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As I was checking out the cashier who had a broke arm dropped my milk. She asked if I would like to go back and get another gal of milk. Yet I still had a seperate items to purchase on another ticket. I told her I really didn't feel like going all the way back there to get it. It wsn't my fault it was dropped. She walked just a few feet were 3 other people were standing & asked if one of them could go get me another gal of milk. Needless to say none of them went to get it. As I'm standing waiting for my milk and tapping my keys on the next register while the store manager is on the phone & can tell that I'm getting upset. He never once when he got of the phone, asked if someone was helping me or if needed help. Then on top of that, the 3 cashiers that were there earlier came back one by one & didn't eaven ask if I need or if they could help me with something. So finally after about a 10 minute wait this older man, mucher older man, came and brought up a gal of milk & asked if I was the one that was waiting on the milk. I said yes, but I can't drink whole milk, it will make me sick. And then told the cashier that she needed to go back there to get it. When I over heard that, it pissed me off. She is doing her job & checking out other people. I looked at the manager & it was like he didn't even hear him. This was were he was on the phone. He I told him that my milk was two doors down from the whole milk. (like that was so hard to find). Finally after a 20 minute wait & got my milk. I told him Thank you, trying to be nice, when all I wanted to do was tell them to shove it. The older man didn't say your welcome. So I made it a point to say Thank you louder. Then he said your welcome. i didn't realize it was just a few feet away.

So how I see it, if you have an attitude or just don't care, You can get a job at Wal-Mart.


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      Feb 16, 2011

    You should have walked your lazy ### back there and gotten your own milk. It sickens me to see how lazy society has become. The girl with a broken arm was probably having a much worse day than you were. You don't know how or why she had a broken arm. It just so happens it was a domestic dispute. She was extremely upset about it and yet she came to work. If she would have called in, you would have waited in a line that was out to softlines. The only thing that makes me upset about Walmart is the clientel that we have to put up with. Everyday we see 5 buggies of groceries that are being "purchased" with food stamps. They get more in food stamps than I get on my paycheck. I'm tired of seeing people using electric carts because they are too fat to walk around or parents that don't control their children. Oh and by the way, there is such a thing as spell check. USE IT. You sound like poor trash without a hint of education. If you would rather wait 20 min in a packed Walmart than to spend 2 minutes getting your own milk, then STAY at home. We don't need to see people like you in the stores anyway!!!

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      Feb 16, 2011

    Why not stop being so high and mighty or rather lazy and go get your own milk. I dont work for walmart but seems to me that you think you are a little better than those who do. No it wasnt your fault it was dropped but the woman has a broken arm, other people to take care of and probably couldnt leave her register. Yes management should have stepped in but they didnt so why not put on your big girl panties and deal with it. You would have saved yourself a good 15 minutes, a headache, the hassle and a ton of ### if you had just done it yourself.

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      Sep 26, 2019

    I think your check out people are overworked. Really two checkout lines at noon. I guess Walmart depends on the self -checkout line. Not my family. Why should we take away someone's job? That's not our job! The End

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