transfer

On April 18, 2009 I cancelled webhosting, domain and domain privacy with Ipower. The privacy on my domain had expired the first week of April while I was on vacation. Ipower suspended my website. I asked them to unlock my domain, unlock my domain privacy and enable my domain to be transferred so I could transfer my site to another provider. On at least 4 occasions that have said my domain was enabled to be transferred giving me my transfer code.

I purchased a domain transfer elsewhere and provided them with my transfer code, that my domain and domain privacy were unlocked enabling the transfer. My new domain host has advised me on several occasions that the original provider has my domain locked and it can't be transferred.

Last night I wrote Ipower to enable the transfer. I received an email this morning to contact my registrar:

Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:

I checked with the site that sent an email that my domain is still registered with Ipower. I called Ipower and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was advised I should receive a call in 30 mins. 3 hours later I called to have a tech rep say that no supervisor was available.

I made a complaint with the appropriate registration authority ICANN/InterNIC and the Phoenix, Arizona BBB.

I need IPower to release my domain so I can register with another provider.


  • Li
    Linda Dark Horse Jun 15, 2009

    OMFG! iPower is the WORST and now I'm worried we won't be able to transfer away from them at the end of the year!

    Please, can annyone tell us how to get away from these idiots who constantly crash our site and hold up our email?

    We just launched our eBook this weekend and now our entire site is GONE!

    Please help! [email protected] or [email protected]

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  • Ow
    Owhyee Jul 23, 2009

    Wow! Don't go to 1 and 1 Internet, Inc, either, or you could get a similar result.

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  • Ma
    Mahatma Aug 20, 2009

    I am having the exact same problem. I got in touch with them through vdeck with help inquiries asking for my codes etc way before my domain expired. So I have none of the mail I sent. Now I am getting a run around from tech support. I told them early on I would not be renewing with them after the failed move to a new interface for users and the Hell they put us through in the sale of the company. Never offered a dime off in the absolute WORST service imaginable. I hated checking on it if it had been more than three days. Something huge had always happened it seemed and I had to stay on the phone for another hour.


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  • Fr
    from former ipower member Mar 19, 2011

    If You are serious about your domain - don't go to

    They will not realise your EPP to transfer away
    you will end up paying domain registration fee and FORCE DOMAIN PRIVACY FEE (SCAM) Price: 12.95 + $8.99 = do the mat
    I have 80 domain to move away - you can only get EPP when freshly renew your domain because you must wait 60 days to transfer

    Ipower = Worse for Domain Registration
    Best for webmaster control over client and you get 40 days after expiration - vs 25 days

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IPOWER just scams people

I wish I had read these blogs before losing so much money to IPOWER. I paid over $1000 for services and domain and what did I get in return???? NOTHING. For over a year and a half, I have been transferred to like 20 different people. I have even spoken to managers who promised to reimburse me for services that were never provided. I have been ignored and ignored. There is nobody to speak to that can acutally do anything? I have been searching for an executive contact information to speak to but I cannot find anyone who will listen. They just don't care. Recently, they kept charging my card for something (I have no idea) without asking my persmission. Because I called my CC company and said I never authorized this charge, IPOWER cancelled my domain. Can you belive that? I had pre-paid for 3 years and they were trying to charge me for something without my permission and b/c they couldn't get their money, they cancelled my domain!!! Does anyone know who I can call and inform of this atrociousness??
My goodness. They shouldn't be allowed to sell anything.

  • Ha
    hate ipower Feb 01, 2012

    Similar issues to you. Ipower should be banned from doing any business.

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Poor Service - billing errors






Domain expiration & loss of domain

I had been an iPowerWeb customer since 2001, recommending the company to friends, family and clients prior to my trouble with them a year ago. I originally signed up for a hosting account, to be used for hosting my website. I run a web design business and depend on income and leads generated from my website. Over the years, I had built up a following of visitors who bookmarked me for my portfolio as well as clever use of javascript and AJAX on my agency's website.

Last year, I decided to switch hosting providers to as they offered a cheaper service and much better customer service. I took all the necessary steps to transfer my domains to the new registrar and hosting servers at Evelen2, which went without a hitch except that the confirmation email from iPowerWeb, for me to authorize the transfer, never arrived and they subsequently took my domain down. After some rooting around online, I was able to request that the email be resent. Again, it did not arrive.

