Wawa Complaints & Reviews

Wawa / food prep depatrment

Oct 10, 2019

WawaHi my name is Edward Gower, I just visited your wawa store on Catell st in Easton pa. While I was there, I ordered a roast beef club sandwich with extras and returned to work with it. When I opened it, half of it was missing. I paid for extras and an entire club sandwich and i don't have...

Wawa / outside sitting/ eating tables

Oct 04, 2019

WawaHi good day, I am very upset and frustrated Everytime i visit wawa to get something to eat and to sit outside to eat at the tables provide, there is alway someone smoking at the tables. I see that there is no smoking signs posted at all your entrances and on all of the tables outside but there...

Wawa / customer service

Oct 03, 2019

On October 1st, around 6:15 PM I walked in with my 14 year old daughter to get hoagies for the two of us. We made our purchase with no issue. Left the store and went to my car to eat. We came back in to use the bathroom and get drinks when one of the employees at the store stood in our way...

Wawa / turkey & cheese slider

Sep 24, 2019

I purchased the Turkey & Cheese pre-made sliders because I was rushing and only had about 10 minutes left on my lunch. I made the incorrect assumption that they were fresh or even made this week, instead they were stale and bland. The best way to describe them is to say they tasted like...

Wawa / homeless and drug addicts trespassing

Sep 20, 2019

Hi, I am very disturbed at what I have seen this morning. There was a homeless person who went to the coffee area and put sugar in his hands and rubbed it on his face. Then he took the sugar and was snorting. This was a huge turn off and I will never buy coffee from WaWa again. There...

Wawa / wawa mobile phone app

Sep 19, 2019

A couple of months ago, I received a new phone and all of my mobile apps moved over. However, I had to reinput my Wawa password, which I had forgotten. I selected "forgot my password" and was shut out of the app. I have tried to get a new password dozens of times since then. I have also...

Wawa / manager michelle ssgrillo

Sep 16, 2019

I am hoping that this complaint reaches corporate office. As a fellow manager, it it HIGHLY inappropriate to share personal information to your customers or coworkers. It makes it even more of an unstable situation when Michelle shares personal court preceding information with patrons of...

Wawa / customer service

Sep 16, 2019

There was a long wait for someone to come to the cash register to start which is god only store I have experienced this ever and it is the third time. I come into the store because the siptopia sign on the front window. When I get run out I see that the sale is over. I point out the sign...

Wawa / deli mac & cheese

Sep 12, 2019

I purchase Mac & Cheese 2-3 times a week, I haven't had to return any thing in at least 3 years. Today when I had to return some very nasty dried up Mac & Cheese, I asked if was the bottom of the bag, and the reply" was that that's the way its been coming in, there all like that " I was not...

Wawa / f'real milkshake machines

Sep 06, 2019

My sister and I are lovers of the F'Real Milkshakes. I understand that WAWA is now making their own milkshakes, which we are not fans of the taste of them, and discontinuing the F'Real Machines. Just like stores sell Coke and Pepsi products, we feel you should over both option...

Wawa / f’real milkshake machines

Sep 06, 2019

Majority of the wawa's surrounding my house have had freal machines for a while. However they are starting to take out the machines because wawa now spins their own. These machines should be kept in all wawas. These milkshakes were fast and easy to make. The thrill of these milkshakes come...

Wawa / hoagie

Sep 05, 2019

WawaOrdered a turkey hoagie with specific toppings such as pickles and bacon which I paid extra for. When I open my hoagie it was just turkey and lettuce. I have photo evidence of my slip and the messed up hoagie as well. I feel the need to complain about this because this is an everyday thing...

Wawa / chicken tender bowl

Sep 04, 2019

WawaI just got done my basketball game and stopped at Wawa for a later dinner and to fill up my tank before work tomorrow. I ordered the 3 chicken tenders with mac-n-cheese & mashed potatoes in a bowl. When I got home to eat, I opened the bowl up to find no chicken tenders. I don't need to...

Wawa / cigarette sales

Sep 04, 2019

I have been shopping at wawa since I was 10 years old before wawa became the high success that it is. I have never filed a complaint before this. I am 52 years old. And unfortunately I look 52. I went into the wawa on street road in Warminster yesterday to purchase the enjoy vap electronic...

