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Walmart Vision Centerawful place

The manager at the riverdale nj wal-mart laughed in my face when i went back to tell her my daughters glasses my 7 year old daughters were to big! They were falling off her face and she told me there was nothing they could do about it! And this is after she made me pay out of pocket because first she said they did take my insurance then said they didn't when my daughter really wanted i payed out pocket!! Then when my ex husband went back she said they did take the insurance!! Oh and no-one ever fitted my daughter for the glasses either... so now i go back because they and too big and every one at the vision center is so rude... including the doctor!! So i left the glasses and told them to xld them i don't want glasses that are falling off my daughters face!!! I will never go back to WALMART AGAIN ! WALMART DOES SUCK!!!


  • Pa
    Paulette Dominguez Apr 30, 2018

    I went to Walmart Vision Center in Brick NJ, Its Horrible. I had to get my frames (the same ones) replaced 4 times, there is a defect with these and the manager scratched my len as well, now I have to go back for the 3rd day in a row to rectify this [censored]! I wand different frames and new lenses and I'm not paying for them either! this has been going on for almost a year since I got them.

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  • Pu
    purplestacey Feb 13, 2018

    I went to the Walmart Vision Center on 12/19/17. I ordered a pair of computer glasses with a light #1 tint. What I got was a #3 dark tint. Their mistake not mine. Apparently the glasses ordered only comes with #3 tint. The person ordering said it could be #1 and said are you sure? It can't go lighter or darker once ordered. I said I was sure. It took about 3 weeks, but Walmart fixed the problem, and I am happy with my purchase. The prescription was spot on. I gave a bad review somewhere, and now I can't find it. I am rescinding that complaint and am satisfied once they did the right thing.

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  • Al
    Allergic to stupidity Sep 22, 2015

    I too have had a negative experience with a Wallmart Optical. When you try to deal with a smart ### who can barely speak English the resulting service will be marginal at best. I prefer to deal with intelligent people with common sense and a high degree of professionalism. Don't expect to find any of these values anywhere in the Walmart system.
    I will never do future business with Walmart optical, don' t need the insults and exposure to such sleazy people. Yes, they will continue to fix the junk they sold me as I certainly expect to get my money's worth from my purchase.
    Walmart only continues to go downhill in every respect, a great amount of what is sold is Cheap Chinese made products. If you are cost conscious, just do a little shopping around, their prices are definitely not the lowest!

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  • Ri
    Richard Pharand Jul 28, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased 2 pairs of prescribed glasses, I put them down on my desk one day and day got scratched, I went back to the store after calling and I was told they would replace the damaged lens witch I had pair for anti scratch, the person behind the counter Tammy refused to help me and told me there was nothing she could do for me, I left her the glasses as they were no use to me anymore, I would like a new pair of glasses please.


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  • Ch
    chantreaw Aug 06, 2014

    Walmart vision center on Gresham road in decatur, ga are very rude they toolold me my glasses should arrive in 8 weeks i keep calling to ask about them i called today then they said theythey would b in on the 10th i then stated that it was a sunday and he tells me that there is nothing he can do about it and he didnt know what to tell me.

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  • Ba
    barbieq Sep 12, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I am in a disagreement with the Walmart vision center in Henderson NC right now. When I first went in they told me I was going to be paying a lot more out of my pocket this time than I had payed last time because they[ my provider] had changed my plan. Talked to my ins provider they told me nothing had been changed in my plan. Went back to Walmart now they tell me I am going have to change my field of vision before my ins will pay anything. Talked to my provider again and they did not understand that and I said I don't either and I wanted to go somewhere else. Now I got to go back to Walmart again and talk with the manager to get them to refund my money back so I can go somewhere else. I left the glasses at Walmart and never took them out of the store because I don't see why I have to pay more with a lesser field of vision, then I got there before when my coverage in my ins plan has not changed. Walmart is just trying to mess me over and I will never buy another pair of glasses there again.