My default email on the account was my personal email address - however iPowerWeb, I found out, had been sending them to an address I no longer had access to since I moved to a broadband ISP two years ago. Why they had kept my old email on file after I had changed it in my administration Control Panel, I have no idea. Keep in mind, I received all other correspondence from the company (including sales pitches) at my current email address.

After three time of having the authorization to transfer my domain fail, the domain went down for good. I tried calling the company but had to give up after waiting hold for hours. I hung up simply because I had other business items to attend to and literally could not stay on the line waiting for them to answer.

I tried to Instant message their customer service. Their chat window opened fine and an at-first friendly representative came on. I inquired about my domain, which was down by this point. She told me that the domain had gone into a 'grace period' since the renewal date had come and gone and wasn't renewed on time. She said it would cost me $200 to have the grace period status unlocked, and then I could renew the domain with them only. After asking why a renewal notice was not sent to me, she said it was sent out - but after checking the email address on file it turns out that it was sent to my outdated email address (again, my current email, the one I entered in the account administration form, was receiving sales pitches requesting I upgrade my account, buy more domains etc; iPowerWeb sent them to the correct address). I requested the representative send the renewal notice to my new email, the one they should have as the default contact on my account, and she says she cannot do that since the account is in a grace period lockdown. I explain that it was a mistake on their end not having updated my email address when I had followed the appropriate procedure to have it changed, and again asked her to resend the renewal notice email to me current address. She again denied me, saying that I must first pay them $200 to remove the lockdown, and then the renewal price, before she can update my account and correct the contact email (which should have been done before since I had filled out the necessary forms, and believed to be working since after I filled them out I began receiving sales letters from them).

During the haggling around with iPowerWeb, the grace period lapsed and the company immediately sold it to a third party that once I contacted them directly, requested I pay them $650 to have it transferred back. A Domain that I had owned in the first place, depended on for business and had won design and scripting awards and recognition, due to utter failure and dishonesty on the part of iPowerWeb, has been sold to another party who now uses it for cheap, SEO-driven sales.

I spread the word everywhere I possibly can not to use iPowerWeb under any circumstance.

  • He
    Helen Netherfield Nov 10, 2009

    This is probably worse service on this planet. After 3 year hosting, they cut off our dedicated server off without warning, because of the card expiration date. Even after we paid the amount in question, they never put our server back online. We called, wrote their support to at least back up our data, never haired back, they put you on hold for hours, after we get through, a lot of promises, but no actions... We finally gave up and had to go with other provider.

    Even this is not all... after not hearing from them for 2 years our card gets hit by company called IHsystem with an amount of $1548 ... and out of the blue they start taking $16 off our card. They claim we have a dedicated server with them, because we never canceled it with the Ipowerweb. We demanded our money back, but no answer.

    We are going to file a dispute now with our credit card company. We hope we do not have to spend energy and money to take legal actions, but we will if we have to.

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  • Al
    Al Jun 03, 2016

    I had been with and from Oct 2004 to Oct 2006. During the first 10 months I didn't have any contact with them because I didn't have any issues. Then in Aug 2005 an associate of mine from another business wanted to set up a new website and I recommended Ipower to her and another associate. That is when the problems started. From August 2005 until Oct 2006 I had over 100 email messages with Ipower. First they were down repeatedly during the day. Since I am a photographer I needed to make sure my clients could get to my site when they were looking. Once after they had been down for over 6 hours they gave me credit for 2 months. Then they came back and tried to bill me for the additional time.

    Being a photographer I was happy with the amount of space (10 gigs on one account and 15 gigs on another account) I was getting for the dollar. I had read through their "Terms and Conditions" and didn't see anything that would draw attention. So I thought it would be a good deal.

    All of the sudden my world came crashing down just like my websites. I had 600 megs on my website and a message telling me I had "exceeded the soft file quota". I didn't understand since I had 9.4 gigs of available space left on the account. I contacted Ipower tech support and after waiting on hold for 45 minutes, I was told I would have to delete files. It seems Ipower had decided to create a "File limit" of Fifty Thousand (50,000) files. They had decided they could no longer allow people to access all of the space they were selling the individuals. So they created the "soft file limit". Nothing I did would change their minds. I contacted their sales department acting like a new buyer several times and even taped the conversations. Each time their sales department would tell me "There is no file limit" on our servers. Then I would contact the tech support and they would tell me there was a file limit.

