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R Sep 06, 2018

Dear Walmart:
For many years now I and my family and my friends have been shopping at your Walmart Supercenter #877, at 2406 W. Roosevelt Blvd in Monroe NC. There are many things we like about the store, but one main thing that bothers and irritates us a lot. I say "us", because I speak for friends and family as well as myself.
Repeatedly, over and over again, during the past few years, much of your of vitamins and pain medications have been terribly out of stock! As it concerns pain medications, it is especially so with generics. I keep coming back to the store in the hope that the stocks will be updated and re-supplied, only to find it has grown worse.
In short, whoever keeps track of the vitamins and pain medications in Supercenter #877 either does a very poor job, or your company does a very poor job of sending the stock needed. Since this has been a problem in this store for the past few years, I suspect it is both.
I would imagine that you would want to rectify this problem, as many who come into Walmart will come initially looking for these items, and then move on to purchasing other items while they are there. This stock deficiency is an on-going problem that takes "forever" to remedy, and it is so bothersome that it leads to the affect of people being discouraged from even coming into Walmart, and even go to competitors like Target and grocery stores instead.
Ladies & Gentlemen, Sirs and Madams: PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM! Please fix it not just for now, but on an on-going continuous basis!
Richard Altork
515 Westend Drive, Monroe NC

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    Please, no generic replies. The only reply wanted is to fix this problem!!!

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