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  • Sn
    Snookie335 Feb 21, 2012

    How can you tell her this is Walmart what does she expect? And that she's complaining of glasses that are too large? Let me put it frankly. Being an optician and optometrist is not rocket science. It requires some mathmatics, ability to read and that's it. If you cannot get the glasses right or help a customer why in the hell are you in buisiness in the first place? Yes Walmart the home of inexpensive affordabilities. But for God sakes the product should at least work don't you agree Miss College student who is so pro-Walmart?

    Here is the problem with this company. They hire robotic employees who are trained in lack of compassion. They are angry from day 1. I think being a creepy weirdo is part of the job description as I have not encountred ONE single normal person in this vision center. Not one. They've got my kids RX's wrong several times along with mine. Why do I continue to go you ask? I don't! I now go to JC Penney.

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  • Ru
    Ruth Neeley Jun 14, 2011

    At the moment I'm trying to get satiafaction from a wal-mart vision center in Little Rock, AR. My glasses were miss measured and when I walked in with them at a tilt on my face the manager commented on it and I explained that yes, they were tilted but I can see. I had bent them so I could see out of both eyes at the same time after months of eye strain and two attempts to have them adjusted there.
    They are trying to sell me new more expensive glasses and giving me a credit for these. I want my money back so I can go elsewhere. I guess I could place a sign on my forehead above the glasses that are a full half inch lower on one side of my face than the other. The sign would read "Prescription Glasses from Wal-Mart vision center." I could put a short video of me on U-Tube reading aloud with them in their necessarily bent shape to facilitate that reading. It probably wouln't get me any help from the vision center but perhaps I could spare someone else the hassle I've been put through. Any ideas out there?

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  • Wa
    walmartistheworst Jun 01, 2011

    Walmart Vision Center is the WORST! I am VERY EASY to get along with, but these people are TERRIBLE. I suppose I should have known, after all it is Walmart. The sad thing is that they run REAL eye care centers out of business, only to give you the worst service EVER. This is in Jefferson City, TN.

    I ordered new glasses from them. They acted annoyed when I called 2 weeks later to see if they were in, despite the fact that they said 7-10 days. Further, they KEPT my old frames AT THE STORE, presumably because they were too lazy to put the lens back in. I didn't expect them to take this long, so I left them at the store per their request. Little did I know that I COULDN'T GET THEM BACK! Well, I guess I COULD, but I'd have to stand in line AT LEAST an hour, likely much more. I've tried a couple times, but get frustrated after a half hour of waiting in line to do a 30 second 'transaction'. Their two employees slloowwwllly take the next person out of the line and go slooowwlly fiddle with them. There should be ONE person at the counter at ALL TIMES to do quick transacations. Instead, you get in a situation where the line is PERPETUALLY backed up. Anyone with a job, or a life in general, isn't going to have the time to stand in that darn line. The frustrating thing is how much FASTER the line could go if they just attended to the 'quickies' while they were fiddling with those people who needed more elaborate things.

    I should have known... The only thing worse than the Vision Care Center is the Automotive Center, where you can watch these people move slower than you've ever seen anyone move. The last time (ever) I used them I sat with a guy who had a very simple flat tire repair that would have taken 5 minutes anywhere else. It took 1.5 hours and he was still there when I left (I gave up and cancelled the remainder of things they were doing to my car). Worst is that they screwed up one of the darn air pressure sensors by hitting it on their tire balancer. Again, the frustrating part is how much quicker it could go. It isn't like they were even overwhelmed, they just din't care.

    Stay away from Walmart. Ugh. Terrible. I may literally be blind by the time I get my glasses back, or get my new ones in. Wearing contacts so much has been VERY detrimental to my eyes, causing considerable pain and just a bad feeling in my eyes. They should be sued.

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  • Wo
    Worksatawalmart Jan 19, 2011

    All I know is you are a number in walmart. They make the doctors see too many patients per hour because their business is based upon volume not quality.