    Finally I had to get my site back up so I bought one of the "VPS" accounts for $50.00 a month. I was told with a VPS I would have ten (10) sites and could have One Hundred Fifty Thousand (150,000) files in each of the ten sites. Then in an email from the tech support I was told there was a limit of Two Hundred Thousand (200,000) on the VPS. Later in the same email thread I was told there was "NO FILE LIMIT" on a VPS account. Then I was told there was actually a Two Hundred Thousand (200,000) limit but that it was a limit that could be reset anytime.

    It took Ipower over two weeks to send me a RECEIPT for the VPS account. I requested it on the 8th of August 2006 and on the 15th of August they sent me a bill. I then wrote back and asked where the receipt was. The receipt was finally provided to me on 28 August 2006.

    I finally left Ipower on the 2nd of October 2006. They still owe me a $496.00 refund. Yesterday afternoon my credit card company with whom I had contested the final billing on from Ipower contacted me. The credit card company wanted to know if I had heard anything about the refund Ipower had promised I would receive within 5 days of my account being cancelled. I contacted Ipower while the credit card company was on a 3 way call and Ipower stated they had not processed the paperwork for the refund because someone had over looked the refund. My credit card company told me they would give Ipower until this upcoming Tuesday to refund the money. If it isn't refunded by then, the credit card company will go ahead with the charge back against Ipower.

    Today, 20 Oct 2006 I got a reply from Ipower tech support regarding an issue I last emailed on the 28th of September 2006. Needless to say I was quite rude to the tech support person who contacted me. I told him I had terminated the service with Ipower on the 2nd of October 2006. I stated :This email just confirms I made the correct decision when I decided to dump your lousy company because of your crappy service. I would suggest that in the future you might want to respond in a more timely manner to a customer's request for help. Oh, by the way, your email response indicates a lack of compassion, a lack of understanding, a lack of concern and distain for your customers. I would never hire someone who treats customers in the manner in which you have responded to my request for assistance."

    I wonder if Ipower will get the message?

    Below is a copy of the email thread showing the problems I have been discussing.

    The bottom line is I would never recommend Ipower or Ipowerweb to anyone. The company fails to disclose information and provides false information in most cases.


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  • Ba
    Barbara Jun 03, 2016

    My website has been down for over 72 hours. I can't get a reasonable answer from Ipowerweb why my site is offline. Further, I can't get an answer from Ipowerweb when my website will be up and running. This is totally unacceptable. I'm an artist and reply on my website for business transactions and keeping in touch with my customers. When I'm able, I plan to get rid of Ipowerweb. This has been the worst situation ever. It's especially terrible because Ipowerweb doesn't communicate with their clients. Their customer service get's a D- too!

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  • Ha
    HAL Jun 03, 2016

    iPowerWeb is not to be trusted! I signed up for a 5yr contract with iPowerWeb. For the most part, every time I had a problem with my service, I had to wait at least 30 mins or more for tech support or customer service. Most of the time, my issues were resolved. “After speaking to at least two technicians!” I figured, “Oh well, you get what you pay for…”

    Two months ago I decided to end my contract with iPowerWeb. After 3 days of going back and forth with their tech support about an issue that they could not replicate, they told me it was my problem, not theirs! And I had to accept my fate. With that said, I knew it was time to go.

    Two months went by, and when I contacted them they informed me that even though my contract was close to ending, it would cost me $50 to say goodbye! Being that it was still before the end of my contract. Go figure, I had to pay for their lack of technical support.

    Little do iPowerWeb know, I have 37 clients that I have signed up for hosting services with them, each with 5yr contracts! And now that I know how iPowerWeb works, for the sake of my reputation, and the well being of my clients, I’ve contacted each of them and gave them a $50 credit towards their maintenance fees to cover for their cancellation fee, and advised them to cancel any contract they have with iPowerWeb, ASAP! Yes, I know it’s costing me $1,850.00, but I don’t want my clients to be another set of victims to iPowerWeb. To me, it’s worth every penny doing.

