Walmart Storesgreat value pre cooked sausages

T Sep 27, 2019

I purchased a bag of the Great Value pre cooked sausage patties yesterday. I prepared two of them for my breakfast this morning. While they were warming up I noticed the smell was off, and when I tasted it...I almost threw up! It is disgusting!!! This product was so bad, I would not even let my dog have them, and If you want to continue to sell quality food items in the Great Value line of items, THIS ONE, should definitely NOT be one of them... I bet the Walton family wouldn't eat them.

Not to be totally negative, I buy a lot of the Great Value products, and most of them are that, a great value, and honestly one can't tell they are not name brand.

I plan on taking the company on their money back promise on the package and returning it today.

Thanks for reading my complaint.

Thomas MIles

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