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  • Ji
    JimMcD in SVAZ Jan 02, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Are you aware that the Vision Center in WalMart can be either of two companies who DO NOT HONOR each others guarantees and insurance? Really, there are WalMart Vison Centers (owned by WalMart)-- then there are Vision Centers IN WalMart (which are National Vision, Inc., who rent floorspace in WalMart)). Buy your glasses in one - be abused in the other. How would a customer know the difference? Wouldn't...

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  • Rr
    RRRR3 Dec 01, 2010

    I would like to complain about the manager at walmart in san jose ca all he does is stand in the back looking at you or hes on the phone knowing you are there he dosent even come out to help you at all he just sends one of his other associates to come and help us or when hes there by himself he make you wait till his othere workers come back there was a nice associate i wont put down her name but it starts with and S so if you ever go to walmart ask for that initial someone needs to take care of the problem ASAP

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  • Ja
    jaymers Jul 15, 2010

    I had nothing but problems with Walmart vision center as well. A decade ago I got an eye exam and got glasses and contacts. The glasses over the years was never the right prescription so I just settled with contacts and eye strain when I only used the glasses for TV.

    Just recently on Feb 2010 I got another eye exam there. I was told the exam will cost dollars. But it ended up being 115 dollars! Apparently they did 'extra' stuff on me and didnt bother to tell me the price increase.

    I got my glasses redone there and asked for the cheapest possible price since I only use them for TV. The girl told me it is 40 so I agreed. She said she was too busy and went on break. Then the guy came back and asked if I have been helped, I said not really. I asked him for the cheapest price again he quotes me 50! I asked why so much when the lady told me 40 he says 'oh well that's without UV protection' I explained to the gentleman before hand I am only using these for TV. I smell a rip off.

    Then I purchase the contacts where they are 70 bucks a box! I am used to budgeting 58 a box so I ask why such a price difference and the Dr. apparently set me up with the most expensive brand that they carry! So I call them up and say I cant afford this brand of contacts. They said 'oh well now you need a follow up just to change brands"! They want me to fork out MORE money on top of it all.

    BEWARE of walmart they are thieves. I had MUCH better customer care and honest people at Beaver Medical for the vision center.

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  • An
    anonymousoptician Jan 21, 2010

    She would NOT have been examined by an optician (that is illegal in the US), Walmart Dundee, she would have been examined by an optometrist who has been to school and has a DOCTOR of Optometry degree.

    You are NOT an optometrist or an ophthalmologist -- how do you think that you can conduct an eye exam? Let me know the name of your practice so I NEVER go there.

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  • Wa
    Walmart Dundee Customer Jan 14, 2010

    My daughter was diagnosed with ASTIGMATISM and 20/70 and 20/80 vision in left/right eyes. They recommended glasses to be worn all day at school. SCAM. Malpractice. SCAM! Walmart in DUNDEE ILLINOIS

    I am an internist. She was examined by non-MD...optician. I tested her at home, 14 inches and 20 feet. 20/30 both eyes.
    Talk about a scam. I am down 50 bucks and got scammed.

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  • john7777 Feb 03, 2009

    That why you don't go to Wal-Mart vision center. It's Wal-Mart for crying out loud. They aren't known for eye care. Try an actual eye care place.

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  • An
    angleface25 Feb 03, 2009

    Tracy sorry i ment that complaint about the one above yours

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  • An
    angleface25 Feb 03, 2009

    some people can just make a little tiny problem and turn it so big that there finger is up there butt just like tracy i mean i worked at walmart and the vision center is great i had no money and going through a hard time the vision center only charged me 32 dollars for my glasses i guess because i was not rude and i did not say "they were to big for me cause i want to make a fuss over nothing and be a butt myself " Oh yeah she has her finger up her butt

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  • Tr
    tracy Oct 31, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I to am very unhappy with the Walmart Vision Ct. in Warsaw In. I bought my glasses there in July of 08 in Oct. 08 I went in and had the nose peices adjusted then one week later one of the peices fell off. When I went back in to the store I was told there is nothing they could do for me, but if I would like they could sell me another pair of glasses. I just dont know where to go from here.

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