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I attempted to register four domains with these people. I was asked for my credit card details which I provided, but received a message that my card was rejected. I then registered these domains with other providers using the same card with no problems. When I received my next credit card statement I was not happy to see that iPower had, in fact, charged my card even though the domains had been registered by another company.

My attempts to get a refund were in vain, but that didn't stop them from trying to bill me a year later for the same domains - still hosted elsewhere!!

They gave me the run-around about addresses etc, but when all the details had been given to them they then refused to even respond to my emails, and still have not made a refund.

Awful company!

What happened to this company? I signed up with them a few years back and they were fine. But now email doesn't work and I typically have to wait 90 minutes to talk to a human. I was having problems a few months ago. Thought Id wait until they moved my account onto their new platform. That was a big hassle in itself. Now its moved, and things have gotten worse. They wont tell me exactly when the account was moved, but it may have been yesterday. Thats when my email stopped working. All messages for me vanished into the ether for ~24 hours. No alert, nothing.

The first time I tried to call them today, I got a human within ten minutes. I was lucky. The other approx. six times I have called tech support in the last few months Ive had to wait 90 minutes. Doesn't matter whether its business hours or not. (This in spite of the message on their site saying they've hired more support staff. Sure doesn't seem like it.) I guess I should be grateful: At least the person I finally talked to was not in India. We thought things had been worked out, but no. I called again, tried my best to be cordial, and after about six minutes the guy simply hung up on me while I was in the middle of a sentence.

As I write this, messages sometimes get delivered and sometimes don't. Weird huh? They tried to blame it on sbcglobal, saying that sbc must have put a don't deliver tag on my mail. But the incorrect bounce-back messages say that ipower does not recognize the email account which clearly exists. And, as I said, sometimes a message to exactly the same email address is delivered just fine. Go figure.

Well, I don't want to figure any more. I am going to another hosting company. Ive only used four months of my one-year payment; but oh well. I cant deal with this company any more.

  • Ks
    ksolway Mar 25, 2008

    IPower is by far the worst webhost I have ever experienced.

    Here are the recent uptime stats for my website, as measured by

    2008-03-24 85.71%
    2008-03-23 81.32%
    2008-03-22 86.02%
    2008-03-21 82.42%
    2008-03-20 85.71%
    2008-03-19 72.53%
    2008-03-18 74.19%
    2008-03-17 65.93%
    2008-03-16 79.12%
    2008-03-15 86.81%
    2008-03-14 86.81%

    As soon as I moved to a different webhost the uptime for my website has been 100% (literally) ever since.

    And despite these appalling figures I quote above, which have badly damaged my business, when I asked for a refund IPower said that they cannot give me a refund.

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  • Ru
    rudy Jun 07, 2008

    I am with ipower too, it seems the whole business is shut down now... i can't get or send email and i cant get the site to open up either. does any one have any word on the status of the company or similar experience today?

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  • Tu
    tuco Nov 13, 2008

    how didi you cancel your acount with them???

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Scam and fraud!

I am so disgusted --- I have over 10 sites hosted with them and I cannot get any service --their database structure is faulty and word press won't work on it --also have been trying for three days straight to get in touch with them and no answer either their chat or Phone! This is horrible -- I will have to talk each one of my clients into moving their web sites when they were not prepared for this expense!

  • Ha
    Hate iPower Feb 12, 2008

    I have two sites hosted with iPower. They are the most incompetent organization I have ever dealt with. It is just impossible to get in touch with them. Once you do, they have no idea how to fix the problem. They must be a bunch of crooks since they do not even disclose on their web site where they are located. I did an extensive search and finally managed to find the fax number of their CEO. I sent him a fax explaining the situation. He did not do anything about it. It takes a very stupid CEO to make a very incompetent organization. My recommendation: stay away from iPower at any cost.

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  • Pe
    Perry Jun 30, 2008

    Have had too many problems with ipower to list. I am looking for their address so I can start billing them for all the trouble they've caused me. once the bill is big enough, I'll sue...

    Ipower is horrible! Absolutely HORRIBLE!

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  • Ha
    Had Enough Aug 06, 2008

    I had major issues with ipower, too much to list here, but just trust me. Major headpain, when I couldn't take it any longer, I left. I went to startlogic. This was even worse! After an entire year of more anguish, I was starting to think all host are bad. But then I found out something... Guess what, ipower and startlogic are owned by the same people. My luck, go figure, talk about dishonesty. Stay away from these two for your dear SANITY.

