Walgreens in Martinsburg WV on Forbes Drpham / personal

K Nov 14, 2017

Twice I have gone to the Pharmacy for scripts and twice I have been treated like a drug dealer / I don't care what you need. The person in charge who stated they where in charge was Heidi,
time 1: I went in and was speaking to the employee at the service desk and while I was speaking she started speaking to another employee, then of course I had to repeat myself to her from the beginning... then Heidi stuck her head around the corner and stated she would not fill theses scripts then took a phone call... I was asking why she came back and said she would not ill them she had other customers that need them...HUH???? this was a big problem for me now with my Insurance I had few choices...
time 2: My script's where call in 12:37 by the doctor and it was 3:35 and they where not ready the employee said They where not important because they had been called in and I could wait 25min like anyone else I explained I have already waited 3 hours she said wait I don't care.. I asked for the manager (Heidi of course) She told me she had 100 scripts she had to fill and didn't have time for mine yet. I told she had 3 hours she told me 25 mins. I said I'll call corporate she said do what you have to, I walked out of the store and started to drive away when my phone rang and said my script is ready... excuse me? HUH????? what is going on in this store she needs more training and the employees do as well. please help!!!
Kenneth Whitford

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