Waffle Houseservice

C Sep 09, 2018

Came in and only one person acknowledged us. Emily I believe is her name. I watched as two people came in and again only Emily acknowledged them. They must have sat for close to five minutes before Emily got drinks even though she wasn't their waitress. One waitress had her two kids there while she worked. The cook looked and acted annoyed as hell to have to do anything. There was a black waitress but her name tag was not visible was more interested in her cell phone, texting and even answering a call. Emily was stocking the to go containers and trying to help. The waitress that brought her kids was obviously taking inventory. This was the worst ever service received from a Waffle House! The black waitress even was cussing in front of customers which another waitress told her to watch her mouth. Very poorly run shift. I would be embarrassed to have this staff in my establishment, except for Emily.

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