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  • Kj
    kjwan Feb 26, 2009

    I ended my hosting with StartLogic over a year ago and last month, I get an email from IPower (whom I've never dealt with) saying my password had to be changed for security reasons. Not knowing why I was receiving this email, I contacted their customer service agent via their online chat (couldn't get a hold of anyone on the phone). That's when it was confirmed that StartLogic and IPower were one and the same. The agent kept telling me I created the IPower account despite the fact I'd never dealt with IPower before. Also, a year after cancelling the hosting I had with StartLogic, somehow, my account and contact information was still active in the IPower system! Apparently, it was switched to a "domain parking plan", even though I didn't request this (I has switched hosts altogether). When I asked the agents what happened (two different agents in two separate chats), they both tried to ignore the question and then told me I created the account with IPower, a company I had never heard of until I got the email from them saying my password was changed!

    Man, I'm so glad I switched hosts (to FutureQuest... awesome!). At least StartLogic/IPower wasn't still billing me. I hate that all my information was still in their system a year later!

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  • Ja
    Jacksoni May 12, 2009

    I cannot begin to explain how bad Ipower really is.

    Sometime in 2008, Ipower switched to a "new platform." They sent me dozens of emails saying how my website was "not compatible" with their new platform, and I had to switch webhosting companies.

    Long story short- I bought 2 yrs of hosting and an SSL BEFORE they told me they could not host my website any longer. So, when I reluctantly switched hosts, I wanted a refund. After all, I paid for services they couldn't render.

    Not only did they NOT give me a refund, they told me it was because they don't have any records of financials prior to their "new platform!" What a SCAM. Today (6 months later, and I haven't had any affiliation with them since 2008) they just sent me a new bill for $155...

    What a mess- I won't pay it- that's for sure, but trying to get anyone competent on the phone is impossible with them. Horrible company- I'm considering reporting to the Better Business Bureau for fraud.

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  • Se
    Serendipity- Aug 25, 2010

    We had a terrible time with ipowerweb also. Finally had no choice but to contact our credit card company and file a complaint with them to stop the billing long after we moved our sites. Lucky we had control of the domains via tucows and moving them went smooth.

    Avoid at all costs.

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No customer service!

I bought "WholesalePlus Reseller Program" from iPower. After then I tried to contact their customer support for setting up my folders. But neither any one was available on their given phone number [protected] nor I could find anyone on their so-called "24 hour live technical support".

Then I wanted to cancel the sale, but I could not find any one to talk to. I don't know there is any government or autonomous body to whom we can complain this type of scam.

Can anyone guide me.

  • Ja
    Jan Kohelman Apr 22, 2014

    I jave also bought hosting plan, all web sites are off and I can not get help from anybody

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If you want trouble iPower is your friend!

Ipower (formerly Ipowerweb) has the most incredible customer service I ever dealt with. First of all it takes 30 minutes to wait until you are connected (sales dept average time is several seconds) and then you have most of the time a conversation with completely clueless person. A simple task takes forever (two months were not enough to change permission on ftp directory, I canceled contract before it happened).

Their technical and legal department don't respond or do it in 2-3 weeks and when they do the respondent obviously doesn't read what he(she) is responding to(I can't phantom that they are so dumb). But the best came after they deleted my files under pretense that I violated AUP which states along with a long list of reasonable restrictions the following:

- The Services are intended for normal use only.
- Customer shall not use any bandwidth and/or disk usage for materials other than the Customer’s Web site, Customer Content and/or Customer's electronic mail services.

To my inquire what constitute a "normal use" I get a very clear message - it is what Ipower thinks is normal. My pictures stored as a zip file apparently didn't qualify for "web content". It is clear that Ipower oversells disk space (I used less than 20GB of 300GB I was entitled to) and then eliminates those who use slightly more then they wish.

I hope I am done with them forever.

Even though I had to spend some time to clean the mess, I am glad that it happened because as the result I moved to Hostmonster and I am happy I did. Their technical supports responds either immediately or you have a clear indication how many people are in front of you and it never took me more then 3 minutes. Support is very professional. Cpanel has a lot of nice features and my only desire that they have a better mail interface.

