Resolved Walmartletting drug addicts and dealers work in the store


After some research, I have come into some knowledge that was quite disturbing and really scary as a consumer. I would like to trust and know I am safe in the places I choose to spend my hard earned money. I found out that the Bristol Walmart is allowing drug transactions to take place in their parking lot and employees to do drugs and then go into work. I saw this with my own eyes and was horrified and never shopped there again. I am saying this as an honest citizen who would shop there. Not anymore. I saw the car that this was taken place in a tan/light grey plymouth shadow with a very skinny girl and very dirty, scary small guy fighting with each other outside the store and then smoking, I believe it was crack and then she put her apron on and went in the store. I could not make out her name but she worked third shift apparentely. I was leaving when the store was closing at 9:30-9:45 and she was going in at 10pm. I will find out her name but will never shop there again. Beware of people in Walmart because they are stealing to support their habits and may steal from you!


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    tbsmommy Oct 12, 2009

    not all wal mart associates are cracked out druggies. There are some decent people out there so u should NOT label that they are all like that

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