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I recently went to my local Waffle house. I don't go there often so I had not realized some workers were allowed to put nicknames on their tags. I was with my boyfriend and I hadn't looked at the name tags until he noticed one that he thought I should see. One of the younger girls had "Pocahontas Savage" on her tag. Now I do realize Pocahontas is in fact a Disney character but, she is Disney's depiction of a Native American. I don't know if she was referring to Pocahontas being a "savage" in the sense she stood up to her tribe or in the sense that she is a Native American and it is historically accurate to refer to natives as "savages".
I myself am Native American and I didn't appreciate what was on this persons tag. This worker was obviously white but of course I am unaware of her ethnic history. I found her name tag tasteless and offensive. I don't understand how in 2019 a young adult could put the name of a Native American character and the word savage together and not see how that could be upsetting or offensive.

Jul 29, 2019
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  •   Jul 29, 2019

    Why didn’t you ask her about it? Perhaps the name really is hers and her parents met during the movie.

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  •   Jul 30, 2019

    Omfg! She is NOT just a Disney character! She was a real person! And maybe her parents didn't want a common name or an ethnic name!

    Good God, mind your business!

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  •   Jul 30, 2019

    My last name is synonymous with a "very Jewish" last name and I resent people assuming I am Jewish because of it. Meanwhile they fail to realize that spelling makes a difference. They are stunned when I tell them I'm German and Czech (which is where my name comes from!)

    At the end of the day, IT DOESN'T MATTER! NOTHING MATTERS!!!

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  •   Jul 30, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! A friend has a last name of Shwartz. Many generations back it was Schwartz and a relative married a black man. Shwartz is a derivative of shvatz or shvatzah or Negro in Yiddish. People assume she’s Jewish but she isn’t and she gets rude comments.

    I could be a Goldberg and be Christian. You can’t tell or assume anymore. Just because someone has a German background doesn’t mean they hate Jews yet old timers believe that.

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  •   Jul 31, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Exactly! Turns out I'm German and Czech. And my name is as common as Smith AND Jones combined!

    My biggest problem is that I was working with a temp and upon hearing my erroneously spelled name (accidentally erroneously spelled) he had it in his head I was Jewish. So then came the religious talk in a public elementary school. He was Hispanic so it kinda surprised me that he was Jewish but I knew it was not unheard of. First came the bizarre talk about how this Japanese dude paid for thousands of Jews to go to Japan for assylum. (Forget the fact he put them in the ghetto slums and they left the country within one generation!). Then came the Do you know this about 'your' religion??? Talks..

    I said: (when : this is a public school and we barely know each other we should not be talking about this" didn't work):. I don't know where you got your information from but I'm not Jewish.
    I get this a lot because my last name is spelled with one extra letter is Jewish. He actually showed his ignorance to his religion and the world when he said (get this!) : All the (yourlastnamenomatterthespelling) have been Jewish. Vut???

    I said that only because he was asking if I knew intricate details about Judiasm ( meanwhile I know plenty of Jewish people who all vary their religious intensity) and I didn't want a lecture on why i don't when it's in fact
    NOT my religion.

    Meanwhile, whether I'm deeply knowledge about my religion or not is no one's business but mine and whatever entity I worship or believe in!

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  •   Jul 31, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! People assume I’m religious because I have a Jewish name. I get asked questions like, “is it true that Jews do it with the lights off only?.” I replied that I hadn’t spoken to all Jews about their sex lives.

    I’m asked why this or that and I say it’s in the Bible and they ask why. I remind them I’m not old enough to have been there.

    A family friend is Jewish and he’s black. I don’t think anything is wrong with that but others feel he’s not honoring his black roots. People of all races and ethnicities can be Jewish but not many understand.

    I have my own feelings about religion and don’t generally discuss it. It causes me to defend myself and people get angry that I believe their beliefs are whatever. I don’t judge people on anything but attitude and manners. People here are friends and I don’t know their race, religion, sexuality, gender, marital status, employment or income. I don’t have to agree with friends here and as long as they’re not racist or against people for discriminatory reasons, they remain friends.

    I’m only judgmental against people who are dumb and treat others badly. And, those that assume I’m stupid because I’m an amnesiac. I’m college educated yet can’t remember what I did yesterday. Brain injuries vary from person to person. Twelve years ago I was a successful person who walked and had friends and loved life. I’m still the same person but circumstances change. If you judge me before knowing me and my issues, you’re not worth my time or attention. Judgmental [censored]s are not going to affect my life.

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