  • An
    Andrew T. Reilley III Jan 01, 2008

    The challenge with the web development industry is there is no association to "disbar" unethical providers. Many of them operate almost anonymously and from many different "virtual offices".

    As a seasoned technology executive, bucking the industry SOP of avoiding any overhead, I founded a real, bricks and mortar web services company called United WebWorks, Inc. We have hundreds and hundred of satisfied clients and googling us will not result in 5 complaints on page one as it does for these folks. In fact, you will not find one on any page. We are listed in the yellow pages, in our domain reg information, we are trustworthy and accountable for all we do. It would be my pleasure to serve anyone who wants a very affordable, one of a kind gorgeous, website for their small business. We understand your needs and challenges because we are a small business too.

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  • Sh
    Sheila Jan 10, 2008

    It must be nice to have great customer service from Ipower, because that doesn't seem to be what I've gotten. In the last two years I seem to have a lot of problems with them.

    My website has been down and they'd have to switch something and it would take hours before my website was back up again. My ftp has been down numerous times and when it does come back up it times out over and over again, making it near impossible to transfer files. It's getting old and it's getting ridiculous.

    I am more annoyed by the fact that they seemed to have gotten too large. I went with them when they were small and had no problems for years and then all of a sudden all I have are problems.

    Try getting on with Live support right now, you will wait for at least an hour before someone comes on. Try calling their support if you are on their old vdeck 1.0. I just did and it says "all our personnel are busy right now, call back later" click. You call this customer service? Because I don't. I don't expect immediate, but dang I don't expect to be hung up on or have to wait an hour for service. And I would think that my longivity of service with them would mean something, like maybe they should have made the transition of older clients first.

    I'm so hopping mad right now because I can't even log on to my service, I can't log on to vdeck, I can't get into my ftp and I can't get my website loaded (which is now down) and I can't get anyone to even figure out why without a forever wait.

    Honestly, if they have this much traffic for their support team, then they need to take care of the people who host with them and hire more folks to help. This is unbelievable.

    And this is coming from someone who used to recommed Ipower to everyone. I doubt I'd recommend them to anyone after the last year and if it wasn't so much trouble to switch, I probably would.

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  • Ma
    Marcus Jan 23, 2008

    I could not agree more about that sorry excuse for a web hosting company ipower. They were a great company 3 years ago, but now you have to wait ungodly amounts of time to talk to someone who is clueless. They experts at loosing your domains names even thought they charge you to renew them. HORRIBLE!!!!!! I've lost 2 very important URL's due to their incompetence. Avoid this company at all cost. Ipower = Itrouble!

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False advertising!

From ipower web hosting I purchase a 3 year web hosting service for $200.00 with tools to build and edit a...

Domain management / dedicated servers!

I transfered 9 Domains to there management, When I went to update the whois information on my domains. I was asked for my business Credentals. After sending it to them 6 times and requests to update the whois they still would not update the information. I has gotten to the point were I will have to move my domains again to get the service I am seeking.

I have been with them 4 years I have a web server and a dedicated server. The Dedicated server has been nothing but trouble, and they will not maintain it what so ever. There Technical support is horrible I spent 2000+ a year for the worst service I have ever received in my life. I don't ask much I just for them to update the information on my domains. I can deal with manging my down dedicated server even thought the driver failers witch it has had sense day one.

But has it stands Id like to file a law suit against them. There server has gotten worse in the past year and I don't know what to do besides move every thing.

  • An
    Andrew T. Reilley III Jan 01, 2008

    The challenge with the web development industry is there is no association to "disbar" unethical providers. Many of them operate almost anonymously and from many different "virtual offices".

    As a seasoned technology executive, bucking the industry SOP of avoiding any overhead, I founded a real, bricks and mortar web services company called United WebWorks, Inc. ( We have hundreds and hundred of satisfied clients and googling us will not result in 5 complaints on page one as it does for these folks. In fact, you will not find one on any page. We are listed in the yellow pages, in our domain reg information, we are trustworthy and accountable for all we do. It would be my pleasure to serve anyone who wants a very affordable, one of a kind gorgeous, website for their small business. We understand your needs and challenges because we are a small business too.

