Walmart Storesmanager affairs

C Sep 03, 2018

My son works at Walmart in Greeneville Th. He's been there for 2 years. In May he got his wife hired there. A new asst manager is hired there about a month after my daughter in law started working there. My son got his family a house because she begged for it. When the asst manager started working there she starts saying she don't want to live there anymore. Turns out she's having an affair with the asst Manager! I have two grandbabies which she doesn't spend much time with cause she's too busy with this scum bag. This has been reported to the store manager. My son has to go to work everyday knowing they are screwing around! I'm just waiting to see what walmart does to these two! This asst manager has only been in his position 2 or 3 months and was hired off the street and stepped right into the position.

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