Wawa / breakfast sandwich

Aug 31, 2019

WawaI purchased 2 breakfast sandwich with avocado which I was charged 1.40 extra dollars each so that's 2.80 all together.. They put nothing on it just a tiny drop.. And my food was supposed to have a melted cheese.. Guess what it was iced cold... I have the receipt.. I always ask for one just...

Wawa / decaf coffee

Aug 29, 2019

I understand that most people in the world drink regular coffee but since fall is coming up I think you should make decaf pumpkin spice coffee because some people cannot consume regular coffee without getting sick. Please consider making this happen. Pumpkin spice is a lot of people'...

Wawa (Lexington Park MD) Store #587 / customer service rep (megan) attitude towards customers

Aug 28, 2019

Wawa (Lexington Park MD) Store #587Went to WAWA This morning with my family at 6am to get a fresh start on our day and get something to eat for the road. Visited Store # 587 along my route and went in to place an order for breakfast. I noticed after making and placing my order on the left most Kiosk machine that it...

Wawa / handspun milkshake

Aug 27, 2019

I Paid for a handspun milkshake and the man who made it had no gloves on. There was no ice cream in the middle for the handspun milkshake.. it was just a regular shake no ice cream. He had no gloves on and continued making the next beverage without gloves. I'm not sure, but I think he wa...

Wawa / unethical behavior / assault by cashier

Aug 27, 2019

8/22/19 approx. 9:30 am I began shopping for my family and I at WaWa; which was very crowded at the time. I placed my items on the adjacent counter to be retrieved upon being served. The attending cashier abrasively demanded that I get my items and I asked for help. He was very loudly...

Wawa / cl. sp. oven roasted turkey hoagie

Aug 26, 2019

Today at 1:09 pm I ordered the above sandwich. 1. after waiting too long I asked for the status of my order. 2. I was told by one server my order number was not in the system. 3. I asked why and showed them my receipt. 8/26/2019, 1:09:47 pm trs# 9523137. 4. a second server said to me, "you have...

Wawa / food

Aug 26, 2019

I order food a certain way and I'm being charged for the extra. I ordered a strawberry banana smoothie with energy shot. I watched the lady make it. She put no banana or energy shot. Just a strawberry smoothie but was charged extra. It's happening even with the food items every morning...

Wawa / complaint about a cashier

Aug 25, 2019

I went in for a pack of cigarettes and 2donuts. I told the cashier that I wanted to pay with my change, (I had $3.50 in change) then use my card to pay the rest. The reason for this was that I didn't have enough money in my checking account to cover it. The cashier then charged my card...

Wawa / extra toppings

Aug 22, 2019

I went to the wawa location in colonial heights va area to purchase a chicken bacon ranch quesadilla and I have requested extra toppings to the quesadilla. However, when I went to go make the purchase the person called me to the counter where they make the sandwiches and drinks the person...

Wawa / hoagie

Aug 20, 2019

WawaTo whom it may concern, I ordered a combo hoagie/salad at the 813 W Brigantine Ave Wawa and the hoagie was nothing more than a toasted roll with a couple of pickles and a slice of turkey. I'm a loyal Wawa customer but this was incredibly disappointing and unacceptable. There is no reason that...

Wawa / customer service

Aug 20, 2019

WawaWalked into the wawa store on my evening shift break. Had 10.37 to spend on my debit card. I grab a med soup, a red bull, and a wawa lemonade. Total came to 7.60. The cashier made a double transaction taking both 7.60 and then the remaining 2.77. He then looks at me and say I need to pay...

Wawa / beef brisket on brioche roll

Aug 08, 2019

Ok. After taking about 10 min on your kiosk trying to decide what I wanted. I chose the beef brisket with horseradish sauce and spinach. I know it was a busy dinner time order, so it took some time to receive it. But I was watching the counter people make the food, I noticed a woman making...

Wawa / negligence/safety issues: bees/wasps in trash/recycling bins

Aug 07, 2019

Wow, no concern about customers being injured at your locations. Thanks a lot! Was stung over the weekend (Sat.)at a store in PA while putting a water bottle in a wawa recycling bin, there is likely security camera footage of me jumping in pain and shock!!! Informed manager, who was very...