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  • Jo
    Joe Harrow Jan 17, 2008

    There is a group organizing a class action lawsuit against iPower here, .

    I hope you find this helpful.

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  • Al
    Alex Ant Mar 06, 2008

    ipower Co is a big SCAMERS. Thay no refund any money, thay have a lot of scamers sites to collect money all ower internet! All who pay for this Co money have a bad experience with. I think that all piople scamed by this really pusy hols company must tell ower about! We must put some post to PayPal to Google - all ower!!

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  • Kk
    KKetring Mar 25, 2008

    I am on hold to iPower right now, They did not refund my money when my clients canceled their accounts because of this stupid transition.(a downgrade)I've been waiting for it since Jan. Their stupid phone messages state " you may also find the information you need by visiting the support section on our website " bull huckie. Even the stupid website is a looped d loo. They would do good to hire a website designer, it is certain that they don't have one. They take advantage of our patience. I have a few accounts with them and the account won't connect to the mysql database. I think this is a joke. My clients want to sue, that would be five others. One client said he didn't get 500 emails that were leads from an advertising campaign he spent a fortune on. iPower answers after 8 minutes on hold, oh, I'm on hold again. Read this convoluted wording from ipower billing Specialist Teri Sanders "already we have canceled your account 'xxxxxxxx' and refunded instead of paypal to credit card ends with 'xxxx' apply to reseller account 'xxxxxxxxx." Well I think I've figured out that ipower has at least two helpful techs Jason and Ry! Conversation took 45 minutes to complete. I don't know if the issues are solved yet-but from past experience- probably not!

    0 Votes
  • Ks
    ksolway Mar 25, 2008

    IPower's server problems have meant that they are incapable of hosting my website. So I asked for a refund. The uptime for my site over the last month has been only about 80%, and when it does load it loads extremely slowly. As far as I can tell, every Ipower customer is experiencing the same issue.

    After being told by IPower that I would NOT receive a refund, I filed a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Within 24hrs I received an email from Ipower saying that they had refunded my credit card.

    Several hours after that, I received another email from IPower, saying "Is there a specific reason why you are canceling your account?"

    Apparently, the billing department are completely unaware that there is any problem!

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  • Tk
    t.k. Mar 11, 2009

    Strongly aggreed. ipower support is questionable and the business practice is also unethical. After doing business with them for three years I'm moving my web hosting business. DO NOT attempt to do business with them. T.K.

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  • Ff
    FFFFF6565 Aug 01, 2011

    i signed up with them then i noticed some charges last year so i called them to CANCEL everything, even on their site it says "RESOLVED". then after not checking it they updated it that i have to confirm and they cannot cancel it because it was auto-renewed. I never checked it because it already says RESOLVED. a year after they are charging me again. Same conversation again. I told them to cancel it again. Now i am filing charged back and dispute all their charges and block them from my credit card.

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Can't obtain my refund!

I've been trying to get a refund of $176.23 from since June 14,2007, for charging me for renewal of domain names that I did not want and did not request. Recently they put another 95.40 charge on my c. card for domain hosting of that I had cancelled in June and that they "confirmed" at that time that I had cancelled! That domain name no longer exists on the web (or as my property) and hasn't since June 07 - so why would I pay 95.40 for web hosting it? I've written them a dozen or more emails so far and all I get is double talk and nonsense from them.I sincerely believe they're just trying to Screw Me out of my money!!! They're obviously incredibly incompetent also at IPower so I'm wondering if this has this happened to anyone else?

  • Ro
    rosa sims Nov 28, 2007

    i recv ggw dvd that i did not order please advise how to return. some one stole my cc info and ordered alot of stuff. your dvd was part of this theft.i was notified by the cc company.i did not order i do not want and plesae dont send anymore

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  • Pr
    princenav Feb 04, 2009

    I dont believe in todays day and age IPower like companies exist, they are liars

    0 Votes

Dihonest advertising! web site hosting co sold me a web site for 3 years about $200.00 and then another for 1 year about $100.00,and -web hosting Co. did Search engine omptmizing on 1. Sits That cost me money,they said I did not have to know any html and it was user friendly, in which they were right at the time , but then they switch it over to where if you did not know html then you could not run your site. So at 73 years old it to late for me to learn I am out a bunch for a false promise through hosting Co. So if you thinking about a web site host, think twice or maybe 3 gave me no choice in the matter it was either their way or the hy way. Now web hosting trying to say that I only bought the domain name for 3 year 200.00 a lot of money for a domain name .H. L. Adams.