Wawa / ice cream

Aug 04, 2019

WawaBought a 1/2 gallon of the half vanilla half chocolate ice cream and got a quarter gallon of chocolate and 3/4 of vanilla, if you're going to say it's half and half at least make sure it close. I will never purchase your icecream ever again. In the picture I have scooped only chocolate, so...

Wawa / music loud

Aug 04, 2019

We spoke with the manager about loud music at the Wawa but he didn't care and never did anything about it Spanish music I'm not against any kind of music just that the manager never lowered the music it was very loud and we couldn't seat outside to drink our coffees very uncomfortable...

Wawa / deli area

Aug 04, 2019

Wawa is a growing company and that is great. The BIGGEST COMPLAINT I have is that, the employees in the SANDWICH/ DELI AREA DO NOT CHANGE THEIR GLOVES ENOUGH. EVERYTIME I go to Wawa for a sandwich and I mean EVERYTIME. The employee maybe cleaning up the area or may have made several...

Wawa / chicken salad sandwich

Jul 28, 2019

WawaMy sandwich barely had anything on it, it was not toasted like I wanted, It was very small for a junior It was less than a quarter, and it was very poorly wrapped and not taped... there was no other customers in the wawa just 4 girls behind the counter laughing and joking around making...

Wawa / new container for the fruit.

Jul 27, 2019

I am having a hard time opening the new containers you have started using and I don't think I'm am alone. IF some has arthritis in their fingers they can't get a good grip on the little tap that comes up that you have to pull on to open it. I don't have Arthritis and I still can't open...

Wawa / bacon chicken ranch quesadilla

Jul 26, 2019

I received the quesadilla and when I opened it up it was already a mess and almost impossible to eat. The quality of the chicken was horrible and there was way to much of it. But it was all in the middle section of the quesadilla and the right and left side nearly had anything in it. It...

Wawa / sandwich making

Jul 26, 2019

Waited at least 20 mins for my sandwich to be made. At least 10 people in line also waiting. The 2 girls making the food are slow and taking their sweet time. Also, a like of people going around the coffee island with only 2 slow people working the cash registers. Noone came to help and...

Wawa / deli

Jul 19, 2019

WawaI bought a ham hoagie with lettuce onion n peppers and the bun was really hard i had a hard time eating it.. I wad really disapointed i literally had too sit there n break it to pieces to eat i didn't even finish it. The bread was crunchy? My guns literally hurt halfway through eating it...

Wawa / friday july 19, 2019 out of tomatoes in a deli?

Jul 19, 2019

WawaHow can you run out of tomatoes and call yourself a deli? Today is friday July 19th 2019 and at 3P i was told your store in Georgetown was out of tomatoes and waiting for "the next truck" . I offered to go to the nearby social safeway and buy $50 of in season tomatoes because clearly on a...

Wawa / customer service sandwich bar

Jul 16, 2019

I seem to go thru this every time there is a new sandwich maker. I ask that they change their gloves because I do not eat pork or pork product. I like to have my cheese divided between both slices of bread so I do not bite thru one thick block of cheese. Well the sandwich maker (Alexi...

Wawa / classic sandwiches preparation

Jul 11, 2019

Yesterday, 7/10/19, my wife, my son and his wife, and myself were going to attend a july 4th celebrations fireworks at " bell works " in holmdel, nj. You can purchase food there or you can bring your own food in and have a picnic. Bringing our own food in was our choice. After some...

Wawa / service

Jul 07, 2019

Staff in the deli was very unprofessional. I wanted a bagel and was greeted with a comment "who gets a bagel it's 12:30? Do they know the time" I've been going to this wawa for years and this might have been my last time going. The staff are more interested in sharing personal stories in...

Wawa / sandwich was not made right

Jun 29, 2019

I asked for wheat bread cause i cant have white and get home and its white had to give it to one of my kids to eat and not loading up 3 children to drive 2 miles back to store to get remade. Not vary happy about my experience this is the second time ive gotten a sandwich and it was messed...