  • An
    Andrew T. Reilley III Jan 01, 2008

    The challenge with the web development industry is there is no association to "disbar" unethical providers. Many of them operate almost anonymously and from many different "virtual offices".

    As a seasoned technology executive, bucking the industry SOP of avoiding any overhead, I founded a real, bricks and mortar web services company called United WebWorks, Inc. ( We have hundreds and hundred of satisfied clients and googling us will not result in 5 complaints on page one as it does for these folks. In fact, you will not find one on any page. We are listed in the yellow pages, in our domain reg information, we are trustworthy and accountable for all we do. It would be my pleasure to serve anyone who wants a very affordable, one of a kind gorgeous, website for their small business. We understand your needs and challenges because we are a small business too.

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  • St
    Steve Mar 14, 2008

    I have been very unhappy with their recent "upgrade" to vdeck 3.0. My site is no longer easy to edit, as their updated editors don't have the functionality of the old one. Improvement? I don't see it.

    Response times are horrible. Support staff unknowledgable. Very frustrating.

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  • Ek
    Ekwuru chuks Jul 07, 2008

    please i am having difficulties filling my phone number on your ipower website hosting i need your guidiance please my phone numbers are 08023814156 or 08054752313.
    thanks . Ekwuru chuks
    nigeria, africa

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Stay away from this company!

I have been with Ipower Web for a year and was very satisfied until now. There service is horrible. I dont call tech support very often. Five days ago I emailed Ipowers tech support with a question about why the web server returns an incorrect time. It actually returns a time that is about four minutes too fast. OK I can fix it by subtracting the minutes but I paid for a server that works. Actually setting the time on a server is automatic unless it was configured that way or someone is just plain dumb.

After waiting 30 hours I emailed them again and waited another day. On day tree I called their tech support and after 30 minutes on hold I got someone. They told me they did not know why the time was incorrect and they agreed to have someone else look at it. I got an email response two days later telling me that:

We are sorry for the inconvenience but they dont offer scripting help and that I should contact (a) script debugging company. (LOL)

First of all I did not need any debugging of script. System.DateTime.Now is a C# function that will return the current Date and Time from the server. I have used this hundreds of times.

OK so after waiting five days I'm told we cant help and its my fault...I decided to call again... OMG what a mistake.

Here goes day five:

About 9 am I call their 888 line. Number 2 gets tech support and 1 hour and 4 minutes later my battery goes dead on the phone. So I get another phone and call again...52 minutes later my cell phone battery dies also. So I call back again and decide to just cancel the account and get a refund. I just renewed the account 6 days ago before all this happened. Any the billing office also would not answer and after holding for another 42 minutes I decided to call the sales dept... Would you believe it; they answered within ten seconds! Remember two hours on hold for tech support... 40 minutes for billing... and 10 seconds for sales!
Ok so I got somebody after 5 days waiting and 3 hours on hold!

A ladies voice quickly told me, however, she could not help and hung up! Yes She HUNG UP ON ME!

So I called back..again got someone at sales within seconds. Again Im told they cant help before they even know why Im calling. The second guy puts me on hold for another 20 minutes. So I call again and get James, who tries to find a supervisor named Eric. When he transfers me to Eric, I get Eric answer machine. So I call back again. I get the same lady who hung up and she again hangs up on me. So I call again. This time I get a man with an accent. He is very rude and asks me If I would like him just to make something up to talk about and then hags up on me. So I call again. This time I get Matthew. Matthew tries to find Eric and puts me on hold for another 15 minutes. So I call back again. I get James again and he finally get Eric the supervisor. Eric listens to my complaint and is only interested in the fact that this is a tech support issue and just wants to put me back on hold. I explained that I had been trying to reach the tech support and had already waited 2 hours on hold. Eric offered no resolution other than to put me on hold for billing so I could cancel my account. After waiting on hold for another 15 minutes I hung up.

I'm not sure what to say other than this is the worst customer service I have ever seen. These people really dont care. They should not be in this business if they cannot give you what you paid for.

I recommend that you do not do business with IPOWER WEB


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